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  1. Michael Douglas, you are a dink
  2. John, please learn to keep your trap shut (baseball rant)
  3. Are we trying to make enemies out of EVERY country in the Middle East?
  4. Godammit! 3 Days Before My Vacation, and....
  5. What EXACTLY did you mean december?
  6. Question for (gulp)Ed Zotti or a Admin
  7. "The bottom line is, we can do it. It's well within the law."
  8. Monday Night Football, what have you done?!(weak rant)
  9. Amazing bullshit from the Pentagon
  10. My new apartment is infested with ANTS!!!
  11. Why the hell is Ann Coulter hosting Crossfire?
  12. Ye Gods, Man! What The Bloody Fuck Are You Doing?
  13. If you want to start a whole new fight, could you kindly start a new $#@! thread?
  14. Tiger Woods is a fricking tool.
  15. Damn school system!
  16. Commercials. From annoying to just plain weird.
  17. Can’t I say F*ck in a thread title anymore?
  18. Stupid Illinois Lawmakers
  19. I am not a troll, sock puppet, parodist or satirist
  20. Rep. Barr Fucks Up Big Time
  21. Hardee's can stick their Philly Roast Beef where the sun won't shine.
  22. My wife's been robbed!
  23. Posers hooted off the Boards
  24. Loathsome buzzwords in your industry
  25. So wally was a plagarist?
  26. And all of a sudden, I don't have a place to live.
  27. In which Soup_du_jour picks a bone with COPS/Metro Alliance/Save Our Aquifer
  28. Why do they bleep one letter of each cuss word on the radio? Fu*k That!
  29. I'm not into golden showers!
  30. Anti-Semitism In My Generation
  31. In Which Eve Decides To Shave Her Head and Just Buy a Goddam Wig
  32. Die grocery store, die.
  33. Judge Barron, I hope a fellow con shoves the wide end of a gavel up your ass
  34. Oh Mandy, you came and gave me an extra donut!
  35. Does the standard depend on the Doper in Question?
  36. UN 'ignored' abuse at Kosovo mental homes
  37. London_Calling. . . stop harrassing me!
  38. Blood....
  39. you know who i CAN'T stand on American Idol.....
  40. Awright, cheese eating surrender monkeys
  41. Department of Idiots of State
  42. Breastfeeding Mom is asked to drink her own milk--WTF??
  43. If you oppose the inflammatory bigotry of December's posts, why answer them?
  44. Nasty junk faxes (a.k.a. Computers Across America is just plain evil)
  45. They shall build it, and the stupid shall arrive
  46. ARGH! ANGRY! Anyone know about EU import rules?
  47. You just don't need to do that (lame driving rant)
  48. Idiot doctor almost paralyzes patient
  49. Real life Doctor Nick strikes! (umm ouch)
  50. Space Camp Bankrupt, Humanity Doomed
  51. Internet Child Porn Ring...run by the parents of the molested children
  52. I got the No A/C Summertime Blues!
  53. Watch Ace0Spades Squirm
  54. Hell will be overflowing with evil parents
  55. New clique
  56. Vanilla Coke: I love the commercials but it tastes like drek!!!
  57. The Anna Nicole add-your-own-adventure thread
  58. How 'bout when the annoying person in the theater is WITH you?!
  59. I miss Taggert!
  60. Galaxy Concert Theater - You have NO CLASS!!!
  61. My stepmother is a vandal and a theif
  62. Federal agent suspended for graffitiing suspect's house.
  63. Inconsiderate drivers....
  64. Shane MacGowan, you're a drunken loser
  65. Doper agression is not cool
  66. F*ing SPAM MAIL!
  67. Stupid car horns!
  68. Please stop spamming people with my address!
  69. You Fuckers, You spoiled The Two Towers!
  70. killing 2 birds w/one post
  71. Is the Catholic Church smoking crack?!
  72. Now my mother has really pissed me off
  73. A long rant about the Short Strand
  74. I'm liberal, NOT stupid
  75. My rage burns with the heat of ten million Suns.
  76. People who don't spay/neuter their goddamn pets!
  77. Fuck TV and movies and cheap dimestore novels
  78. I f-ing hate thieves!!
  79. Wow, Sprint PCS sure does have some fucked up ideas of "good business".
  80. A camera right over my fucking desk!
  81. No Stephanie-Brad Pitt IS NOT In Love with You!
  82. Surrealism at Walmart
  83. Got no soul
  84. I am appalled at the smearing of scientist Dr. Steven Hatfill by the FBI re. anthra
  85. Date from hell (long)
  86. ok... I'm an idiot.
  87. Damn chiggers
  88. "Real Feel" My Ass. No, wait, I mean . . .
  89. yojimboguy, if you don’t mind….
  90. Farkin' MSN Lost My Photo Album
  91. Dammit, boss, I don't WANNA be a spammer!
  92. WTF is happening in our schools? (Not U.S.)
  93. Scylla, I just gotta say...
  94. Two Missing Girls
  95. No fucking Slavery Reparations for you!
  96. Is it just me???
  97. Four items - FIVE bags??
  98. clayton-e, let me remove the stick from your butt
  99. Anyone want to help educate an ignorant dumbfuck?
  100. Some Parting Thoughts from a Lurker
  101. Yes it's about work again.
  102. Puh-leeeeese. PTSD? I DON'T think so!
  103. Ultimate Cheeseburger: RUINED.
  104. Why I Love my Neighborhood
  105. Don't I Have Enough to Deal With?
  106. Holy fucking shit, Ashcroft is a loon
  107. NFL.com Rant
  108. Omigod, I just found a dead BAT in my bathroom (long)
  109. !
  110. Insta-spam!
  111. You MUST Be God!
  112. A Thanksgiving Prayer
  113. When in doubt-- blame Delaware!
  114. Nice going morons...
  115. Tom Golisano-- your campaign message is stupid.
  116. Idiots! Idiots! Idiots! I Can't Stop Screaming It! Idiots!
  117. "Killing Israelis is OK; calling the killers names is an atrocity," says the Guardian
  118. Mr Asshole - Passport Control
  119. The ever-lovely, perpetually fucked-up Anna Nicole
  120. Convince me you drivers with cell phones aren't damned morons!
  121. Choices for a psychotic day in 2002
  123. Shagging birds in school uniforms: Yeah baby !
  124. NY Times - Change the frickin' creative already! (NYC local commercial rant)
  125. WTF? Who the hell breastfeeds at a stoplight?
  126. My Beyoncé died ........
  127. You don't me, but I'm 20K in debt. Help me out?
  128. Why Are US Airlines Consistantly Unprofitable?
  129. Who the F&CK is Billy Mays, and why is he shouting at me?
  130. I'm too gullible!
  131. Funny, I Thought Slavery Was Illegal In The US (long)
  132. People with no sense of humor suck
  133. Am I the Only Person in the World who Doesn't Think Email is Sacred?
  134. Whoare the worst people who have ever been on the Dope boards??
  135. Anti-Porn for President!!!
  136. Stupid fucking predatory mechanic assholes* (long)
  137. Ruby Goes Postal...film at 11
  138. PBS Pledge Drive Programming
  139. I'm tired of being ugly...
  140. "Resolved:" is just fucking arrogance.
  141. A curmudgeon's request to the SDMB social club.
  142. How does one become ruthless?
  143. Meano newsgroup bastads
  144. Am I Being Petty?
  145. About humor impaired people
  146. Damn you FOX, damn you all to hell
  147. Coolest... SDMB Quotes... EVAR
  148. New York Times Will Begin Reporting Gay Couples' Ceremonies
  149. An SUV is NOT a small car!!!
  150. A second mortgage is NOT free money!
  151. Dietary Restrictions Aside, the Nigerian High Court Can Bite Me
  152. Remonstrating ZAGGOT THE GREAT!!
  153. 2-18-01=9-11-01? Wtf?
  154. NEA on Sept. 11 - don't go blaming anybody, but criticizing U.S. or yourself is OK
  155. "Your Dirty Faggot Neighbors"
  156. That's right, Dopers, I am blaming it all on YOU.
  157. Dan Snyder's Redskins- High dollar, low budget
  158. Am I the only one having this problem?
  159. Shodan (and anyone else) - a suggestion concerning DNFTT
  160. Colonel Gadaffi to head United Nations Commission on Human Rights
  161. SUV haters
  162. Houston cops are jackbooted thugs
  163. I'm sorry I've been such a shit
  164. Yet Another Pervert, Yet Another Little Girl
  165. You know who pisses me off at the gym?
  166. The fuckers gassed a dog...
  167. Road debris
  168. Thank you, corporate foot-draggers, for messing up day two of my vacation
  169. I've had enough of my mom!
  170. Calling all Psychics- Where are all the missing kids? Where's Bin Laden?!
  171. The Tracking Disease (crazy rant)
  172. Since I'm not allowed to him to his face...
  173. Earthlink Stinks
  174. How to Eat
  175. The SUV Appreciation thread
  176. Do we have to go 35 in a 45 zone AND ride the brakes?
  177. Subscribing to a forum?
  178. God damn it! I'm sick of this shit!
  179. Catch-22 is NOT a Guide Book!!!! (long)
  180. This is why I hate SUVs
  182. Bob “Pumpkin Head” Barr is history – see ya, Chumpsey!
  183. Sad, Mad and Mossclad, Jarbaby takes care of her dog
  184. The 100 Greatest Britons
  185. Did I dream that shit about Eddie Murphy?
  186. My office floor stinks of fish!
  187. To call you stupid is an insult to stupid people everywhere
  188. Oh owlstretchingtime? Ireland is not "fighting a war against Britain"
  189. Child killer Westerfield guilty!
  190. Catchy Advertising
  191. I Hate all of you.
  192. Well, I WAS going to dump this baby, but now I guess I better not!
  193. Pile On! "Open Letter to America from a Canadian"
  194. Cynthia Ann McKinney -- a victim of hubris?
  195. Hey! FBI and CIA over here!
  196. A rant against my shoulder
  197. Customer service
  198. Where the hell are all the jobs?
  199. Football rant - About Neil Lennon
  200. Phelps is coming!
  201. Important message: This place is not what it seems
  202. War-Hawk Politicians' cowardly past, i.e. War is good- for someone else.
  203. Fucking el
  204. FUCK the bank! FUCK the Macarena, too!
  205. The Weturn of Pwincess Pwecious
  206. Only loggers can prevent forest fires
  207. Oh my God. My new neighbor has a drum set.
  208. Do black politicians belong to black voters? No.
  209. Untrustworth Dopers
  210. Fucking Little League punks!!!!
  211. Are our Pit rants eerily mirroring Fark?
  212. Damn con artists! (long)
  213. Why Do People Have To Be So Damn Cyclical?
  214. Ricers, racers, and arrogant assumptions.
  215. How to be a sycophant
  216. Get eth fuck out of my neighborhood, old freakshow
  217. Fuck you, Sigma Designs [Geek Righteousness Alert]
  218. Rank public stupidity (a very short rant)
  219. Okay, THAT'S IT, I'm getting the shovel (v. long, and v. strange)
  220. Janet Reno's abuses blasted by U.S. Intelligence Court; John Ashcroft to the rescue.
  221. Morbidly Obese American Idol
  222. I don't have the words...
  223. Cranky's Board Request
  224. My Name Is "Bill"! Use It!
  225. Hey Sammy Sosa! Up your ass with a red hot poker!
  226. Hey Sammy Sosa! Up your ass with a red hot poker!
  227. ATTN: Apartment managers and realtors (aka morons!)
  228. Damn you Arby's. Damn you straight to hell.
  229. Do not doubt the Penis of God
  230. To the father of my dear friend;
  231. Awwww...I always feel so empty when I've read to the top of the Pit...
  232. David Wilson, should I Pit you or pity you?
  233. I hate these people
  234. My 100th post (cookies inside!)
  235. Your compaint is stupid you fucking whinny, anti-business Commie pussy! Die!
  236. I didn't used to care that I work with slobs, but now they've gone too far!
  237. WTF is up with the "Penis Enlargement" spammers?!
  238. Fucking Politicians DON'T WANT Democracy!!
  239. Fucking crossword puzzles
  240. Short sharp graceless rant about the sheer fucking INCONVENIENCE of Bank Holidays
  241. Lekatt: kindly piss off
  242. No, I'm not bias, dipshit
  243. I drive a Geo Metro--don't you know this makes me a badass?
  244. Deface private property..but umm.."don't break the law"
  245. Die with IRONY, Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
  246. I drive a Geo Metro: Don't you realize that makes me a badass?
  247. Ugh, just look at the registry for Pete's sake!
  248. Gaddis ID'd, second body found - Weaver scumbag, FBI slow on the uptake
  249. Down with the Wannabeeeeez!
  250. The Boyfriend Rant