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  1. Who is Dr. Rath...
  2. use soap!!!
  3. What I'd Like To Hear Bush Say Tonight
  4. Yippe kai yai yea, we are goin to war!
  5. Peace-loving "little girl" gets ass handed to her by Iraqi on call in radio show
  6. Just a rant on the U.S., public opinion and stupidity
  7. Hey, Collounsbury, you drooling idiot! I'm calling you out!
  8. And now our continuing coverage of Conflict: Iraq!!
  9. TJ555 The Golfer, does your lack of decency know no bounds?
  10. Thanks, cocksuckers
  11. Don't Play Chicken With Trains
  12. A few curses for by government
  13. You hit him one more time and I gouge your eyes out and....
  14. Brutus
  15. Pouring of Wine into the river- Anti-French sentiments
  16. Brutus, you're an arsehole.
  17. At least kiss me if you're going to knead my Danish like that
  18. Dear Co-Worker, here's a gun, when you eat it, don't forget the salt.
  19. Phelps is at it again!
  20. Listen up Scamina, Evil Waitress from Hell...
  21. A fucking tractor. (halfhearted)
  22. If another piece of shit calls Bush a “cowboy”…you best be out of my shootin’ range.
  23. James Kopp Convicted of Intentional Murder
  24. CNN: you are so full of shit
  25. Update to my nazi cops thread
  26. ::shivers:: Joseph Lieberman
  27. This contest was FIXED I tell you!
  28. Rules Even in the Pit???? What Next?
  29. Lobsang you fucking bastard!
  30. If you thought that rape survey was bad...
  31. The biggest waste of paper, ever for a stupid memo
  32. Poem, pitted due to content
  33. Thanks for hitting my truck and leaving, you sh*tbag.
  34. My roommate broke my stuffed animal
  35. RatInDaKitchen - You're off to a bad start here, asshat.
  36. A Plea for Tolerance on the Eve of War
  37. Who Here Actually Uses French Products, Goods, Services, etc.
  38. SHUT UP! (possible Pianist spoilers)
  39. Never Ever do this!
  40. My friends rant about Iraq and peacniks from his LJ.
  41. Is Scalia nuts?
  42. Shut UP Brain!!!! Just "standby" willya?
  43. The Onion
  44. Mr. Fixit
  45. Scary parents & lazy people (long, mild,need to get off chest)
  46. Bibliophage:- eat this!
  47. And you were going to tell me you were getting married...when?
  48. Call me "Scarlett O'Hara"
  49. A letter to people who don't pay their bills:
  50. Eerie quote from WW2
  51. The war has begun???
  52. Panic stricken too-young-to-be-a-parent
  53. Dear God(Allah, Budha, Pan, Gaiea, insert your god here)
  54. I am Jack's Hamburglar!
  55. Sixseven is a demented half-wit stalker!
  56. What is it with all the fucktards at the supermarket lately?
  57. Hentor the Barbarian is an rude underage twit
  58. The stupidest thing you ever heard a Christian say
  59. Comparing NFL to Gulf War II
  60. Sign of Apocalypse Sighted
  61. Peter Jennings is a fucking idiot
  62. DHS scammers
  64. Gods, do I hate this man.
  65. Iraq is launching those weapons of mass destruction it doesn't have at our soldiers
  66. Don't you touch my sister.
  67. We Interrupt This Rant To Bring You Breaking News!
  68. A callous reason to go to war
  69. We need an AssHatRack
  70. Another day in customer service; or, "The Value of Time"
  71. How can you Steal from your Mom...! (angry rant)
  72. I'm going to miss Saddam :(
  73. Protesters: why must you distrupt rush hour?
  74. Enough; please!(mild)
  75. Is it that hard to put your handicapped parking placard up?
  76. Dumb Atheisti
  77. A note from a Canuck
  78. Poly, tom~, Zev, Lib, Brick...beagledave gullible?
  79. I am an attention whore
  80. Prometric or Amateurmetric?
  81. Protesters shut down Chicago highway!
  82. UncleBeer, it wasn't about pirating music.
  83. Sure, freedom fries were kind of lame.
  84. Don't include me in your CotW!
  85. Dorm hall manners: to confiscate, or not to confiscate? (pathetic rant)
  86. I finally throw a patient out of my office
  87. Why I hate my local police.
  88. First American casualties in Iraq,
  89. Now THIS is just fucking stupid
  90. Peter Jennings Ted Coppel "WAR WITH IRAQ" Charles Gibson Diane Sawyer
  91. Are Moderaters Moderate?
  92. Why is the war so pixelated?
  93. Fuck These Sensitive Peace-Lovers, Fuck Them
  94. How genius works
  95. Fox news has restored my faith
  96. bowling for columbine and war
  97. Reverse Pitting: Non-spamming example of excellence
  98. Model-Shipwright, come on down!
  99. Tristan, thanks for helping me keep my eye on the ball...
  100. "A Prairie Home Companion"-This Show Stinks!
  101. Canadiens Fans are classless jerks
  102. Why are we broadcasting this???
  103. A widdle famiwy squabble...
  104. Stupid anti-war protesters.
  105. Whats with the coverage of the non-fighting?
  106. What to do if Terrorists attack near you...
  107. Fuck You Peta!!!!!!!!
  108. Car Video
  109. Pentagon threatens to fire on independent reporters
  110. Gosh, it's 3:30am and you two are still bickering...?
  111. Sensitive much? or: my Iraq War Rant Thread
  112. $@*%$ bitchy, mindless Federal security!
  113. I Think DrChuckie Needs His Very Own Thread
  114. Watch out, Iraq! We've got Optimus!
  115. Anyone else not feel like "supporting our troops"?
  116. Fucking war news coverage!!!
  117. This isn't Cadbury!!!
  118. A rant that does not belong to the pit
  119. there SHOULD be more white millionares than black ones!
  120. Explain this to me.
  121. Book buyback programs take advantage of naive students.
  122. I'll be damned if you fuck with my flying, asshole
  123. This spammer deserves to be hung from his testicles and flogged
  124. I'm GLAD the French aren't fighting the Iraqis
  125. Jacques Chirac, enter Le Pitte, sil vous plais
  126. You fucking morons.
  127. Personal moral impotence
  128. Why doesn't everyone just shut the fuck up about how well the war is going.
  129. Modern Day Christians in America are NOT persecuted!
  130. I'll be damned if you fuck my asshole with a flying broomstick!
  131. Hope You Enjoyed Jail, Overaggressive Security Pipsqueak
  132. None of you speak for me.
  133. U.S. hits Iran. WTF?
  134. Advertising the War
  135. Those damned Pontiac commercials during the Madness are irritating me.
  136. Giving or soliciting charity is not a gift.
  137. A 'terror' attack on U.S. troops by Iraq?!
  138. An apology to ladyfoxfyre
  139. Please stop telling me I can't possibly be in love yet!
  140. To the spermstain who drove 0.001 inches behind me today
  141. The sins of homosexuality and judgement
  142. My arch-nemesis, the Shitmonger, has returned!
  143. When Did "Christian" Become Pejorative
  144. Why is there a Spanish phone book on my front porch?
  145. Holy shit, Canadians burning American and British flags!
  146. It's All Your Fault, Dad! (Pitted Solely For Religious Content)
  147. I've had a bad week.
  148. Why are Yahoo's Message Boards posters so appalingly stupid?
  149. America does more damage than Iraq...
  150. Attention: You Are A Moron!
  151. A kind note about the war for the pit denizens
  152. Grandaddy and Pete Yorn: There's a moron to be found at the bottom of this.
  153. Reason #45657781 to use Linux...
  154. Bathroom mishap. Do not read.
  155. blueing?
  156. Who The Bloody Fuck Is Flogging the Hamsters?
  157. Why was the "Most important Christian hoaxes?" thread closed without comment?
  158. hi there
  159. al-jazeera sucks
  160. raisinbread, You Dumb Bitch.
  161. Screw you, and your damn settlement!
  162. Michael Moore = ass.
  163. Please learn how to use a stop sign
  164. Some SUV's are pretty wimpy!
  165. God damn it!!!!!
  166. I met a pc racist
  167. Pairwise Sucks! (Hockey)
  168. The World Is A Shitty Place
  169. German children: the next Freedom Fries?
  170. Ministry trying to get money
  171. Die a fucking death: LOUD flash adverts
  172. Straws Suck
  173. U.S. Liberals' war stance shows a fundamental disconnect
  174. Proforma chart for today's polarized Great Debate
  175. Angry and Confused with Family
  176. how many days have to pass before it is acceptable to have a joke about tragedy
  177. Talk Radio Callers, Stop Doing This!
  178. Homosexuals
  179. Mascara and Monsters and...Mariachi?
  180. So I'm writing my dissertation....
  181. My 'Homosexuals' thread wasn't trolling
  182. My Title Is Senior Representative, Not Shell Answer Woman.
  183. Fucktards who drive less than the speed limit on no passing roads.
  184. Geneva Convention????
  185. Dear fox news
  186. Hooray for Hollywood
  187. If you disagree with someone, call them a terrorist
  188. Do You Know What Flashing Lights Mean, NYC Pedestrians?
  189. Haliburton "wins" contract for rebuilding Iraq
  190. for all you France haters out there
  191. The Collounsbury Mea Culpa
  192. Shodan, what are the qualifications to have an opinion?
  193. Newscasters, shut up for five seconds!
  194. You lying Bait and Switch bastards.
  195. Target snubs Vets
  196. France looking for "big role" in rebuilding Iraq
  197. Is GOM the world's most sanctimonious weasel?
  198. Who has reported posts to Mods? I've made two reports today...
  199. The Terrorists Have Won in Lexington
  200. What the #$^%@? (long prof vent)
  201. I Drove All Night...
  202. Dear Tabloid Writers
  203. My Bitch Neighbor Keyed My Car!
  204. Mac Combat Flight-Simulators...and the soon to be lack of one of them.
  205. Stalkers-have one? I do- Advice please?
  206. My Pointless Rant About Everything Volume One (long)
  207. Bananas are bad, m'kay?
  208. friendly fire?
  209. blah blah blah dubya is a moron
  210. Cretien, guns, Don Cherry, and that fucking war.
  211. You insensitive bitchstick
  212. Blathering idiot talk radio host.
  213. Want a BIG penis?
  214. My psychopathically pro-American coworker just went way over the line.
  215. Customer Service Reps who won't let you quit!
  216. Apparently, all problems in Georgia have been solved
  217. Mugabe self-Godwins, then attacks strikers
  218. Martha Burk, go lick a diseased porcupine
  219. What do you mean, I HAVE to sign my credit card?!
  220. Learning How to Breathe
  221. I've got the Mormon wedding blues
  222. It's Official: The French can now kiss my ass...
  223. Note to Georgia legislators: leave the comedy to the experts
  224. A formal apology - honest!
  225. I'm pittin' my own ass
  226. Am I the only one who has a problem with Darwin Awards?
  227. BBC News 24
  228. Thanks for not leaving a note,bastard!
  229. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
  230. Fridgid Music Video editors!
  231. Yikes! SkyNET is coming to life!
  232. CBS News - More Ratheresque Pandering
  233. And people wonder why I'm so bad-tempered.
  234. A little rant on population's reaction to this conflict in the middle east
  235. To Mr. Cellucci
  237. I can tell the weather's getting warmer
  238. The Complete Military History of France
  239. To: The NYC mob of "planned civil disobedience" FUCK YOU
  240. Who stole our sense of humor? (Warning: Parody)
  241. Ambassador Paul Cellucci is an asshole
  242. Favorite Pit-isms
  243. An important lesson at a Catholic high school.
  244. Can you please stop calling yourselves Liberals
  245. Easter is now "spring"! Did I miss a memo?
  246. Duck You Dinglefuck!! Bosda's Pissed Off!!!
  247. Al-Jazeera gets hacked!
  248. Congress calls for US to fast and pray for "God" to help win the war???
  249. You don't support the troops? Well FUCK YOU then.
  250. A National Day of Sex and Chocolate