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  1. I pit: my right hand...
  2. Ilsa_lund, you're boring me to fucking death
  3. Jon Bon Jovi
  4. You People Are Boned – I Told You To Watch You’re A**es (Parody)
  5. Was bermuda999 banned?
  6. Windows XP - wasteful and disorganised.
  7. Airline pilot wants to know your religion before taking off
  8. I just hear of a great new band...Fountains of Wayne!
  9. It's not your birth mother's fault, and yes it CAN happen to you!!!
  10. Can't you think of anything else????
  11. Religion at Work...Help me explain this no-no
  12. Let me tell you about a teacher.
  13. Religion on the bus, en Espanol!
  14. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I hate you
  15. Yes, rjung, we get it. You like Macs.
  16. Christian Insularity In America
  17. Why is Fox News including Clinton in it's polls?
  18. Haliburtons contract emplyees better protected than our troops??
  19. Is this jury nuts?
  20. Crazy niggers all set to kill white people. ----- Liberal Media ignores it.
  21. Is it too late to pit My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance?
  22. Harvey Weinstein is a fucking idiot.
  23. I'm locked in a very small room with a very strange guy.
  24. To hell with you, Capital One! I have escaped from your clutches!
  25. Good game, kid. Let us trample you.
  26. Ignorance prevails again (gay marriage in Ireland)
  27. O'Reilly does it again.
  28. PC Deus Ex: Invisible War - horrible, horrible, HOR-rible!
  29. ANTI-adoption lobby???
  30. Senator Allen, thanks for your on-point response (LONG)
  31. Quint Essence and augusta - Hate, bigotry, and ignorance personified.
  32. If I were a high school student in France...
  33. South Dakota Legislature ignore Constitution, tries to enact abortion ban
  34. I pit flirt threads!
  35. Attention Hetero's: Please take back America
  36. The Proof That Bush is a Very Bad Man
  37. Fucking medical school
  38. Wasn't the Vietnam War over thirty years ago?
  39. The technophobic woman whose work I am obliged to do
  40. Sprint PCS, Damn You to Hell!!!!!!
  41. Some people just should not schedule hour and a half massages...
  42. Fertility Does Not Make A Marriage
  43. Do some gay people *really* say this???
  44. Begone...and don't come back!!! (Female...way TMI, way TM Blood)
  45. High School Drama and Crap
  46. I got my hand down my pants
  47. Calling all East-Indian men!
  48. What makes someone do such things? *Warning Abuse*
  49. All that s#$* for nothing. See. (A follow-up to the ExBF pitting).
  50. Pitting the Washington Times yet again (Kerry-Fonda story)
  51. Your Ford F-250 is not equipped with an autopilot
  52. It's class time. So where's the professor? (sorta long)
  53. The logical progression of car mechanics...
  54. I Pit the Local Fuckup Pet Store
  55. People who read Harry Potter and nothing else (kinda lame)
  56. Sports Parents: Ever Heard of a "GAME"?
  57. People are Idiots.
  58. Okay, I'm serious this time: the Apocalypse IS coming. Monday of FOX
  59. Three members of Vancouver's Finest spoiled my coffee.
  60. This woman is trying to get me fired.
  61. To whoever coined the word "aural"...
  62. What a good idea! Let's visit a country and tape a show that insults its populace.
  63. Fucking Prude Republican Fuckheads Should Be Shot
  64. Let go get rich cutting the nutsacks off orphans!--Or, Humanity sucks!
  65. Maxine Carr is NOT Myra Fucking Hindley
  66. I Pit Michael Skakel
  67. GeeDubya and his stance on SexEd
  68. My stupid windshield
  69. My Letter On the RIAA And Why I Hate Them!
  70. I've had it. All I want is a job.
  71. Minesweeper. Need I say more?
  72. Organic, Schmorganic!
  73. I pit the Pit (or rather the KTS--lamest thing you'll ever read)
  74. Things that make me want to kick the TV
  75. How stooopded can any one get.
  76. Asians and math
  77. Next time tell me if you peed on the seat!
  78. Is this real?
  79. Ann Coulter: Douchebag
  80. Bill Frist: a triumph of good breeding.
  81. I am a bad, selfish girl.
  82. Note to Republicans: Running against the President doesn't equal treason
  83. What am I feeling?
  84. God, I love this message board... (Rabidly partisan blogs)
  85. Annoying sound.
  86. Hamburger with no cheese (very mild)
  87. God, can TV in my house get any more boring or pointless? (Home Improvement shows)
  88. Badah-Ba-Da-Dah-I'M HATE'IN IT!!
  89. How not to watch a movie (lame...)
  90. Pitting the Dems, (My side)
  91. Ilsa_Lund, You Naughty Person
  92. I'm being telemarketed.....by Pizza Hut
  93. I'm being petty? How about you, you unthinking selfish bastard!
  94. Easter Bunnies
  95. Disabled Parking bays: Yesterday, this really happened...
  96. Pitting the girl who judged me on my reaction to my grandmothers death
  97. 82 is bad. (Kinda lame)
  98. Confound you Safire! (mild)
  99. I Pit ``Back to Reality''
  100. College Repubs offer whites-only scholarship
  101. To Erasticity and his "Americans are stupid" sig...
  102. Thermonuclear Buses
  103. Damn Yankees.
  104. Gee, what a surprise. Kerry affair rumors were bogus
  105. I pit The_Broken_Column
  106. Post your thoughts on the Mel Gibson "Passion" interview.
  107. Ticket for missing front plate (mild)
  108. Ground Round Management to customers/employees..... GET OUT!
  109. I haven't seen you in five years. Get the hell out of my dreams.
  110. Hoosier Girl Screwed Me
  111. Three short, rather pathetic, vehicle-related rants
  112. Area Jarbaby Condemns Coworker to 30 Days In the Hole
  113. I don't appreciate little children telling me how to cross a road
  114. Denial of Service attack.
  115. Assholes! (Or, Why I Now Have To Buy A New Mirror For My Truck.)
  116. Stupid lottery
  117. Priorities (kinda lame)
  118. Pitting Black History Month
  119. A rose by any other name... (or, Aldebaran is a dickhead)
  120. The Rather Wimp-ish, Soccermom Society of America.
  121. Thesis Crisis
  122. Non-Partisan idea for Election Day.
  123. Wherin SandHook Decries Aging.
  124. Kerry will self-destruct
  125. Gay marriage bashers: have you actually MET any gay people?
  126. Real Player, yeah I know it's been done
  127. Matt Daniels can bite me
  128. Gary Barnett, Champion of Women's Issues
  129. The Muppets Go To Hell
  130. Fuck Political Correctness.
  131. What the hell are you people thinking!?!?
  132. Bugger! (In the intrest of meaningful titles - rant about opening bank account)
  133. Human behaviour (or "stupid or cynically-intelligent)
  134. Is John Edwards Jimmy Carter's 3rd Cousin?
  135. Alec Baldwin and his promise
  136. Non-Religious Reasons.....
  137. The stupidest, most contemptible "pundit" is...
  138. I am PISSED - and not in the British sense of the word.
  139. I pit my modem (BT Voyager 100) and BT in general
  140. How hard is it to hit the urinal?
  141. Eh. Mild Rant About "Fuzzy Math."
  142. Goddam it! Why did it break NOW?
  143. Look, Mr. police office, I'm trying to follow instruction, IF I CAN UNDERSTAND!
  144. Yet another reason why the rest of the world hates us
  145. No, fuckhead, it is, too, discrimination because it has a DISPARATE IMPACT!
  146. Prosecutors (again)
  147. Fuck you False Alarms
  148. Fuck you Mel's dad, fuck you.
  149. Pitting Dopers for not protesting (or even mentioning) the "election" in Iran...
  150. SI....Who me?
  151. Female strippers in gay bars is just wrong
  152. Kerry/Fonda photo doctored
  153. I don't need a running commentary on your life!
  154. Israel wiping out the Negev Beduin?
  155. To the assbag whom I almost ejected by his testicles
  156. Nader enters '04 Election; Bush seen rubbing hands!
  157. You do NOT need a $1000 dog.
  158. The Nazi Administration
  159. Company charging me for paying them
  160. TSA now fining random people
  161. Collection agencies-doing their job. Not you, Mr. Bedpan.
  162. Lynn Johnston go to HELL!
  163. Let's play poker with Scott Stapp
  164. Operating System Upgrade My Arse! (geeky)
  165. I pit Australian weather and my plumber! (lame)
  166. Memorandum to all you 'Godwins Law' morons.
  167. Yo, Terminator! Take your nazi-sounding voice back to Austria!
  168. Long co-worker rant (now with improved adultery and lying!)
  169. Uh, I'll use "u" if I damned well please.
  170. Fuck the Fucking LA Times
  171. I Pit overly liberal people
  172. Car-ma is a bitch I tells ya - or how to ruin a weekend
  173. Thieving post-office vending machines
  174. My body tries to kill me and I can't even get ice chips? (TMI warning)
  175. Father outs son to class, incites them to beat him, watches, smiles
  176. Why the fuck do you have to drink?
  177. Microsoft Windows Update: HTTP/1.1 Server Too Busy
  178. Ralph Nader is a self-centered ass hat!
  179. This is disturbing
  180. And I looked, and behold a clueless horse: and his name that sat on him was Asshat
  181. To the ASSTARD who broke my rearview mirror *RANT*
  182. One Man's Confusing Hatred of Bisexuals
  183. To my Israeli friend who can't take a hint
  184. Damn You, Word 97! Don't Make Me Go To Word XP! (Warning: Geeky)
  185. Dear Dr. Wakfield. Please go fuck yourself.
  186. I pit King of the Hill.
  187. Musical Blaspheme (mild)
  188. collinsc, you have revealed your deficiencies. Allow me to assist you.
  189. It's enough to turn a lesbian against allowing gay marriage
  190. So Bush is Satan/Nazi/Worst Thing to Happen to Mankind
  191. Ralph Nader, come on! You want the money!
  192. The IRS screwed me!
  193. I'm pitting my new landlord, who apparently can't add
  194. is George Dubya Bush an imbecile
  195. On people talking out of their asses.
  196. Favorite restaurant owner turns into social climber, crashes in inglorious ineptitude
  197. Fuck you, Nigeria's government
  198. Ass't Principal is NOT your pal.
  199. Stupid little song stuck in my head...grrr
  200. The Gods of Computer Hardware are fickle and toy with the lifes of mortals
  201. You fucking psychotic bitch.
  202. I'm pitting thread hijackers in THIS thread!!
  203. The Bush Dynasty by Kevin Phillips
  204. Would someone explain to me why Anna Nicole Smith reps Trim Spa? (diluted lameness.)
  205. What is it with drivers???
  206. Stop licking your fingers!
  207. 9/11/01. Forgive me for being maudlin.
  208. Thanks to my new bank account, I feel so much safer
  209. Dr. Atkins dies obese - Dr. Fleming celebrates
  210. Capital Acquisition an Management Company BEWARE!!!!
  211. Why is education seemingly such a non-issue?
  212. Quoting the Post RIGHT BEFORE YOURS in its Entirety: Thanks!
  213. Shameless self-promotion on Fox News
  214. Oscar presenters to receive $20,000 in gifts
  215. Beautiful People Are More Valuable
  216. I Pit(y) you, Lynn Bodoni
  217. I'm 17 and can't drink O'Doul's.
  218. I too have a slight bone to pick with the mods. . . (minute details)
  219. Nazi Communist TERRORIST Fascist Satanic Pedophile Teachers From Hell
  220. Cram your Constitutional Amendment up your ass Bush.
  221. Hey, parking lot asshole!
  222. Chris Matthews' producer: Fuck those who don't have jobs!
  223. My Anti-Tailgating device works :)
  224. Who the hell writes these owner's manuals?
  225. Bitching about Cops trying to NOT kill someone
  226. The_Broken_Column Pitting #2
  227. FAO: Blowero
  228. The Panderer-In-Chief
  229. Canada gives up on their military. I wonder who they're depending on now?
  230. Pitting my Catholic co-worker
  231. A local reporter decides to call Rev. Phelps for his reaction...
  232. I pit anti-gay-marriage rhetoric!
  233. Cliche cutesy-isms that set your teeth on edge
  234. Senators as Investors
  235. Me and my big mouth, OR
  236. Apparently, Jack Chick Likes Lawyers
  237. A 9/11 prophesy
  238. Creepy door-to-door magazine sellers...
  239. [b]Alice_in_Wonderland, you can't be serious
  240. Lady Kate Throws A Pity Party While Lamely Pitting Her Now Ex SO
  241. Why defend fundies if we are at war with ignorance?
  242. Quiznos subs commercial. What The Fuck?
  243. Anti-Semitism in relation to today's Passion release
  244. Beer, Astroglide and Walgreens Clerks
  246. What do the Nader people believe?
  247. Rant about the term "rents"
  248. Guns Are Evil! Ban Them!
  249. It's just a fucking baseball!
  250. Pitting the first three articles on Worldnet daily