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  1. People who defer
  2. Again, a plea to those convinced they will hate ROTS (unboxed spoilers)
  3. Dear Prunefaces: No, I do not NEED a tan!
  4. #1 Transit System in America? Bite me!
  5. The boring and unimaginative thread title pit thread.
  6. Any Texans want to defend this? (foster care)
  7. My feet (mild TMI)
  8. It must be nice to rearrange twenty schedules around your own.
  9. So You Think You're A Swinger, Eh?: In which I Pit myself for being a social moron
  10. I pit my employer's policies (very... *blah*)
  11. IBM, you bunch of poo-flingers!
  12. Hail Maria, Full of . . . WTF?
  13. Choke a chicken? Go to jail! Choke a woman? Slap on the wrist!
  14. Too many DeLay threads
  15. "Vietnam Vet" Spits In Jane Fonda's Face
  16. How much does one pay to have them screw in the lightbulb?
  17. I know you hate each other, but...
  18. Court orders Yahoo to turn over dead Marine's email records;
  19. France realizes there's no point in trying to hide its scumminess so...doesn't.
  20. Don't interfere with the baseball, you idiot fishface fuckhole
  21. You're a cow. A big dumb emailing cow
  22. Stupid, stupid, stupid me!!! (Lame & Tame!)
  23. Left Hand of Dorkness
  24. F1 isn't worth the money I'm paying for it
  25. 300 billion paid for Iraq so far.
  26. Poor, poor Schapelle Corby
  27. I have not been Paid for Three Weeks
  28. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  29. Colored text in email
  30. tomndebb, A (Somewhat) Minor Objection
  31. Way To Crumple, Microsoft (And Fuck the Antioch Bible Church!)
  32. You get that perfume by the quart?
  33. Henry Hyde: Clinton impeachment was payback for Nixon's
  34. Not sure what part of this to pit.
  35. I pit bleach
  36. Are plays always literally 'Drama-fests'?
  37. Benedict XVI vs. Spain
  38. Fred Phelps is coming
  39. Poo
  40. Current fashions are ugly-I blame Paris Hilton
  41. WTF is the Minnesota legislature up to?
  42. Santorum vs. the National Weather Service
  43. English Showers (Bathroom not April)
  44. Dry Counties? Wait, what century is this?
  45. The week of unleavened kibble
  46. Sunset commission
  47. Video shows police handcuffing 5-year-old
  48. Weapons ban lapsing causes no panic, except in fearmongers.
  49. Anti-gun control folks, a question
  50. Just ridiculous - I must vent, whine, bitch & moan.
  51. Yet Another Pet Peeves thread
  52. John Howard is a fucking Wanker!...ANZAC day
  53. Chruch, family, and charges of hypocrisy
  54. To hell with Fish! For Life
  55. You theiving cunt
  56. JPII in a chicken breast. Is there no end?
  57. I pit dog owners who don't keep their dogs in their yards
  58. A request for temperence in BBQ Pit thread titles.
  59. NDP: We'll support you and your corrupt government if you kowtow to our agenda
  60. Assholes on abcnews.com
  61. There aren't enough rolleyes for this comment from the new Pope...
  62. If you only want to talk about America, fuck off elsewhere, brickbacon
  63. Cop retires/goes to Iraq/comes back/demands job back
  64. HATE spyware! HATE malware! HATE viruses!
  65. It's not the Professor's fault that you "haven't learned" (mild)
  66. Hampton Inn, Lima, Ohio; Bite My Ass
  67. Mine! Mine! Mine!
  68. I'm not thinking what you are thinking! OK?
  69. I pit the sorry asshole that hit my daughter's car last night.
  70. Goddamn Chinese-made CRAP!
  71. Tis the Season To Plug states (as vacation Locations)eg."I Love NY"
  72. On God, His/Her/Its Nonexistence, and Bullshit
  73. Ah, yes, rumor control central is alive and well
  74. Steve Jobs vs. Journalism & Free Speech
  75. Does (nearly) everything have to be qualified nowadays?
  76. Microsoft Punks out RE: Gay Rights Bill
  77. I might take up Caninecide
  78. Invoking the war dead - Only bad when they do it.
  79. Problems with my sister/roommate
  80. Wedding rant of anger and annoyance
  81. To hell with this paedophile-hiding Pope.
  82. To hell with this paedophile-hiding Pope.
  83. Fudge NBC!!
  84. Annoy a liberal: put a stupid sticker on your car
  85. It's like having a whiny boyfriend, but AT WORK!
  86. The cleaning people threw out my FedEx packages
  87. I support the Bible class in Odessa, TX.
  88. Time does, in fact, matter. (petty)
  89. Scientists! "Studies show..." Blah Blah
  90. Pro-Life License Plates - Ohio
  91. Yes, the Dish is Satan's sweaty ball sack and we're going to hell for choosing it.
  92. Overstock.com
  93. What can you say to a website like this?
  94. Nine-Commandment Christians and "Justice Sunday"
  95. Don't Mess With Texas Stupidity: Paul Cameron fucks yet more kids out of foster homes
  96. Edward Munch paintings burned
  97. Ashton Kutcher sticks his dick in his own asshole, fucks himself in new commercial
  98. Owowow - feels like I'm peeing broken glass. (just need to vent)
  99. I just quit my job. Wheee!
  100. *sigh* You suck, Comcast.
  101. IANAL, but I am a complete and utter idiot!
  102. My cow-orker, the earworm carrier
  103. Petty rant
  104. Here, I pit my bowels!
  105. Raise your hand if you're a dumb ass.
  106. Yappidy yap yappidy yap. And God bless America
  107. Baseball: a couple of questions, and a bit of a rant
  108. <Thread title deleted to protect the chronically offended>
  109. In which I kvetch about the local movie theater.
  110. Polaroid Bankruptcy: Incompetent Execs Get $29 Million; Retirees Get $47.00!!
  111. Don't tell me you didn't notice doing it, you bastard...
  112. Filthy Condo Nazis
  113. Fuck you, popups
  114. Faking to be handicapped and Disneyland
  115. Pitting the nurse who "cared" for me after my surgery...
  116. Good on yer, Bush, mate!
  117. Why Political Correctness stinks
  118. Og-Damnit, I Can't Sleep; or Why My Job Sucks Rhinocerous Wank
  119. UPS can't follow simple instructions
  120. Newsvertisements
  121. I Pit Those Who Think Quoting Passes for Wit.
  122. I pit parcel tape...
  123. Soldier Gets Death
  124. 3rd grader sticks 19 with needle...one tests positive for HIV
  125. Slightly PSPed off.
  126. For all of you woodpecker hating motherfuckers.
  127. Bronson Arroyo got screwed.
  128. On Child Rearing And Library Etiquette
  129. Jennifer Wilbanks, you've got A LOT of apologies to start making
  130. Welcome to life in KY: Because I'm an American I was BORN a Christian?
  131. “EEEEEWWWWW! We don’t want to have sex again. Once was quite enough!”
  132. 60 years ago today
  133. God damn it, I am NOT your sweetie pie!
  134. Rick Santorum seeks to thrust his head further up his own ass
  135. The lamest cartoon gets lamer: Pitting Johnny Hart & B.C.
  136. A School District Finally Brave Enough to Challenge Darwin
  137. Minor rant on naming companies
  138. Damn you Earthlink
  139. People do stupid things. Like calling 911 over Vonage.
  140. Read your fucking email, you brainless schmucks! (Another SysAdmin Rant)
  141. jumping through hoops with GE (lame rant)
  142. Hey Office Bitchknocker! Got A Problem? Come To *Me* About It!
  143. No shit my dog is barking you dumbass biotch!
  144. Bloodsucking carriers of disease
  145. I pit moronic doctors
  146. I did a Bad, Bad Thing (I Pit Myself)
  147. Pat Robertson claims federal judges are greater threat than al Qaeda/Nazi Germany
  148. AAAAAAARRRRGGGHH!!! Fucking webhost...
  149. Pro-Lifers: Is Kyna Dismuke not as good as Terry Schiavo?
  150. NASCAR themed Chick Tract
  151. I pit all advertising, everywhere
  152. Can we drop the superior "tinfoil hat" phrase, please?
  153. Another Iraqi Smoking Gun, and the Dog That Didn't Bark
  154. Are all the stupid gucks out there perpetually on DRUGS?
  155. Wesley Clark, what the fuck was that?
  156. I am SOOOO UPSET!!!!!!!!!
  157. What the hell kind of question was that?
  158. I pit Coldfire's WWII Thread
  159. I pit workplaces that block MSN messengers
  160. I Lamely Pit ABC Radio Network News
  161. "Parental rights" my ass (sex ed)
  162. Texas Solves All Major Social Problems
  163. What the fuck is wrong with the construction business around here?
  164. Don't Drink & Light
  165. Dorks!!!
  166. I Was a Bottom Feeding Boar Tit
  167. If you call me, please, for the love of god, leave a voicemail.
  168. The bell outside my window is slowly banging away my brain.
  169. Which one of you MADs shut down Baltimore?
  170. No, I do not want to work 10 more hours a week for free!
  171. Tuesday my best friend was burgled
  172. The Japanese Embassy
  173. I'm hating life right now.
  174. Welcome to Beirut--grenades in NYC
  175. Beheaded child's corpse identified after four years, mother jailed.
  176. Stop Telling Me About Your Car!
  177. Marching Band prohibited from playing "Louie Louie"
  178. 1.6 GPF toilet, I HATE YOU! You dispose of poop very poorly!
  179. I pit whatever the hell is wrong with me (whiny)
  180. I pit SkipMagic for being twee
  181. Who wants to go live in India?
  182. Jerkwad homophobic mayor accused of being a pedophile.
  183. Louie, Louie idiocy.
  184. Blue Shield of California - FEH!
  185. CA appeals court reinstates conviction for woman whose dog killed a person.
  186. Bush, and anti-environment piece of pondscum
  187. Do not threaten suicide in front of your math tutor, please.
  188. Keep Your Sperm You Gays
  189. Man who found finger in custard refuses to return it to owner
  190. An extremely mild Pitting of my unimaginative cow-orkers
  191. Dumbest religious persecution ever
  192. Student suspended for talking on phone to Mom in Iraq - WTF?
  193. Salt Stain Mary Update.
  194. Fuck Golf.
  195. Why ask my schedule preference if you going to ignore it?
  196. How Do I Build A Time Machine?: In which I Pit my job and the managers thereof
  197. Another reason why this country is so fucked!!
  198. Student arrested for saying "fuck" (in the sexual sense) at Ann Coulter speech
  199. Motherfucker! Airport Vandalized!!!
  200. Wherein We pit erudite-seeming Pakistanis WRT Israel, Zionism, etc.
  201. What makes you think you're one of my favourites?!
  202. Fuck! My Baby Broke The TV!
  203. Atkins is stupid.
  204. May 9 1971 - We Shall Remember
  205. Houston Rockets beatdown
  206. The local LAN cafe's waiting system is flawed
  207. Absolute, you really should apologize...
  208. I'm bitter. [Lame...and tame.]
  209. I pity nosy people
  210. Grass, Neighbors & Ducks: A Homeowner's Tale
  211. Time to face up the gracelessness and proscribe newism
  212. Margaret Cho is Spectacularly Unfunny (and not for the reasons you'd think I'd have)!
  213. Crappy cellphone ringtones
  214. Your new pit moderator
  215. Bay Area real estate - GAHHH!!!
  216. I pit management having to make new rules because of incompetent people
  217. Two second-grade girls stabbed and killed, way too close to home....
  218. Inhumanity
  219. A whole new reason to move out ASAP
  220. So, You've Decided To Fuck Up Your Kid
  221. My friends have terrible taste in movies.
  222. Woman gets a bloody fortune for "emotional distress" after her cat is mauled by a dog
  223. A new rule for the BBQ Pit.
  224. “People with diabetes shouldn’t inject insulin publicly!”
  225. Neal Horsley had sex with a mule?!
  226. Anyone grow up on a farm in Ga? Did you have sex with a mule?
  227. "My kid is a genius." "So is mine."
  228. Look - I don't want your stupid collector card!
  229. I pit parents who overbook their kids' schedules
  230. Stupid cow.
  231. Stupid friend. (lame most likely, just a rant)
  232. Damned semi
  233. Republican senators records on blocking nominees.
  234. So, I'm gonna be sued...
  235. Gatorade, I pit thee.
  236. If you won't help fix it, move the fuck over.
  237. The SDMB and "medical advice"...
  238. Moron who shoots up and leaves syringes in schoolyard sandpit...
  239. Stop saying "I can't believe no one has mentioned. . ."
  240. Featherlou's Booby Prize of the Day
  241. I can hear you. Stop hitting me. (Lame and whiney)
  242. I Am Duly Awestruck By Your Loud Vehicle.
  243. Messiah born!
  244. Crap, I'm sick - a pox on sick plane travelers
  245. That is *disgusting!*
  246. The California Attorney General wants to fuck up your Walther!
  247. Is it too easy to bitch about lawyers?
  248. Thank you very much, whoever you are!
  249. I pit my inlaws
  250. pitting myself