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  1. Christian Prayer=Why Bother?
  2. Do death penalty supporters care if they execute an innocent person?
  3. IF OJ had been found guilty, what should his sentence have been?
  4. Charles Darwin was a Racist and Eugenicist
  5. New TWA Flight 800 Documentary -- Change Anyone's Mind?
  6. Are there any real "universal values" in view of attitudes toward past societies?
  7. Recovered momory cause personality disfunction?
  8. The Truth About ANWR
  9. Union Voting: Why Not Private?
  10. The humanity of a Turing machine
  11. "SPECIAL OLYMPICS" : feelGood libralism gone Wild?
  12. Recent shootings in US with political motivations...
  13. What modern thought or practice will be considered barbaric in the future?
  14. Naked shorts: What are they? Are they good for the stock market?
  15. Richard Dawkins "stumped" by question on evolution.
  16. Should teachers carry concealed weapons in class?
  17. (What I think may be) the root cause to gay marriage opposition... how to fight it?
  18. Homophobia by women against gay males?
  19. Rick Warren's Forum Obama & McCain - thoughts?
  20. Russia Threatens Nuclear Attack on Poland: Definitely Not A Good Thing
  21. Nuclear War = The end of the Human Race?
  22. Are Republicans dirtier campaigners?
  23. Iran Launches Satellite
  24. What is my political philosophy?
  25. What would a Bull Moose believe?
  26. Who is running the UK?
  27. Musharraf resigns -- what now for Pakistan?
  28. Do subatomic particles have free will?
  29. Do people really believe that Obama is a Communist?
  30. CNN: Troops abroad support Obama 6/1
  31. Did McCain make up the "cross in the dirt" POW story?
  32. Military Strategic Importance of Moon Base to China/USA ++
  33. does breaking the bible into chapters and verses lead to misinterpretations?
  34. Immediate Gratification
  35. Black Power movement and civil rights
  36. U.S. military funds research into mind-reading technology
  37. Would the U.S. be doing more in Darfur if it weren't for Iraq/Afghanistan?
  38. Purchasing Unions: a theory
  39. How far in the future does morality stop mattering?
  40. Was Clarence Thomas unqualified to be nominated to the Supreme Court?
  41. Is Barack Obama his brother's keeper?
  42. Are those presidential "Polls" B.S.?
  43. McCain wins in 08; Obama or Hillary (or other) in 2012?
  44. Why are you confident in Obama's victory?
  45. How long could the Soviet Union have lasted?
  46. Are [An Inconvenient Truth, The History Channel, and National Geographic] reliable?
  47. How many states lack the "Born Alive" law that Obama opposed?
  48. What should we do about people who abuse antibiotics?
  49. New NIST Report On WTC 7 - Change Anybody's Mind?
  50. What should the penalty be for serial rapists/pedophiles?
  51. Feds to strengthen protection for Doctors who refuse to be involved with Abortions?
  52. What Is Wrong With GM?
  53. Answer me this, time traveler: would you save Adam Walsh?
  54. Barack Obama: the accidental candidate?
  55. Obama/Biden 08'
  56. Keating Five scandal and it's role in the 2008 presidential campaign
  57. Is Hillary/her supporters about to go on a rampage?
  58. Pentagon Finds Religious Bias In Army Probe
  59. Chipping Illegals
  60. Was Ancient Greek pederasty damaging to the participants?
  61. Will the candidates hint at their cabinet choices as part of the campaign?
  62. How dare they expect nights and weekends off.
  63. Russia backs independence for Ossetia and Abkhazia
  64. Does College sport remain solvent?
  65. Democratic convention 2008 discussion thread
  66. Now this is a reasonable constraint on gun rights. Or is it?
  67. Was Prime Minister Gladstone a Perv? [corrected title]
  68. Kennedy promises to still be in the Senate next January?!
  69. Is it inappropriate to encourage a person who has never used a handgun to learn how?
  70. Where does the antipathy between blacks and jews come from?
  71. Obama/Biden '08: The Quickening
  72. Afghanistan = Vietnam, ca. 1973?
  73. Hillary Supporters: did she convince you to back Barack?
  74. Bill Clinton's speech
  75. How much will William Ayers be a factor in the election?
  76. Do you think that this movie will be effective
  77. Good pro-Obama links/articles
  78. Do aides really need to resign when they screw up?
  79. Establish your bipartisan cred
  80. Would you vote for Biden?
  81. McCain elected. What happens with the SC?
  82. What must happen for Hillary to run for president in 2012?
  83. What are Momma and Poppa Clinton grooming Chelsea for?
  84. Which is the Greener Burial?
  85. Do You Care If The LPGA Busts Korean Gals' Chops On English Proficiency?
  86. Who will be McCain's "big endorser" at the RNC?
  87. Obama's speech
  88. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton: Are there parallels to be made here?
  89. Sarah Palin - McCain's stroke of genius?
  90. And again -- who IS Sarah Palin
  91. McCain wanted Lieberman or Ridge, met with Palin for the first time last week
  92. Palin chuckles at shock jock's puerile insults
  93. Why does the world need another browser? (Chrome)
  94. Is Sarah Palin a major turning point for McCain?
  95. McCain's inner circle
  96. How should Palin address her family situation
  97. The Palin Baby Rumor - Proven False?
  98. How should Palin address her family situation Part Deux
  99. Sarah Palin investigated for Abuse of Gubernatorial Power. Some Questions.
  100. Republican National Convention thread
  101. McCain/Palin '08
  102. Is Palin evidence of McCain's incompetence as an executive?
  103. What kind of maverick takes marching orders from his party?
  104. Why is this SDMB community blind to reality? [re Palin/McCain threads]
  105. Sarah Palin slashed funding for teenage moms
  106. Mayor Palin tried to force her local Library to ban books she didn't like.
  107. Peggy Noonan: Is this thang on?
  108. Is the Political Glass Ceiling Broken, Cracked, or Intact?
  109. Presidential candidates who try to punish the media for asking questions.
  110. The scientists who invented the nuclear bomb were worse than Adolf Hitler
  111. The RNC Sarah Palin Speech Thread
  112. Independents: What do you think of Palin?
  113. Was Apartheid South Africa worse than the U.S.A. to the Indians?
  114. RAND Corp: "War on terrorism" has been a failure. Thought?
  115. She was only for it before she was against it, but she'll spend the dough anyways
  116. Another study showing vaccines dont cause autism
  117. Has McCain's VP Pick Left Him Vulnerable?
  118. Would Palin be worse than GWB as President?
  119. Let's talk seriously about Bristol Palin.
  120. So... Have we pretty much figured it all out?
  121. New low for McCain: Hires GOP Operative Who Helped Smear Him in South Carolina
  122. Libraries and Book Challenges
  123. McCain vs the NFL
  124. Obama to appear on O'Reilly tonight
  125. Should Politicians Be Allowed to Quit Office To Seek Another Office
  126. Is being the governor of Alaska significantly relevant experience for US Presidency?
  127. McCain Supporters, please answer a question
  128. John McCain's Speech......
  129. McCain offers Obama a cabinet post
  130. Palin in 2012?
  131. Convince Bricker that not every Obama supporter is a tool
  132. PASSIONS: Why is this election so different?
  133. Can Obama win if he drops below McCain in the polls?
  134. It's all about taxes, isn't it?
  135. patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel
  136. Colin Powell on VP choice and will his Endorsement go ultimately to Obama?
  137. Democrat politician religiosity- pandering?
  138. What political types think when contradicting themselves
  139. Did the RNC get the wrong "Walter Reed"?
  140. Obama v. McCain: Effect on small-to-medium business climate
  141. Will technical voting problems hurt Obama on election day?
  142. Is Palin a celebrity now?
  143. A question on tax cuts for Obama supporters
  144. Convince an independent. What is the best thing about your candidate?
  145. Gov't conservatorship of Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae!
  146. Would you have chosen Palin/Biden?
  147. Will supersonic aircraft ever be commercially viable?
  148. Resolved: The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire.
  149. Who are you - Galileo or Socrates?
  150. McCain's reason for running - Inferiority Complex
  151. Obama's Community Organizing
  152. Sarah Palin Thread 329: How SHOULD Bristol's pregnancy have been handled?
  153. On right-oriented message boards, do people fear Obama will win?
  154. Can we end up with another "Jimmy Carter"?
  155. So what would happen is the US decided to just zero out its debts overnight?
  156. Is Bush saving a pre-election Bin Laden kill/capture to clinch a GOP victory?
  157. Are we worried about the Large Hadron Collider being turned on?
  158. Why didn't court ordered busing as part of desegregation mandates work?
  159. The Race is on! Canadians go to the polls October 14.
  160. USA the Most Successful Nation in Human History?
  161. If Palin is dropped from the ticket, who should McCain replace her with?
  162. Let's talk about social security (long)
  163. Why is the U.S. press so horrid?
  164. How does society punish someone like Albert Fish?
  165. How will, or should, Obama-Biden answer the Palin buzz?
  166. Fuzzy math or better math?
  167. Executive Experience. Who has it, who doesn't, and why does it matter?
  168. Will the voter demographics of 2008 be significantly different than before?
  169. What happened to the Spanish Empire?
  170. Anyone seriously considering leaving the U.S. if McCain wins?
  171. Olbermann & Matthews NOT chairing debates or election night on MSNBC
  172. Explain to me how police interview tactics are ethical.
  173. Why the silence on McCain's height?
  174. McCain elected, appoints democrats to administration; who?
  175. Putting the abortion genie back in its bottle
  176. Conservatives: Explain why Palin has "energized the base"
  177. Would it be fair to ask Palin a Kitty Dukakis question about her daughter?
  178. Palin has no idea how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac operate
  179. Where in the world is Sarah Palin? or Responsibilities of Canididates
  180. Identity vs Issue Politics
  181. The GOP and the Concept of "Big Government"
  182. Do you believe most Americans are stupid?
  183. Should political literacy be required in order to vote?
  184. FactCheck.Org on Sarah Palin
  185. Possible implications of the ruling in the J.K. Rowling copyright case?
  186. Palin Collected Travel Per Diems While At Home
  187. The Housing Bailout(s): The reason to pay their mortgages is ...?
  188. Would you mind eating cloned meat?
  189. What constitutes "Intelligence"?
  190. Would Darth Cheney even have a chance if he ran for President?
  191. Which voter group is going to most largely determine the outcome of this election?
  192. Would you immigrate to the US if Obama wins?
  193. Why has McCain's infidelity been restructured into something else?
  194. Ron Paul supporters: why are they still at it?
  195. Conrad Dobler, disabled ex-players and the NFL players' union
  196. Legitimacy of assassination as a military/political tactic
  197. Who will the Clinton's vote for?
  198. Why hasn't some tried to assassinate Mugabe?
  199. Has Sarah Palin scared Obama/Democrats/liberals?
  200. Is mainstream America mostly conservative?
  201. Responding to McCain: Good! Let the anger flow through you! Come to the dark side!
  202. Why is Little Black Sambo racist?
  203. Sarah Palin Rumor fighting websites
  204. Democrat character attacks on republicans....
  205. McCainites for lower taxes: do you make over 250G?
  206. Track and Bristol Palin promiscuous drug users - relevant?
  207. Biden Getting Ready To Step Aside?
  208. Democrats, listen up if you'd like to win the election.
  209. Would you like the American presidential campaign season to be shorter?
  210. I confess: I don't understand the other side
  211. Breastfeeding, "nipple nazis," and "helpful" advice
  212. Edwards, the media, and the primaries
  213. Racism ,how big a factor?
  214. McCain/Palin: Lying Far Beyond the Palin
  215. Do you think the singularity is real? and will it be the end of the world?
  216. Madeleine Albright and North Korea
  217. How would a McCain presidency compare to Bush?
  218. Resolved: John McCain does not have the integrity to be President
  219. Palin Red Lips Supporters
  220. Under what circumstances is lying morally acceptable?
  221. Palin punts in the interview with Charlie Gibson
  222. Independents: Why you should not vote for McCain
  223. "Marriage is between a man and a woman. Period."
  224. Does Obama need to mount an offensive?
  225. President Chavez Boots Out U.S. Ambassador
  226. Bolivia and Venezuela to expel U.S. ambassadors.
  227. Proof that Palin wanted to teach "creation science" in Alaska schools
  228. Power-sharing deal in Zimbabwe - Mbeki's "quiet diplomacy" vindicated?
  229. The National Service Program Last Night
  230. Implications of admitting Iraq invasion was wrong
  231. Please explain 'Expectation of Privacy'
  232. Obama campaign finally fights back--What do you think?
  233. Mediocrity and equality of opportunity
  234. Polls show McCain winning the electoral college
  235. Barack Obama vs John McCain on Health Care
  236. Estimating the probability of winning the presidential election
  237. Obama wins the election, loses the popular vote
  238. You are the President. The Chinese lend you $1 trillion as long as you spend it. . .
  239. Computer + entropy thought experiment
  240. What's something you don't like about your own party's platform?
  241. Would you vote in favor of a national lottery?
  242. Under an Obama administration, will U.S. citizens take more action?
  243. Should I vote in November?
  244. McCain called a liar to his face on THE VIEW
  245. How much does the average American know about non-Christian religions?
  246. HRC in; Biden out
  247. Do Republicans understand the economy?
  248. We can't have a trial, state secrets would be compromised
  249. Please explain media bias - Election '08
  250. Does Evolution Make The Christian God Impossible?