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  1. Why do we tax carbon emissions?
  2. Blasphemy in Ireland
  3. Euro 2009 election
  4. How much does party caucusing contrain Senators' votes?
  5. Executive Orders: Limits (with example)
  6. Who Owns The Maunsell "Sea Forts"?
  7. Reactions to Obama's press conference
  8. Should a school be allowed to ban a Confederate flag decal on a student's truck?
  9. Souter to retire- let the speculation begin!
  10. Terms of the Chrysler Bankruptcy
  11. Is It More Shocking When Whites Show Bigotry?
  12. I saw my first Frighten the Public commercial against health care
  13. Jimmy Carter - was he so bad?
  14. Should there be opposite-sex role models for children of gay parents?
  15. It is dogmatic for you to not accept my ridiculous beliefs.
  16. Manhattan Fly-by -- really a photo-op?
  17. Why are frequent churchgoers more likely to support torture?
  18. Alt English History: Whose Survival Might have had the most effect? Whose death?
  19. Chuck Norris isn't all bad, he's for socialized medicine
  20. Redirecting patients from hospital ERs. Legal? Ethical? (University of Chicago)
  21. THE post partum depression
  22. Is Pakistan hopeless?
  23. Does easier access to porn result in less rape?
  24. Great Britain vs Germany, in 1914
  25. What is gravity really? Take II
  26. Richard Nixon's presidency
  27. Top 3 Successes of President Obama in the first 100 Days...
  28. Is it inevitable that someday guns will be banned in the US?
  29. How should people absorb political information/opinions?
  30. Is the notion of "a life" conceptually clear?
  31. Do right-wing talkers actually believe their own schtick?
  32. How U.S. Religious Righters Managed to Miss the Whole Point of Their Religion
  33. The backlash against helicopter parents?
  34. There is a problem with the Obama middle class tax cuts...
  35. Michael Steele Doom Watch - A Poll, A Prediction, A Laugh Riot
  36. Oil Price Manipulation - Goldman Sachs and SemGroup
  37. The mother's day conundrum
  38. US out of Iraq by 30 June? Really? What will happen?
  39. What are cap and trades chances this year?
  40. GOP welcoming moderates now. This strategy work for you?
  41. Christians: Why does an eternal God care about temporal morality?
  42. Arlen Specter's take on Norm Coleman . . . huh?
  43. Why does God need a name?
  44. Should humans feel guilty for our treatment of animals?
  45. Is God getting weaker?
  46. Obesity and Health Care
  47. Does the Fact that Something Exists mean that Nothing is Impossible?
  48. Republican Expresses Concerns Over Dems & Obama
  49. Tell me about Michael Savage
  50. Why do people refer to illegal aliens as Undocumented?
  51. Democrats strip Arlen Specter of his seniority
  52. ID Cards in the UK
  53. Five Down, Forty-Five To Go
  54. Ticking Time Bomb
  55. What are the CIA's top 3 historical successes?
  56. Messiah Plan B
  57. Welfare (as requested in the kid haters thread)
  58. The "full faith and credit" clause and recent gains in same-sex marriage.
  59. Is the Economic Crisis a self-fulfilling prophecy?
  60. A multiparty system is better for America than a two-party system
  61. Why the big deal over torture?
  62. Obama Slashes Budget
  63. BMIs, Replicants, and the Individual
  64. What is Paganism?
  65. Chances of life appearing
  66. Ethanol gets boondoggler. Biomass for electricity generation efficienter.
  67. Hypothetical: Conservative media push jury nullification. What happens?
  68. Is Blogging a legitimate Small Business Venture?
  69. Minnows the Size of Blue Whales
  70. Was Pope Pius XII actually passive in the holocaust?
  71. The Obama Show faces cancellation
  72. Is this the most retarded study conclusion ever?
  73. Resolved: Morality is BS
  74. How to deal with (sub)urban sprawl?
  75. My theory on forum threads
  76. Muslim states with Nuclear Weapons encourage not deter American Imperialism
  77. Tiger Farming, Reasonable?
  78. Single Transferable Vote vs First Past the Post
  79. Quebec, secession and taxes
  80. Allowing Marraige for All
  81. "The general consensus among economists is that the New Deal didn't work."?
  82. Democracy via PageRank
  83. Math vs. The Universe
  84. Drug laws and... science?
  85. Question for the Religious aboud Idolatry
  86. Are there limits to free speech? What tests you?
  87. Is it ok to cause great pain, as long as there is no visible injury?
  88. Which Religion is the TRUE Religion??
  89. Visit an Adult Web Site - Go to Jail!
  90. Ileto v. Glock, Inc. et al -- Ninth Circuit upholds federal gun lawsuit ban!
  91. Protesting Tamils in Toronto
  92. Is it safer to be loved or feared?
  93. Is Obama blackmailing the UK to keep torture details secret?
  94. Do you live your life without fear?
  95. Is Reality consistent?
  96. Australian Rugby Player loses career over 7 year old event... is this right?
  97. Specific examples of politics causing interfaith conflict
  98. Is Obama trying to turn Arizona blue?
  99. Sexual privacy: so much for that idea
  100. Comparison of pro-multipartisan voting systems for single-seat elections
  101. I own kiddie porn! AKA Christopher Handley case is truly scary
  102. Question for those who believe all religion should be abolished?
  103. Do dogs love their owners?
  104. How to Expose Politicians or I Know What You Did Last Summer
  105. Do you think it's okay if Obama does it?
  106. Anti-Jehovah's Witness tactics (need answer fast)
  107. Black Myth Bustin'...OJ Simpson
  108. Gateway Theory is Unjust
  109. Why Pelosi?
  110. Obama says debt is unsustainable
  111. Obama keeping Military Tribunals
  112. When would World War III have occurred without nukes?
  113. Which Anglophone Former Colony Is Most Solicitous Of Its Aboriginals?
  114. The Aesthetical Jesus, Part I
  115. So why Huntsman to China?
  116. Where are all the young Turk Republicans with new ideas, why is no one stepping up?
  117. Do Conservatives REALLY Support Scalia and Thomas?
  118. Nationalized health care vs insane end of life medical costs in the US
  119. Has anyone dared to suggest that 9/11 shouldn't have been that big of a deal?
  120. What is the rationale for closing dealerships?
  121. To kill a bald eagle
  122. Is American health-care amazing?
  123. What Explains The "Stagflation" of the 1970's?
  124. Obama at Notre Dame
  125. Neutering pets - doesn't this breed the friendliness trait out of dogs and cats?
  126. Is pissing in public (as in behind some bushes) such a bad thing??
  127. Word on the street: How's Obama doing?
  128. How would you respond to this high school student's question re torture?
  129. Legal Ethics Questions (Scenarios)
  130. How do modern Jews feel about the militarization of Moses' Hebrews?
  131. If the US is an empire, is it necessarily a bad thing?
  132. Scientists Unveil Missing Link In Evolution, Darwins theory now confirmed.
  133. Political Empathy and Changing of the Guard
  134. Anger over 9th and 10th Amendments: Why?
  135. "YOU'RE a hooker!" (OR "Buy your mate on teh intarwebz!")
  136. Resolved: Unequivocal Opposition To Torture Is Logically Inconsistent.
  137. Why is the Pope against using condoms to help control AIDS in Africa?
  138. Is it okay to encourage a child who chooses to be transexual?
  139. Obama Sets New Auto Emissions Standards
  140. Give me your 9/11 conspiracy theories! And/or their debunking
  141. POE Redux
  142. Fairies' fear of iron -- memory of Iron v. Bronze?
  143. Attention RWs: Anti-immigration is a form of labor unionism
  144. Does Governor Mark Sanford actually have a legal leg to stand on?
  145. Why the fuss about Michael Vick?
  146. Elixir of life...could you, would you?
  147. Kennedy for Senate, again, but Chris this time?
  148. Possibly the worst idea in history (giving ethics to robots)
  149. Concealed guns in national parks? Loaded weapons in wildlife refuges? Whaaa?
  150. OK, So, What About Investing in Gold
  151. My problem with Liberals...
  152. The straight dope on the Nazis: were they left or right/liberal or conservative?
  153. How will drones and robots change warfare?
  154. Conservative radio hosts gets waterboarded
  155. A thought on concealed weapons
  156. To what extent did Bush cause Obama's victory?
  157. Thou shalt not steal even a little bit, but killing is probably OK
  158. So, court ordered cancer treatment anyone?
  159. China: Passer-By Pushes Suicide Jumper Off Bridge - Tired oF "Selfish Activity"
  160. How about this for dealing with "enemy combatants" and the like
  161. Free Canada!
  162. PC/audio setup question
  163. You heard it here first: I think the US is about to face its own Suez crisis soon
  164. Ticking Time Bomb Scenario
  165. Is the US notion that all people want American style freedom & democracy naive?
  166. Same-sex marriage will have no negative impact on American society as a whole
  167. The Aesthetical Jesus, Part II
  168. A question for opponents of gay marriage
  169. Homo sapiens: have we progressed much?
  170. Smooth sailing for Sotomayor?
  171. Why Women Rule the Roost
  172. Obama, Chrysler and Secured Creditors
  173. Did the Cali SC Really Just Take the Teeth Out of Prop 8?
  174. Would Sonia Sotomayor really be the first Hispanic SC justice?
  175. Potential legal implications of the CA 18,000
  176. "Supreme Court just took away your right to [a lawyer for] your interrogation"
  177. Driver's License Pic? No smiling in four states..
  178. Intelligent critique of raw food diets?
  179. Edward and Mrs Simpson
  180. Proposed law to eliminate US citizenship by birthright
  181. A question foer the opponents of interracial marriage
  182. A question for the opponents of women voting
  183. North Korea ramping up nukes & hostilities again - What's in it for them?
  184. A SERIOUS question about gay marriage for Canadians, Belgians, Dutch, Spaniards, etc.
  185. Could Sotomayor be a closet conservative?
  186. Bible as the story of Man's evolution/origins
  187. The Copenhagen Climate conference '09
  188. Korean War Scenarios
  189. Circumcision - advice sought
  190. Could there be POSITIVE effects of same-sex marriage?
  191. Religious objections to Gay Marriage are a form of religious persecution, and invalid
  192. Personal Therapy
  193. Would it look or be good for Obama to withdraw Sotomayor's nomination?
  194. Is it merely religious bigotry that keeps Prostitution illegal?
  195. Has Israel ever specified its own limits?
  196. Monotheism rising amidst polytheism
  197. Jeff Rubin: $100/barrel oil again in a year, for sure.
  198. Reagan wins primary in 1976; what would have happened?
  199. Will civil union make it in Illinois?
  200. Pleasant Grove City, UT v. Summum decision
  201. Will the Sotomayor pick impact the Hispanic vote?
  202. What is the purpose of the death penalty?
  203. What good are sanctions?
  204. Debate about Centrists and US politics
  205. Should Liberty University Lose its Federal Loans/Accreditation for its position on Dems?
  206. White Boy Soul - Why Not Viewed As Minstrel Show?
  207. Who says I have to follow the rules?
  208. Do people really resort to barbarism once societies controls are removed?
  209. Will Puerto Rico ever become a state of the union?
  210. Folk Hero or Murderer?
  211. Why this straight, Christian, married male supports gay marriage.
  212. From Ignatieff to Prime Minister Obama
  213. Ask the Socialist candidate for the European Parliament election
  214. Is the Banana Doomed?
  215. The New Haven Firefighter Case
  216. The US under communism or fascism
  217. YAY! The Republicans are standing up for the little guy.
  218. Would evidence of the existence of the soul be evidence for the existence of god(s)?
  219. How has legal abortion harmed society?
  220. Will the Auto Business Ever Be the same?
  221. Will/should Israel ever give up the land between the Green Line and the Wall?
  222. Any Reason Not To Have Alcohol Sensor/Ignition Interlock In All Cars?
  223. Pro-Lifers cannot think a fetus is a "person"
  224. The Myth of Recovery...is it?
  225. Shouldn't We Tax Real Gains, Rather than Nominal?
  226. Overhaul needed in DWI law & enforcement?
  227. Will Cheney tip the SSM scale?
  228. "The Court of Appeals is where policy is made"?
  229. Will Israel dismantle unauthorized settlements?
  230. Affirmative action in the schools?
  231. Toward a Prosody of Living Latin
  232. The Aesthetical Jesus - Part III
  233. So we own GM. Now what?
  234. Why would Obama make such a preposterous claim? [US one of the largest Muslim countries]
  235. The bravery of criminals
  236. Why NOT bow to King Abdullah?
  237. Tank Man and his impact on history
  238. Chrysler, GM - can Ford be far behind?
  239. Is it curtains for Gordon Brown?
  240. Would Judge Judy make a good president?
  241. Obama's speech in the ME: will it make a difference?
  242. Am I just crazy?
  243. Consensus on Bush v. Gore
  244. Driving is Only a Privilege, but Bearing a Gun is a Right.
  245. What is the reasoning behind the headscarves worn by Muslim women?
  246. Do you want an electric vehicle?
  247. "California's day of reckoning is here."
  248. CEOs Talking Up Their Companies - Fraud?
  249. Military using animals for training
  250. New and improved nuclear plants may cost more than expected.