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  1. The health care bill creates a tax, and therefore is Constitutional - right?
  2. Is North Korea starting a war?
  3. Will the HCR law help the uninsured?
  4. Is there any benefit of shipping IT jobs to India?
  5. Once Agains the Pessimists Are Wrong [Iraq elections]
  6. This Thread: Sanctuary from Healthcare Debate.[Gen'l Fiscal views of Right & Left]
  7. U.S. Senate: When will Enough be enough?
  8. Will the Republicans obstruct the Russian treaty?
  9. The Straight Dope on the "Cloward-Piven Strategy"
  10. Why have Republicans shifted so far to the right?
  11. Time for Obama to use recess appointments?
  12. What is the historical endgame for a spiral of political extremism?
  13. Obama sticks thumb in GOP's eye with 15 recess appointments
  14. Is giving a small middle-aged woman an aluminum baseball bat for self defense a good idea?
  15. Supreme Court will invalidate health care legislation because it violates states rights
  16. What would a free market in health care look like?
  17. What would happen if the US started withdrawing support from Israel?
  18. Fatty foods are addictive?
  19. The Influence and Ethics of Advertising
  20. The Federal Reserve system & "fiat money" vs. the gold standard
  21. What's with the conservative media peddling all this gold lately?
  22. Will the decline of print media lead to less litter and garbage?
  23. Can You Force People to Be "Green"?
  24. Court rules breast cancer gene patents invalid. What does this mean for GM foods?
  25. What if a full body burka was adopted by a large US minority?
  26. Energy Production in the U.S. is not a problem
  27. Obama to open up offshore drilling!
  28. Jesus clothes after the Resurrection
  29. Is Westboro Baptist Church guilty of perjury?
  30. Does anyone doubt every drop of oil left in the ground is going to burned sooner or later?
  31. False equivalences: RL vs. SDMB
  32. Is 'liberal' the new 'nigger'?
  33. Are Americans becoming ... wussies?
  34. Let's suppose a Republican had said this [Rep. Hank Johnson's Guam gaffe]
  35. "Do or Do not: There is no Try..."
  36. Georgia Bill requires "English Only" Driver's Tests: Thoughts?
  37. Mr Steele. Is this real? [Michael Steele on reaching out to moderate Republicans]
  38. How much of our deficit is "Obama's deficit"?
  39. Ars Technica's lesson about content
  40. Can a corporation take away my rights?
  41. Would this work as an alternative to the usual primary system?
  42. Hmm,probably not the smartest idea...[Pope's preacher compares abuse row to anti-Semitism]
  43. How is a well regulated militia necessary to the security of a free state?
  44. How should atheists and agnostics view each other?
  45. Is comparing universal health care to having a military a fair assessment?
  46. Modest Healthcare Proposal
  47. Is "Legalzoom.com" Practicing Law?
  48. Let me try this again... [Has technology surpassed our humanity & was the Pacific war about racism?]
  49. Do we want too much...happiness?
  50. N. Korea forces now "no match" for S. Korea?
  51. Must We Quarter Soldiers?
  52. The Tea Party: Beliefs vs. goals vs. tactics...
  53. Gas and Taxes
  54. Why Do Rich People "Go Slumming"?
  55. Which countries are more Libertarian , and is that good or bad?
  56. Degrees of atheism and other such stuff
  57. What is the GWB legacy among Republicans/conservatives?
  58. Could the native Americans have stopped the settling of America??
  59. Jefferson Davis as a war president
  60. Let's admit it already: Justice Stevens is retiring this year
  61. Was Jesus' resurrection theologically necessary?
  62. US military WikiLeaks video release
  63. Are school lunches a problem? If so, what can we do to fix it?
  64. Why are elected officials above the "people"?
  65. Alcoholics Anonymous: Good? Bad? Indifferent?
  66. BritDopers (and nosy foreigners) - The general election 2010
  67. Cain feared retribution for murdering his brother. Whom did he fear, exactly?
  68. Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010 (Introduced in Senate)
  69. Will Federalism make a reappearance?
  70. Obama won't nuke those w/o nukes (except NK and Iran)
  71. Why does the Catholic Church still receive federal funding?
  72. Slam Dunk Argument Against An Omnimax God?
  73. Very young children committing suicide - is it possible?
  74. Why don't we just build more prisons?
  75. Situation in South Africa (Malema and Terre'blanche aftermath)
  76. Lekatt's Thread: The *only* place to find out about Lekatt's beliefs!
  77. God and hindsight bias
  78. Is there any point to the U.S. having nuclear weapons?
  79. A simple way to reduce the federal budget deficit.
  80. The Christian Right and Democracy
  81. Australian Minister suggests new migrants should "Go Bush"
  82. Articles of Secession
  83. Would the human race die out if we only "did it" like the bible says you're supposed to?
  84. How Do You See The Afghan War Ending?
  85. How important is character?
  86. Would Sarah Palin have overshadowed a McCain presidency?
  87. Will the map or flag of the USA ever change again?
  88. Obama cancels Moon project
  89. What proof is there that Wal-Mart forces small businesses to close up shop?
  90. When in human history should a reasonable person have known slavery was evil?
  91. A Brief History of The United States.
  92. Should you retain voting rights if you live in a foreign country?
  93. Pelosi: "we have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it" context?
  94. Was Bush a figurehead for Cheney?
  95. Your score for the Obama-Palin nuclear debate
  96. Most "radical" U.S. President
  97. The Plumpy'nut Patent Debate
  98. Charity and Solutions
  99. What do you think of the 200 page Health Care Bill?
  100. Sarah Palin's Intelligence Level
  101. OMG ~1/10th of Polish leadership wiped out in plane crash
  102. The US NG/PROPANE/E85 Vehicle and GSHP Energy Policy and Economic Recovery Plan
  103. Hainan Island April 2001 Redux
  104. Why does Europe have better/more exciting/imaginative festivals?
  105. Civil war in Kirghizist-. . . Kyrgyz-. . . Elbonia?
  106. VA Gov. wants a literacy test for voting rights [for ex-felons ed. title]
  107. 9/11 conspiracy theories
  108. Neo Confederates and Revisionist Civil War History
  109. Language revival of Shinnecock or Unkechaug (Odds of)
  110. Fork Hillary 6: The Supreme Unforking
  111. Nuclear arms summit and certain nuclear-able countries
  112. Plasma gasification - pros, cons, limitations? Discussion wanted.
  113. What is the difference between traditional Republicans and Tea Partiers?
  114. There's no such thing as unconditional love.
  115. US ranks only eighth in the world in "Economic Freedom"
  116. Aircraft Carriers soon to be obsolete
  117. "Healthy, Happy, and Hot" - Planned Parenthood Opposes Mandatory HIV Disclosure Before Sex
  118. Climate engineering
  119. Would this stop suicide bombers?
  120. Fighting nuclear proliferation, long term, while it keeps getting easier.
  121. Correlating Smoking Bans with Hospitalization
  122. The REAL truth about 9/11
  123. Most Tea Party Supporters Say Their Taxes Are Fair
  124. Sensitivity to Ads: Burger King Edition
  125. Is humanity really going to go through a "Technological Singularity"?
  126. Birther U.S. Army officer to be court-martialed
  127. Are we going to have a strong financial reform law?
  128. What Do You Think of This Tea Party Video?
  129. Should a 13 year old be climbing Everest?
  130. Is there anything at all wrong with fractional-reserve banking?
  131. Can the dollar hyperinflate and lose its value
  132. Help Me Debunk This E-mail About Congress, Please
  133. Are Men and Women Equal in Today's Society? No C-Words Please.
  134. Christian Evolutionists. When did man acquire a soul ?
  135. Bishop Convicted of Holocaust Denial
  136. Federal judge rules National Day of Prayer to be unconstitutional
  137. The political discourse could drop to new lows this year
  138. Why I dont vote Republican
  139. what many creationists think of science and the public education system
  140. Some fair questions for Mitt Romney about Mormonism
  141. 1st steps toward Minority Report?!
  142. Corporal punishment in schools
  143. Perceived Racial Bias in Public Assistance
  144. Are There benefits to a Declining Population?
  145. Who are the front runners for the next Pope?
  146. Is this an accurate portrayal of the Boston Tea Party?
  147. Stem Cell medical technology. Is this even possible? Scam?
  148. Advocating censorship in the name of rights is an oxymoron.
  149. Were 1880's America a "libertarian golden age" for the country?
  150. Are Western Relief Organizations Scams?
  151. Spirit Airlines right to charge for carry-on luggage and Sen Schumer (D-NY) is a loon
  152. DC vote
  153. "Radical Unschoolers" - Is this irresponsible parenting or simply ahead of the curve?
  154. Would Jesus be a Liberal or a Conservative?
  155. Dope on FL senate election
  156. Why do Americans have such a major issue with swear-words?
  157. Is ""I'm sorry that I offended you" a real apology?
  158. What if Iceland were destroyed?
  159. Why do so many parents still believe sugar makes children hyperactive?
  160. "If an ad makes you remember the product, it has succeeded" - really?
  161. Taxes are Theft
  162. It is wrong to bring guns to a protest
  163. Videos of dead or dying kitties and puppies are OK!
  164. Why do people feel the government is tyrannical?
  165. Disprove solipsism. Please.
  166. Did Noah go to Ninevah in the Belly of a Whale?
  167. Unions in government sector - possible to remove?
  168. Women earn 70 cents on the dollar?
  169. [The U.S. and the U.K.:] A Special Relationship?
  170. Question on the meaning of Life
  171. Did the 1798 Irish Rebellion ever have a chance?
  172. Sex, love, marriage, and the interaction/links between them...
  173. The Trouble With Tea-Baggers And Progressives.
  174. What is the government’s involvement in the auto industry bailout?
  175. Is there anything Carter could/should have done to prevent the Iranian Revolution of 1979?
  176. Lawyers: Would you defend Osama bin Laden?
  177. Now Arizona proposes letting states decide Presidential candidate eligibility
  178. What is more important: wealth & security or civil/political rights
  179. Any Current Cassandras?
  180. Could progressives make (some) alliance with (some) Tea Partiers?
  181. Too big to be nailed - what to do about that?
  182. Racism
  183. Socialists: What are your views?
  184. Explain to an Englishman: why is the Arizona immigration law so controversial?
  185. Educational Philosophies
  186. Where are we on the Laffer Curve?
  187. Michael Meyer's "The Year That Changed The World" and the US Role in the Fall of European Communism
  188. Anonymity of signers of petitions to add referendums to ballots
  189. Legality of the new Arizona Immigration Law
  190. Has Everything In Architecture "Been Done"?
  191. Just what example did the "Man On Horseback" set?
  192. Add another Supreme Court?
  193. The "Urine Test Welfare Recipients" email
  194. We have too many representatives!
  195. How does illegal immigration affect you personally?
  196. Progress
  197. Are there a lot more BS email rumors against Obama than there were against W. Bush? And if so, why?
  198. Two questions for you on illegal immigration
  199. Let's define "racism"
  200. Gender identity - is it even a debate at all?
  201. Nationalized Power
  202. What is a fair amount of tax for the rich to pay?
  203. 14CV88 banned as racially offensive
  204. Uh Wait -- Cal. P.D. Executes Search Warrant Over New iPhone/Gizmodo Scoop?
  205. Did the Wright Brothers Really Have the First Flight?
  206. Biblical Genealogies: Who begat them?
  207. Biblically sophisticated Christians: how many are there in the US?
  208. Oklahoma law: doctors can't be sued for hiding birth defects from parents
  209. Are Psychiatrists playing us? Book claims studies show psych meds much less effective than claimed
  210. How is a biological male feeling female different from me feeling like Napoleon?
  211. UK politics question: Where do the Liberal Democrats stand on the political spectrum?
  212. Is it possible that illegal immigrants aren't a financial drain on US citizens?
  213. Confederate flag neither anti-American nor racist, necessarily
  214. Thought Experiment: The Evil Company
  215. Gordon Brown "bigot" remarks
  216. Is Fred Phelps a Plant?
  217. Nobody worried about Greece/Portugal/Spain and a Euro-zone meltdown?
  218. What is the Evolutionary Significance of Homosexuality?
  219. Are Senate Hearings Mostly For Show?
  220. Iran Prepares for Asymetrical Warfare
  221. Another Puerto Rico statehood referendum?
  222. DC soda tax
  223. What if Goldman Sachs went down like Arthur Anderson?
  224. Limit the amount of laws?
  225. Bush on the Rebound
  226. Another look at national ID cards
  227. Did Jesus Exist?
  228. Rachel Maddow v. Dan Stein of FAIR (4-29-10)
  229. Scalia says atheists can't study the bible.
  230. Believing In God While Hating Him
  231. Should flavored alcoholic beverages be banned?
  232. Is BP Doing Enough To Clean Up The Oil Spill?
  233. I Want to be the First on Record to Call the 2012 Presidential Race
  234. Believing in God While Hating Him With A Twist
  235. Could the democrats losing in 2010 pay off in the long run
  236. Affirmed:Lenin really is the tits
  237. Conservative response to BP spill: unwad your panties
  238. Canada's Tarsands-Is The Oil Extraction Worth It?
  239. To what extent should we limit what we make based on what people NEED?
  240. Could the BP oil spill destroy ALL the world's oceans? Oh, and it'll be Obama's fault?
  241. Looks like we dodged a bullet (no debate here)
  242. Economic Reform: The Chicago Plan (?)
  243. Can state officials arrest violators of federal crimes?
  244. Hell. Why is it described as, well, hell?
  245. The best candidate to challenge Barack Obama in 2012 is Ron Paul
  246. Resolved: Requiring Paroled Felons to Petition for a Return of Voting Rights is Unconstitutional
  247. West Lothian Question: Conservative-dominated England?
  248. So did Lee Oswald act alone or not?
  249. [Can a person imagine or conceive of ]"Nothing"[?]
  250. Is hatred weak?