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  1. Obama-Palin debate in 2012--strategy?
  2. The single most reprehensible thing the free market ever did?
  3. Republicans filibuster the Disclose Act
  4. Judge blocks Arizona "show me your papers" law
  5. How well defined are cultures and subcultures?
  6. Lets discuss the consequences of slight alterations in the course of WW2
  7. Calvinism or Arminianism
  8. Scott Brown for Republican nominee in 2012?
  9. BP Admitting to Gross Negligence
  10. Libel: Which way should the presumption go?
  11. Resolved:menstruation is a sin
  12. How Much Are YOU Personally Willing To Pay To End Illegal Immigration?
  13. Meir Baranes's Crazy Lenient Sentences?
  14. My Life
  15. Video of US Rep. Weiner ripping Repubs on 9/11 Bill
  16. David Camerons speech about Pakistan
  17. Comcast/NBC merger about to be approved
  18. Obama's Harvard transcript - an issue?
  19. Paying off the National Debt - Why won't this work?
  20. State Secret's Privilege Is Established On A Lie: From Reynolds To Al Masri - will we ever learn?
  21. Why kill the well???
  22. How historically non-violent are Buddhists?
  23. DOES anyone on this board believe in ghosts?
  24. Will robots transform our lives in the next 30 years?
  25. Jews and high-tech business success
  26. How much of a 'threat' are China to the West?
  27. Why so few elected scientists in Western democracies?
  28. The Dirty Trick
  29. U.S. looking at charging Assange of Wikileaks under Espionage Act of 1917
  30. The argument of "pro-choice" is bullsh*t.
  31. Palm reading=Spirituality=Religion?
  32. Let's talk about Hell
  33. Comparison of State Debt per capita
  34. Is Cordoba House a provocative name?
  35. Can you debunk these claims about Social Security?
  36. On the subject of airport body scanners (again)
  37. What is the argument against French healthcare?
  38. Why is Birth Right Citizenship so privileged, and Naturalization so difficult?
  39. Are Supporter of Gay Marriage Skipping the 'Main Course'?
  40. Has there ever been a real "melting pot"?
  41. Is it there any logical argument to be a meat eater, but offended by hunting?
  42. Technological singularity, why would it NOT happen?
  43. After a person has been convicted of a crime...
  44. Thoughts on Citizens United v FEC
  45. Economic Craziness from the Democrats
  46. Gay Marriage and Don't ask Don't Tell
  47. Arguments against HPV vaccines
  48. Should people only be allowed to purchase ingredients with food stamps?
  49. "Never Had a Factually Innocent Defendant" -- Seriously, Bricker?
  50. Will Bush Bashing help?
  51. There are not two, but three sectors: Market, government, & utility
  52. Innocent people have been executed--does this change your stance?
  53. What's the motive for going after Lance Armstong? Is it racially motivated?
  54. Resolved: WTC Site is not "sacred ground"
  55. Paying off the National Debt - Why won't this work? (Round II)
  56. The Brits, the Scots , the Finns, the Danes, the Swedes,
  57. The Blood of Christ
  58. Why Was Northern Ireland So Violent
  59. Has the recession created a "lost generation" of permanently unemployed?
  60. 65th Anniversary of bombing Hiroshima
  61. Is the Balance of Power shifting, East versus West
  62. The trial of Omar Khadr.
  63. Why did Sarah Palin resign as Alaska's governor?
  64. Pick Your Armageddon
  65. "Marriage has a specific meaning!"
  66. So would Mexico solve its crime problems by legalising drugs?
  67. The Truth Is We Are All Animals, so...
  68. Wisconsin Freedom of Speech Infringement?
  69. Another argument for "death penalty" over "life in prison"
  70. Is a "vast upper middle class" impossible?
  71. What would it take for George W. Bush to mend his reputation?
  72. Holy Crap! H.G. Wells was a totalitarian!
  73. Ted Stevens dies
  74. Ramadan? Big Hypocrisy? Muslims Please Chime in
  75. Who are Native Americans?
  76. Oh, good! A New Constitutional Theory of Privacy!
  77. Abortion in the age of "oven babies"
  78. What is Ayn Rand's contemporary status as a moral and political philosopher?
  79. Is the US, basically, a Scottish nation?
  80. "IQ measures how good you are at taking IQ tests"
  81. Will we ever be able to control the weather, and if we will, how will we do it?
  82. What Would A 0% Capital Gains Tax Do To The US Economy (short and long term)
  83. So...is this Obama guy doing a good job?
  84. Elizabeth Warren v Chris Dodd
  85. How would SCOTUS rule on California's Prop 8? With what consequences?
  86. Marriage in the age of a 200-year human lifespan
  87. How did conservatives create such a powerful grassroots movement recently
  88. You Return Home and Find Wife In Bed With Another Man-You Murder Them
  89. Free Will Paradox
  90. Morality (NOT legality) of killing your cheating spouse with their lover?
  91. Peak oil and the Malthusian catastrophe.
  92. "nigger" vs "the n-word" in discussions of the word itself
  93. Questions about Wal-Mart's business practices
  94. Is saving for retirement a good idea?
  95. What If? Britain doesn't go Bankcrupt at end of WWII
  96. Ezekiel 38, Jeremiah 50 and the Bushehr Reactor
  97. Should gay people be allowed to spawn?
  98. Was WWII neccessary for Britain ?
  99. How is the California 200 monster truck crash (that killed 8) NOT "applied Darwinism"?
  100. When is it OK to hate?
  101. What If? Britain had the US as a colony in WW1 & 2?
  102. A snippet of Lawrence v. Texas
  103. Dr. Laura wants her first amendment rights back...
  104. Believers: of what virtue is prayer in your life?
  105. When did the concept of human progress first become generally considered?
  106. what a person with these qualities be called?
  107. Insourcing... Just Say No!!!
  108. Isn't The Federal Reserve Bank Simply A Criminal Enterprise?
  109. rising in respect
  110. Stolen Valor Act ruled unconstitutional.
  111. Is there a faith (religion) with a female Jesus figure?
  112. French Dopers...whats the deal with the Roma?
  113. Politically Correct Stupidity: Episode 3,872,390,576
  114. Should Fox be Required to Reveal its Conflict of Interest?
  115. If Mexico legalizes drugs, how does that affect the U.S.?
  116. This One's for Der Trihs, Pay Attention.
  117. This One's for The Obama Loyalists, Pay Attention.
  118. Consequences of self identifying with a group (religion)
  119. Can a child be a sex offender?
  120. Should Cruise Lines Port In Haiti?
  121. Jon Stewart and Charlton Heston on Ground Zero Mosque
  122. Burning books in the US...'Burn Quran Day'
  123. SDMB hypocrisy/double standards... does everyone do it?
  124. Why isn't the national debt/deficit abstract and meaningless to a regular citizen?
  125. Marriage and Coverture
  126. What's The Difference Between Capitalism And Free Enterprise?
  127. What if all the mobile phones just stopped working
  128. Can the benefits I get from state services be quantified in monetary terms?
  129. The US government is bought and paid for.
  130. If motherhood were required to enter politics
  131. Haifa bint Faisal (wife of Bandar Bush) and 9/11
  132. People charged with "politically correct stupidity" are actually quite intelligent.
  133. Fox News deliberately destroying America
  134. Is working a menial job during college an economically rational thing to do?
  135. How Dare They Not Prosecute Tom Delay?
  136. Punitive damages should not go to the plaintiff
  137. When energy conservation works too well?
  138. Folks apparently not leaving the Catholic Church quick enough
  139. How do we fight illuminati like this?
  140. "Blame America First"
  141. NYC cabbie stabbed for being Muslim.
  142. Consumer Purchases
  143. Hovering parents - are cellphones a major cause in the change in childrearing?
  144. Congressional Budget Office says Stimulus Plan Worked
  145. Why are toupees ridiculed and scorned?
  146. Could The Taliban Stage a "Tet" Offensive?
  147. 300 Million Americans Being Poisoned By Design By Government and Big Pharma
  148. New Orleans schools mostly charter now: is this a good thing?
  149. Help me demonstrate that Sarah Palin is worthy of being President
  150. Should nursing homes honor patients' racist requests?
  151. Lou Dobbs for President?
  152. Should ballots include a binding "None of the Above" option?
  153. Corruption
  154. Does a high IQ lead to boredom (at work)? What role does the Flynn effect play
  155. Cops Putting GPS On Cars Without A Warrant?
  156. Am I bigoted?
  157. Does anyone think this should be legal?
  158. Let Me Help, Mr. Bernanke.
  159. Is this bigoted? [Ed. title, per OP]
  160. If there is no God, where do our inalienable rights come from?
  161. Political effects of the Russian drought?
  162. Harsh Commentary from Ex-Obama Supporters
  163. Self-selected congressional districts
  164. Is Heightism Real?
  165. Questions on Christianity (Again...)
  166. Would Jesus have owned a gun?
  167. Male coaches, female sports.....
  168. What now for Pakistan?
  169. GOP should let small business bill through
  170. Is ANYONE at all hopeful about the economy? Should anyone be?
  171. Is believing in God evolutionarily advantageous?
  172. U.S. border patrol
  173. What would be the best strategy for the GOP to win against Obama in 2012?
  174. Why the monikers, righties?
  175. How facts backfire. Is fighting ignorance just a lost cause?
  176. Religious Education
  177. A little ex-voto offering
  178. When will the Democrats decide for or against Obama for 2012?
  179. Al-taqiyya - Muslims are encouraged to lie to non-muslims
  180. Scandal in Manitoba: Should this Judge Resign?
  181. Another will probate question
  182. Come-On!! all you physics fans, unravel the mystery!!!
  183. Jan 1, 1930: You are Chairman of the US Communist Party
  184. Lower the Drinking Age?
  185. Are foreign business people more moral/socially responsible than Americans?
  186. Oil rig explosion in the gulf
  187. Karzais brother wants the US to guarantee Afghan bank deposits
  188. Communism, flaws and repression.
  189. How much will Nanotech change the future?
  190. Non-consensual sex due to alcohol consumption
  191. Any Truth to This Story about John Kerry and Pres Bush?
  192. Bush's failed Liberation Theology
  193. What Was the Cause of the Mortgage Meltdown?
  194. Afghanistan's Dirty Little Secret
  195. Should society start having something like affirmative action for men?
  196. The Democratic Party's Biggest Problem is Messaging
  197. What is the scientific perspective on the omnimax god?
  198. Kim Jong-il to anoint youngest son Kim Jong-Un as heir
  199. What are alternatives to the mediocrity principle
  200. The "other party" response
  201. Obama vs obstructionism.
  202. Important to Me: Kuzari Principle, or Proof From Mass Revelation
  203. Why have drugs not destroyed society?
  204. "Jesus Died For Your Sins". Please explain.
  205. The 21st Century needs more Government Control and less Free Market
  206. Business's exist to make a profit, not to create jobs.
  207. Iran bars experienced nuclear inspectors.
  208. How Much is the UAW To Blame for the GM Meltdown?
  209. Would society be better off without alcohol?
  210. A Snitch Ticket, a moral dilemma?
  211. Question for Pro-life Supporters
  212. Can a Police Officer be a Pacifist?
  213. Should we move to a progressive pension age
  214. When did American businesses face the least uncertainty?
  215. Child support amounts are out of control
  216. What were the first clues that there was no god?
  217. Are So Many Americans Really THAT Ignorant (Heliocentrism, etc.)?
  218. *gasp!* Cuban Model might not be working?
  219. BP spreads blame around
  220. Why SPECIFICALLY do Republicans hate Obama?
  221. The Best of all Possible Worlds
  222. What if the U.S. practiced economic isolationism?
  223. Why are people of African descent such bad swimmers? (Not as racist as you might think)
  224. Define physical fitness.
  225. 9/11 & foreign policy
  226. Egyptian Islamist Rebellion in 1990's: Why did it fail?
  227. That was unexpected DADT ruled unconstitutional
  228. Is a revulsion reaction to homosexual sex biological, cultural (or some combination of both)?
  229. China Syndrome: A preemptive strike in the offing?
  230. Do Americans REALLY think their governments have been acting against their interests
  231. Outside the US and Europe, who has the most effective navy?
  232. What will my nephews' quality of life be?
  233. Does the Bible rule out extraterrestrials?
  234. Has the Obama presidency made racism acceptable?
  235. Would society be better off without Tobacco?
  236. Christianity: Why did Jesus leave in the first place? Why not just stay after the resurrection?
  237. Why Have the Twin Towers Not Been Rebuilt?
  238. "Bush policies drove the economy into a ditch" which policies exactly?
  239. How to pick pocket the riches of space
  240. Skyscrapers on fire, not collapsing
  241. Breathalyzer test challenge
  242. Is redemption possible without religion?
  243. Would a Communist Revolution be legally OK in the States?
  244. Hypothetical: Would it really be wise to kill Young Hitler?
  245. Obama is "Anticolonist," says D'Souza (and now Gingrich)
  246. Supply Side Economists: how does this affect your view?
  247. If the nazis won the war, could Hitler pass as a decent guy?
  248. Cuba Abandons Communism
  249. Race: Yea or nay?
  250. DEA announces major victory in fight against pot legalisation movement. Um, what?