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  1. So let us talk about charities thi s thread is not long
  2. Is having kids ethical?
  3. The Heckler's Veto
  4. Fat Tax
  5. Islam, the religion of peace
  6. Is Islamic violence the real winner in the Koran-burning incident?
  7. Invented (or Inventive) Spelling
  8. Jerry Brown v. G.H.W. Bush in general election: Chances?
  9. Early Christian Church Views On Euthanasia.
  10. Would A Republican landslide =Stock Market boom?
  11. What Koran verses can peace loving muslims use to support their beliefs?
  12. Altaf Hussain's Crocodile Teers
  13. Instead of higher unemployment, why not shorter work weeks?
  14. Let's amend the Constitution to ban abortion opponents!
  15. Did Soviet Communism Deliver on its Promises?
  16. Ethics of Israeli settlements
  17. Iraqi Military Capabilities
  18. Julian Assange of Wikileaks for Nobel Peace Prize?
  19. Why do gay men tend to predominate in certain esthetically-oriented pursuits?
  20. Are Middle Eastern Military Forces Incompetant
  21. MS Piracy justified?
  22. Did the BP oil spill screw up the ocean conveyor belt system
  23. Why Is the Mexican Police/Military So Passive In the Drug Wars
  24. Is Positive Thinking a Disease in the US?
  25. What does it mean to "twist/pervert" a religion?
  26. The Adoption Loophole. Good Friends, Unite!
  27. Is naming a black dog Obama racist?
  28. Anyone notice something in the news?
  29. Is fervent anti-Islamicism a fad?
  30. Grand Unified Obama Theory
  31. What Would The Anti-Stimulus-ers Have Preferred?
  32. Why have the TPTB been able to foment so much union hatred?
  33. Woo in the medical profession?
  34. Should Iraq pay?
  35. What is a good percentage of repersenation for the citizens of the United States of America?
  36. Non-religiously-justified moral premises (philosophy).
  37. More racist TV from Australia lol!
  38. Value/Attributes of a soul. Why someone would want another's soul...
  39. What does this mean in the context of political divisiveness?
  40. How do Tea Partiers feel about the War on Terror, immigration, and economic globalization?
  41. What's the current state of Net Neutrality? Future of the 'net at stake?
  42. Is the Tea Party movement generationally time-limited?
  43. Rape exceptions to abortion bans
  44. Proposed: Allow the deduction of ALL Medical Costs
  45. China wants us to give them electric car technology before a trade pact
  46. What has the UN acomplished anyway?
  47. College Is Not For Everyone
  48. "Tax cuts benefit everyone who pays taxes"
  49. War in Pakistan, inevitable?
  50. To what extent can someone "buy" an election?
  51. Who is getting rich from health issurance?
  52. Why Do Atheists Interpret the Bible Hyper-Literally
  53. Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) - Obama's failure in leadership
  54. Some Sanity In The Middle-East.
  55. What is a womans place in the household, I am confused?
  56. Would you vote for someone irregardless of there grammer?
  57. Someone explain this "Ghost Hunters" Evidence.
  58. Would temporarily increasing overtime pay lower the unemployment rate
  59. Am I the only person on the Internet who believes in God?
  60. Most Americans Still Think the Healthcare Bill Did Not Go Far Enough, Rather Than Being an Overreach
  61. What would be the effect of a US sovereign debt crisis?
  62. Ed Milliband elected Labour leader
  63. Does anyone like Obama's health care plan?
  64. War, Children, just a shot away ( Jagger )
  65. What if: Dems control 65% of congress, what would actually happen?
  66. Is it possible to not be sexist?
  67. Repubs why is the Disclose act a bad idea?
  68. Does BUSY = lonely?
  69. Why do politicians prefer polls that show them ahead of their opponents by a large margin?
  70. If $ =/= important explain capitalism
  71. Why are white-collar jobs held in higher esteem?
  72. Israel Resumes Building in West Bank: Implications?
  73. In contemporary American society, is it wrong to marry for reasons other than love?
  74. Obama administration arguing they can assassinate anyone without oversight
  75. Teacher Reveals Former Prostitution in Support of Craigslist Adult Services Rights - Loses Job
  76. How similar would alien technology be to our own
  77. So Were "Mortgage Backed Securities" Really a Bad Idea?
  78. What would a post-Prop 19 California look like?
  79. Need help with Holocaust question
  80. Which is the most evil episode in British history?
  81. Man, this brings tears to muh eyes. Anti-Austerity protests raging in Europe.
  82. Off-duty actions of public figures in general/Shirvell/Armstrong case in particular
  83. The Moral Basis of Capitalism (or Lack Thereof)
  84. 10%+ unemployment... how much power to unions have vis-a-vis state governments, really?
  85. Why do a significant number of people hold poorly-thought-out positions on major topics?
  86. Babri Masjid - Hindus have no nexus with Justice
  87. "If the Tea Party Was Black" music video... do you think they're right or wrong?
  88. What's wrong with agricultural subsidies?
  89. Why did the crowd/mob in Jerusalem choose Barabbas over Jesus?
  90. Is our concept of cause and effect in error
  91. A civilization emerges briefly at the end of Jurassic. What geological evidence would we find today?
  92. Best Responses to New Atheists
  93. Questions about Israel
  94. Obama administartion Mk. II - what's different?
  95. Boundary between seduction and rape?
  96. Ok who still buys what the Republicans are selling?
  97. Are Republicans in Congress feeding the Blue Beast, too?
  98. Are certain actions worse than suicide?
  99. Venezuela: Chavez' party loses ground in parliamentary elections
  100. An "Idiocracy" is the next logical phase economic evolution
  101. Rights of Children to Life>Religious Freedom
  102. Why do people see the world in black and white?
  103. World Constitution
  104. Dear Ann Coulter: How is Toyota doing?
  105. Using Science to Reliably Test Potential Marriage Partners
  106. Offshoring - the snake that is eating itself.
  107. Christiane Amanpour's This Week: "Should Americans Fear Islam?"
  108. Should Lawyers Be Prohibited From Representing In Divorces?
  109. the trade war is here
  110. The blind, fanatical nature of support for Israel
  111. Killing the Campaign to restore sanity to US politics
  112. Is there an actual military challenge posed by terrorist targets?
  113. How is the tea party a "revolution"?
  114. "Jews totally run Hollywood"
  115. Cancel manned space exploration, use budget for energy development instead?
  116. Could there be life -- and what sort -- on planet Gliese 581 g?
  117. Cranick's Folly: Libertarianism at its finest?
  118. It's time to establish trading blocks
  119. What's the difference between morals and ethics?
  120. Jack Chick's Revealing Statement on Civil Rights
  121. When the music stops in 2012, have Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton switched chairs?
  122. Should political parties have more control over who can be members? If so, how?
  123. Set Karzai up as Czar and get out.
  124. Should scientists discontinue research on climate science?
  125. Whose heads will roll after the Democrats lose big in November?
  126. The bloated US military
  127. What were Einstein's original ideas?
  128. Hard drive compatibility question...
  129. What Is the Primary Function of Government
  130. Good works and commandments.
  131. Goldman Sachs betting on economy to stagnate or crash in near future...
  132. Legality of Blue Laws
  133. Kosher Restaurant Certification Authority Wants Surveillance Video of Dining Area
  134. If you switched "Muslim" for "Jew," what would the public reaction be?
  135. Democrats and Liberals, Who Do You Want to be the Next Republican President?
  136. Republicans, conservatives, & libertarians, whom would you lik as next Democratic US President?
  137. Election '12: economy vs. Republican nominee...
  138. Any major reverberations from the foreclosure forgeries?
  139. How Would You Have Voted In the Past Redux
  140. "Miranda Rights" not imported to Canada - how does this affect people accused of a crime?
  141. Best & Worst Run States - Dem & Rep?
  142. Is there literally something wrong with the South?
  143. How Did Christianity End Up With No Notions Of Ritual Impurity?
  144. Is Absolute Pacifism Dangerous
  145. Value (or not) of the Satanic ethic
  146. Alien invasion is inherently unlikely
  147. How far back is history accurate?
  148. Is it ‘Democracy’ if not ‘Universal’? AND Would you ever give up your vote?
  149. Is Glen Beck/Fox News responsible for this guy's attempted mass murder?
  150. An Honest Discussion on the Relationship between Plagiarism and Piracy
  151. So who can answer Jerry Pournelle's questions about Global Warming?
  152. Is biological warfare ever a legitimate military option?
  153. "The second leg of the credit crunch"
  154. Voting old, elderly, codgers to high office...............
  155. Why do winner-take-all voting systems (like in the USA) persist?
  156. In the end isn't the reason for academic problems more poor & ignorant parents vs bad teachers?
  157. Determinism and decision-making
  158. Relationships in heaven
  159. If I ran for President of the United States as a (D) from MA
  160. Artificial Morality-Better Than No Morality At All
  161. Remind me again why God is to be thanked for the Chilean Miners?
  162. How will Islamism decline?
  163. Health Care Lawsuits Survive Dismissal in FL, VA
  164. If The Tea Party Was Actually Serious
  165. Manila today. A prediction of the future for the world ? (overpopulation)
  166. Would it be OK for local governments to penalize residents for not buying health insurance?
  167. It's 1969: the Soviets land on the moon. Now what?
  168. How much National Debt is too much?
  169. Fox Tv and Dish /Comcast at war over programming costs
  170. Why did the British Empire used ethnic cleansing that much in its Empire building?
  171. Christian Non-Participation In Politics?
  172. Holder promises to enforce drug laws
  173. In the long run, does the Tea Party do more to help Dems or Pubs?
  174. Recent Supreme Court decisions conservatives dislike?
  175. Charity bribes drug addicts to sterilise themselves
  176. Whose biographies define the 20th Century?
  177. Public support for the Tea Party: 29% for, 54% against
  178. Wikileaks to release secret Iraqi war docs
  179. Is the United States of America a country or a treaty organization?
  180. Chevrolet Volt
  181. 'Blacks need to get their act together' vs 'AA social troubles are an American problem'
  182. Detention of reporter - kosher or not?
  183. Why not have Russia in NATO & EU?
  184. Increase SS retirement age, increase unemployment?
  185. Should we bring back eugenics?
  186. Okay, let's have that "Does AA work?" thread. (Alcoholics Anonymous)
  187. The EU needs to get France under control (closing of airspace)
  188. Should the (US) retirement age be raised?
  189. Military recruiters told to accept gay applicants
  190. The Tower of Babel
  191. Emeritus Hal Lewis Resigns - Are Scientists Really Above Corruption?
  192. Two Norwegian stock traders convicted for outsmarting an automated electronic broker
  193. Roman Army.ca. 100 AD vs Army ca. AD 400: Who Wins?
  194. Let's Talk Spousal Support
  195. Coalition announces Strategic Defence Spending Review: opinions?
  196. Should longtime NPR analyst Juan Williams have been fired for comments he made on O'Reilly?
  197. NPR's ultra-liberal bias
  198. So where's the line in speech?
  199. We need both parties
  200. Correlation of SCOTUS votes.
  201. What about a payroll tax holiday to stimulate the economy?
  202. Drudge Report Obama photo
  203. Is Christine O'Donnell an Imbecile Who Doesn't Know the First Amendment?
  204. When will the ENTIRE human race reject Christianity?
  205. Al Masjid Al Aqsa
  206. Any Christians here not consider Catholics to be Christians?
  207. If Dems have the House, Repubs have the Senate, what will the next couple of years be like?
  208. The Problem With Choice in a Free Society
  209. Question for libertarians and fiscal conservatives
  210. What actions or qualities would Tea Partiers decry in the Founders if they were currently in office?
  211. Sin
  212. Newspapers endorsing candidates.......
  213. What policies or practices of the Tea Partiers would the Founders likely decry?
  214. Is the only duty of a representative to his district and constituents?
  215. Michicgan Judge Accused of Sleeping on the Bench
  216. Should we forgive (and forget) religions' past atrocities?
  217. Henry Ford: Bad or Good?
  218. What would US politics be like if...
  219. Sex offender list notification USELESS
  220. Is raising a child a "job"?
  221. Brit Dopers - Do you know any poor Tory supporters?
  222. Is This Sound Conjecture Or Mere Solipsism? (Psych 101)
  223. Is Adultery Wrong
  224. The Bush Tax Cuts and Immediate Economic Policies
  225. Surrogate mother with Down Syndrome fetus: abortion contractually mandatory?
  226. Alaska oil reserves 90% smaller than predicted. Does this change "Drill baby drill!"?
  227. Health care reform under Republican control
  228. Can anyone defend taxing Capital Gains at only 15%?
  229. Eight False Things The Public “Knows” Prior To Election Day
  230. In the US; Instead of forcing people to buy health insurance...
  231. Does the UK need it's armed forces?
  232. Liar's paradox
  233. Is it just the US, or is politics hopeless everywhere?
  234. Why Did It Take So Long for the 'Industrial Revolution'?
  235. Apartments vs. Houses
  236. What things that we are now afraid of worried about will our kids look back at and be amused?
  237. Right-wing reductio ad absurdum: Should the government be trusted to run the government?
  238. If we ever can travel to habitable planets in other solar systems- will we want to?
  239. Is the race or gender of a lawyer relevant to how well the lawyer represents the client?
  240. Judge rules that 4 years old is old enough to be sued
  241. Prison-industry company helped shape Arizona immigration law
  242. To What Extent Are USA Drug Users Culpable For Violence In Mexico?
  243. Should Gawker have published the O'Donnell 'One night stand story"?
  244. Does the economy really do better under 'pro-life and pro-family" candidates?
  245. Stewart/Colbert Deserve The Nobel Peace And Love Peace Prize.
  246. If you think that strategic defaults on mortgages are OK
  247. Why do I have to accept junk mail?
  248. Inappropriate relationship
  249. Digital fabricators: what effect on the world?
  250. Was Stewart's/Colbert's rally racist because there were no nonwhites?