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  1. Justice or Vengence
  2. It's election ever. Why even have elections?
  3. Municipal earnings taxes: Yay or nay?
  4. Will there ever be a woman USA President or Vice President?
  5. Ending the Culture Wars
  6. "The most powerful, proven instrument of material and social progress is the free market." Cite?
  7. Lame Duck Session ..... what's going to happen?
  8. Follow the election results post
  9. Could/would Rand Paul really singlehandedly bring on a depression?
  10. Would Most New Yorkers Vote Giuliani For POTUS
  11. Any Citizens United effects/reverberations on elections, now and in the future?
  12. Repubs have biggest gain since before WWII...
  13. What role (if any) will the Tea Party play in 2012?
  14. What is the Republican plan to fix our economy and why will it work?
  15. Lord James of Blackheath: unearthed Illuminati conspiracy or completely nuts?
  16. Doctor refuses to give vasectomy w/o partner's consent
  17. is F.R.B. just stimulating FOREIGN economies?
  18. A rational discussion of the mid-terms
  19. In politics, keeping something on the table = definitely gonna do it?
  20. Obama's visit to India
  21. Yemeni Connection
  22. Federal reserve implements its own stimulus
  23. Forget the Republicans. How do the Democrats change internally from here?
  24. Justify a Progressive Income Tax Structure
  25. Is the Humane Society a PETA front?
  26. President Obama: The First Step in Negotiating Is Not "Bend Over"
  27. Obama signs iPad; Palin (allegedly) signs flag
  28. Would James Huberty Have Joined the Tea Party?
  29. Judicial system.. why is stare decicis so sacred?
  30. Keith Olbermann suspended for contributing to candidates
  31. Have people that are self aligned with a political party, biased by their own allegiances?
  32. Is awareness required to cheat?
  33. Did Oklahoma just ban the Ten Commandments?
  34. Is the Obama Administration effectively over, even if he wins and Dems retake the House in 2012?
  35. Was the U.S. ever in danger of losing the "Cold War"?
  36. Why aren't prisons racially segregated?
  37. Mod Dems: Do you want Nancy Pelosi to stick around?
  38. Oklahoma's Banning of International Law and Its Relation to Business
  39. A new communication strategy for the DNC
  40. Will there every be another US Presidential election decided in a landslide?
  41. 9/11 - Pentagon hit - Where are the plane parts?
  42. Should we tolerate intolerance?
  43. Is Slavery Endorsed By the Bible
  44. Tiburon, Calif. to photograph every car entering town
  45. Why don't the Mexican authorities just throw a party?
  46. Will California get its financial act together?
  47. What's the point of Materialism?
  48. Obama backs India for permanent seat on UN Security Council
  49. Question from a 90 year old war Veteran
  50. Ethics of donating money to cure common diseases
  51. Is it time to end the filibuster in the US Senate?
  52. Buffalo can’t become a Lion
  53. How important are abortion rights?
  54. "War" on Terror vs "War" on Drugs
  55. Fed Reserve buys gov't. debt -- Is this the End of the World As We Know It?
  56. What was the nature of the US military before the National Security Act of '47?
  57. Here's what the Democrats need to do to win
  58. Free mandatory universal education is self-defeating
  59. How Does One Know Israeli History?
  60. Political vs Moral Implications of a Dictator/Tyrant
  61. Tension between "the voters can't be trusted" and "let's register lots of voters"
  62. 2010: How Democrats lost the Battle, but won the War
  63. What was the mystery missile?
  64. Bush - Torture saves lives
  65. Is Crimes Against God Worse Than A Crime Against A Human
  66. Basis of science's belief that extraterrestrial life is likely?
  67. Ludicrous theory about God, spirits etc.
  68. Why the need to deny bias that others have experienced?
  69. Are The European Criticisms of The TSA Valid?
  70. Public Schools: Strict Traditional Education vs Citizen Development
  71. Who is <blank> enough to benefit from Affirmative Action? Should it be based on looks?
  72. In 2000 years, will we be viewed as an "ancient" society, like the Romans (for example)?
  73. Free Will Revisited - A New Compatibilist Model
  74. Is India Really Becoming a Huge Market For US Exports?
  75. Would a bomb going off in a TSA line put an end to the ridiculous security theater?
  76. Why so much difference in level of bullying in high school vs college?
  77. No new U.S.-South Korea free-trade agreement
  78. Sagans List and life in the universe
  79. Pro Choice Life of the Mother Vs Live of the baby
  80. "The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure" and Amazon
  81. Asking middle class (and lower) Dopers why they vote Republican.
  82. Why can't the Shinkansen (Bullet trains) work anywhere else in the world?
  83. Hong Kongs economic culture
  84. The supposed improbability of life
  85. Those who question depend on those who do not question. Discuss?
  86. Bars, Dress Codes and Racism
  87. "Freedom Isn't Free." Discuss?
  88. Is reading intrinsically superior to watching movies or television?
  89. John Brown: Hero or Terrorist
  90. Should Minorities Be Encourage to Assimiliate
  91. Divorce and Custody
  92. Is this National Debt graph accurate?
  93. "Companies still need talented systems designers and other well-trained technicians" LOL WUT?!
  94. Anyone else who doesn't accept that they are conscious?
  95. No US Corp Tax for Mr. Big: Your 2 Cents?
  96. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Facts
  97. Help needed: Debate AGAINST legalisation of cannabis
  98. What qualifies someone as a Holocaust survivor?
  99. Why does the deficit commission rough draft contain supply side tax cuts
  100. Is Bharat India?
  101. Was Pakistan always a bad idea?
  102. Bush claims Mitch McConnell asked for troop withdrawl from Iraq to help in midterm elections
  103. Extent/limits of using the stock market as predictor of future events?
  104. Obamacare Waivers
  105. Khalid Sheik Mohammed can be held indefinitely without trial, says Obama administration
  106. First Circuit to Newdow: Pledge w/ "Under God" is Constitutional
  107. Convince me to say "n-word" rather than "nigger" when the latter is what I mean.
  108. What will the next viral outrage be?
  109. Resolved: Pirates caught in the act should be hanged by the neck until dead.
  110. Seeking an intelligent Obama hater - no debates here!
  111. Democracy: It doesn't work.
  112. Airplane etiquette vs safety
  113. TSA's Groin check? Going too far?
  114. What does "real" airline security look like?
  115. Is that the death rattle of the Euro I hear?
  116. Reform Coming to the Canada Pension Plan -- Why?
  117. Earmarks: I Call Shenanigans!
  118. Any adult no matter how unintelligent or ill informed should have a vote.
  119. Ontario To Implement The Most Cynical, Dumbest Government Move Of All Time
  120. Is battle between great powers obsolete?
  121. "There is a mean streak in anyone who will destroy another's faith."
  122. Foreclosures hit homeowners not in default
  123. Should he clean her clock? [Obama vs. Palin in debates]
  124. Chinese Spacewalk Faked?
  125. GOP Refusal to Approve New START
  126. Pope calls health care an "Inalienable Right". What's the right-wing spin?
  127. Why should the parents of young adults recover for wrongful death torts?
  128. Morally who are you stealing from when you steal from a corperation?
  129. What will happen with the debt limit?
  130. The moral argument for religion/god is not "grounding" anything at all
  131. Leftist opposition to the existence of corporations
  132. "People's Capitalism": Is this a good idea?
  133. Paul Davies enumerates all possible explanations of the fine tuning debate (Anthropic Principle)
  134. The "Second Coming of Jesus" Error In Translation?
  135. Warren Buffet weighs in on tax cuts and supply side economics
  136. The "Ground Zero Mosque" Can be built, but should it?
  137. The unconstitutionality of defaulting on U.S. debt... irrelevant?
  138. How would *your* life actually change if (the person you don't support) was president?
  139. Seriously wanna ask: "By buying your ticket you gave up a lot of rights." Limited to 4th amendment?
  140. What does the bailout mean for Ireland (and the rest of the Eurozone)?
  141. Did nuclear weapons reduce the death rate from war
  142. America through Asian eyes
  143. Legalization of marijuana and secondhand smoke (Has this been debated here before?)
  144. To argue against conspiracy theories, is it valid to say "this would be a secret too hard to keep?"
  145. is raping a prostitute the same as shoplifting?
  146. Best Case Republican and Democrat Scenarios
  147. Political Correctness and Racial Profiling
  148. N. and S. Korea firing artillery at each other
  149. Will the GOP implode over Tea Party demands for cuts to ethanol subsidies?
  150. The morality of criminalizing immorality
  151. Has the TSA security theatre prevented any terrorist attacks?
  152. What if Henry V of England had lived longer after conquering France?
  153. Congressman King and the 14th Amendment
  154. Why are jews hated and/or mocked so much?
  155. Paying for organs
  156. Tom Delay found guilty of money laundering and conspiracy
  157. Did Sandra Day O'Connor ruin her legacy with Bush vs Gore?
  158. Facebook users 'are insecure, narcissistic and have low self-esteem'
  159. EuroDopers: What's going on over there?
  160. Keynes' Revenge: What's making Euro austerity cuts fail so badly?
  161. Will single payer health care be passed on state level. Will it spread to the national level
  162. How long has it been since we had a successful international conference?
  163. Obama "facts" circulating via e-mail
  164. Wikileaks releasing thousands of diplomatic cables.
  165. On the non-validity of "arguments from nature"
  166. Great Britain 1942 has an A-Bomb-Would They Use It?
  167. Dope Members Alone
  168. Technology predictions for the next couple of decades
  169. Assassinating American Citizens--Impeach Obama
  170. How would South Korea greet the prospect of unification with NK?
  171. Wikileaks has released the documents
  172. Should Government Encourage Private Home Ownership?
  173. Why did most of Europe just lay down for Germany at the start of WWII?
  174. Evilest People In History
  175. Its coming, isn't it. Fascism.
  176. Does the STUXNET virus and nuclear scientist assassinations mean no military strike?
  177. Has there ever been anyone who cost the US more of its treasure than Osama bin Laden?
  178. Daniel Ellsberg was a hero. How is Julian Assange not a hero?
  179. Obama freezes federal worker pay for 2 years
  180. Believers: How do we know which religion is the correct one?
  181. Are anti-racism employment practices, in their effect, racist?
  182. Pascal's Wager
  183. Why don't Brits want King Charles III (or will it be King George VII?)
  184. Transitioning America's economy away from consumerism
  185. What would the deficit be if the economy were doing well
  186. How did a PFC collect 250,000 secret docs?
  187. WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Wants To Spill Your Corporate Secrets
  188. Care to reply to Aristotle?
  189. Corporate welfare ......
  190. Language prescriptivism is a moral issue?
  191. What is the current situation with Afghanistan?
  192. For what reason(s) do humans rule other species and do those reasons apply within the species?
  193. Wikileaks: 4 more years of leaks!* Affects on the ME?
  194. Why are right wingers opposed to America doing what China is doing
  195. charismatic mega-fauna and rhino ranching
  196. 'Net neutrality vote on December 21... What'll happen?
  197. Interpol to issue international arrest warrant for Dick Cheney
  198. What's behind the "Threat to Traditional Marriage" argument?
  199. Is Julian Assange a rapist?
  200. Iranian Centrifuge Worm
  201. Tax Incentives for Religious Theme Park
  202. What is up with John McCain?
  203. The book "Winning the Oil Endgame"
  204. In hindsight, did Obama deserve his Nobel Peace Prize?
  205. Is it fair to call Cal Thomas stupid and/or disingenuous because of his recent piece on health care?
  206. The moral standards of Wikileaks' critics
  207. GQ as GD: Facts vs. opinions re: the afterlife and other unprovable stuff
  208. Would The World Have Been Better If There Was No American Revolution
  209. The Extent of the Butterfly Effect
  210. is all knowledge tautology?
  211. Why didn't monarchies reinvent themselves as dictatorships?
  212. Leaked cables make impossible Hillary Clinton's continuing as SecState, sez Slate
  213. Cyprus refusing to send mail to USA
  214. How high must wages go to make large scale factory automation attractive?
  215. Is It Desireable to Have Foreign Spies In Your Government?
  216. Why were the Bush Tax cuts temporary ?
  217. Could the president, his wife, hit squads, a house member, a senator, and the AG take over America?
  218. A Libertarian Argument Regarding State Schools and the Curriculum
  219. Another brilliant move: No air packages ship to USA over 453 grams. Thanks, TSA!
  220. Perry v. Schwarzenegger: Round 2, the Appeal
  221. Do all monotheistic religions worship the same God?
  222. Why would living in a diverse community make one more racist?
  223. Putins Legacy
  224. How long would slavery have lasted if there were no US Civil War
  225. Obama {deals | caves} on tax cut extensions
  226. How do the Tea Partiers feel about the Wikileaks issue?
  227. What is WikiLeaks' mission?
  228. Precious Metals Investment Thesis Without Emotion (Is It Possible?)
  229. The Logical Fallacy "ad hominem" and others, and How to Debate
  230. To Death Penalty Opponents
  231. Should Droids be granted Sentient Rights?
  232. The power of creative destruction, in 1 picture
  233. Why didn't the Dems let the tax cuts expire and then introduce a new tax cut bill?
  234. No Debate on the Dream Act yet?
  235. Fate of 'In God We Trust'.
  236. Does the debt have a time limit?
  237. How might Christianity have developed if the doctrine of the Virgin Birth had never taken hold?
  238. Smurfberries: A Great Debate for our Age
  239. How has Germany been able to maintain their heavy industry?
  240. Bernie Sanders is staging a filibuster
  241. Islamofascists
  242. Add pot legalization to the compromise bill.
  243. Should the media report on dangerous people who crave the attention?
  244. Economic question about unemployment benefits
  245. Lefties who are angry at Obama are misguided
  246. Liberal (American) dopers, a question
  247. Come All Ye Secularists
  248. Medical Insurance and Pre-existing Conditions
  249. Why is Gasoline so damn expensive right now ($3.00 US, approx)
  250. Is the US in decline?