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  1. Why wouldn't a flat income tax work?
  2. Persuade me that deafness & hearing impairment are not best thought of as disabilities.
  3. Make the case for a $300 billion defense budget.
  4. Doesn't it seem like...
  5. Does Buddhism require a belief in the supernatural?
  6. Wikileaks a real threat?
  7. Corporate contributions to political campaigns legal?
  8. 73 yom kippur Q
  9. German woman on tv: "Southern Europeans are not as disciplined as us"
  10. "A guy called Vasili Arkhipov saved the world." and WWIII.
  11. Consent to sex while unconscious
  12. You're the POTUS. A nuclear first strike is inbound. Do you authorise the second strike?
  13. Are vows of religious mendicancy immoral?
  14. English/Welsh courts are completely out of control, r.e. injunctions
  15. Is there such a thing as a "Good Doctor"?
  16. Black Women Less Attractive - Is the Outrage Due to Flawed Researched or Political Correctness?
  17. Is life, avareged over all humans, a net positive or negative?
  18. Is Conception The Most Moral Act Possible
  19. Jose Guerena - Gross incompetence or murder?
  20. Accept one stereotype, accept them all: True or False
  21. Germany: nuclear power trendsetter?
  22. What is love?
  23. Does a presidential visit to a disaster area help in any meaningful way?
  24. How will data caps affect the digital economy?
  25. Free To Choose
  26. Reconsidering our view of medieval Catholic Europe
  27. Does God Exist?
  28. At-Large vs. District elections
  29. America's unemployment is not due to a skills mismatch.
  30. Peter Yastrow: We're on the verge of an even worse Great Depression...
  31. Rights and freedoms (for whites) in a successful Confederacy?
  32. What did the Germans expect at Versailles?
  33. The John Edwards Indictment
  34. Are Unions Good or Bad?
  35. has the Zapruder film done more harm than good
  36. How long to rebuild civilization only from knowledge in people's heads?
  37. 1916—Pancho Villa, KIA by Punitive Expedition: what happens?
  38. Sociological question about norms, tastes, and marketing.
  39. Anyone care to vote what happens next? [Israel and Palestine]
  40. Will cultural Marxism affect Europe more than economic Marxism?
  41. Midway, The naval Campaign in the Pacific and a Catch All
  42. Diesel autos are a illusion of increased efficiency
  43. Is illlegal prositution an unfair restriction on a womans use of her own body?
  44. Ethnic Composition of Mormonism
  45. Worshiping Satan: A question for true believers
  46. Conservatives: Where's the funny?
  47. Homosexuality -- one of the causes of the population imbalance!
  48. A murderous ABC
  49. Ex-BF erects billboard claiming ex-GF aborted their baby. His free speech vs her privacy rights
  50. Will this new feature from Apple signal a change in laws governing copying of media?
  51. 2,000,000 jobs created in 15 months
  52. Does mandatory public school in the U.S. actually work, even at a basic level?
  53. American Civilization=Roman Empire?
  54. Why all the inter-service bickering over proprietary camo designs?
  55. Is Weiner finished?
  56. Weiner's wife is Pregnant!
  57. Should Victims of Adultery Be Favoured?
  58. How important are political sexual scandals to elections?
  59. A ransomous ABCDE
  60. China's got a carrier!
  61. Wiener debate be different if he's independent?
  62. Are non-US climate change denialists strongly correlated to political parties?
  63. What do we, as a society, do about pedophilia?
  64. Who had the strategic initiative during the Cold War?
  65. Area 51: No ETs, but the truth is even weirder?!
  66. Original Disciples and Lying
  67. What would have happened if Bush's SS privatization had passed?
  68. Hiking on the Iraq/Iran border. Really?
  69. Why hasnt china expanded?
  70. are you really think that Confucius and his Analects is right?
  71. Is modern Islamic antisemitism different than historical Islamic anti-semitism?
  72. Obama's New Boner: The Falkland Islands
  73. Imbalance in US TV Media Coverage of Greenhouse Gas Regulation
  74. I'm trying to understand Republicans, but I just can't
  75. Are environmentalists cowards on immigration?
  76. Who Was Right in the French Revolution?
  77. WWII: Germany vs USA, if the USSR lost
  78. What would the Bush presidency look like without 9/11?
  79. Suppose inarguable proof of Jesus' existence was found. How would Christianity change?
  80. Without Manzikert would the Roman Empire have survived to the modern era?
  81. Herman Cain and Juan Williams (and beyond)
  82. David Vitter and John Ensign should step down also.
  83. Prop 8 trial update: Walker's ruling upheld
  84. Should the GOP vote to raise the debt ceiling?
  85. Wisconsin Supreme Court Lets Collective Bargaining Law Stand
  86. Federal bankruptcy court blasts Defense of Marriage Act
  87. Do the Saudis Control Fox? Implications?
  88. Ripple: P2P banking
  89. D-Day fails.
  90. Armenian genocide: open and shut case, or no?
  91. Why are political debates in the U.S. so short?
  92. Greece vs the world - Greek public refuses to support austerity measures - What's next?
  93. Are there more Atheists in prison than religious folks?
  94. Negative Income Tax -- good idea?
  95. Rational basis for not recognizing polygamy
  96. Flogging in place of imprisonment
  97. Polygamists are not a "class" for the purposes of Fourteenth Amendment EP analysis
  98. Weiner is gone, but how about Vitter
  99. Self-immolation: good idea?
  100. Is it Sexist to Deny Same-Sex Marriage
  101. What would the economy be like if McCain had been elected president?
  102. Free trade/currency devaluation [merged Le Jacquelope threads]
  103. Help me understand "Indigenous intellectual property"
  104. 1973 War Powers Act: does Libya qualify?
  105. Laws of War and Lesser-Developed Nations: Unfair? Bigoted?
  106. Legalizing drugs and prostitution in various progressive countries. How did all that work out?
  107. Karzai, US In Talks With Taliban: Effect on Troop Morale?
  108. Raising the Retirement Age.
  109. Tax in US vs other nations and Tax Flight
  110. (Almost) all across the spectrum, most Americans favor "path to citizenship" for illegals
  111. What is memory?
  112. Domain names to expand: .law, .coke, .hitachi, .nyc, etc. - good idea?
  113. Can the government mandate condom use for porn actors?
  114. Philosophical evidence for evolution?
  115. How responsible are the judge and prosecutors for these deaths
  116. WHY didn't Obama sell it as "Obamnicare" in the first place?
  117. Glen Beck
  118. The White Room: A Thought Experiment
  119. What Would A Theonomic Society Look Like
  120. The Problem with Planes
  121. Luck-what is it?
  122. Why is counterfeiting so prevalent in China?
  123. Why can't children consent to having sex?
  124. What will really happen if Texas passes the TSA anti-groping bill?
  125. Will ugly pics on cigarette packs make you stop?
  126. Why I as an American support revolt in China
  127. Internationalism: Where can I find some?
  128. New Rioting in Belfast [continuing earlier question of terrorist objectives in N.Ireland]
  129. Is Barbarossa one of most spectacular military successes ever?
  130. Is suicide inherent proof of mental illness?
  131. Examining things yourself vs. taking other's word for it
  132. Speech from the Comptroller tonight.
  133. Shouldn't we be paid to work?
  134. Should Vargas (self confessed illegal alien reporter) be deported or charged
  135. Acting without thinking is easier, so why do we still do it?
  136. WWII - German's killing of undesirables - morbid and sensitive, but an honest question/debate topic
  137. Is The Withdrawal of Surge Troops A Mistake
  138. BREAKING NEWS: The Netherlands to Abandon Multiculturalism!
  139. What is going on with the SSM bill in the New York Senate?
  140. NYT OpEd on Sexism at WalMart
  141. What to Republicans (specific ones and in general) think of the debt limit? Effect on future?
  142. Virginia's compensation fund for victims of "Massive Resistance"
  143. Chiropractors-yea or nea?
  144. Is Quakerism a "Passive" Cult?
  145. Loveless version: examining things yourself vs. taking other people's word for it
  146. If objective reality exists, can we know or trust we know it
  147. With the "end of the world" in 2012 fast approaching, let's consider...
  148. Will the US become like Europe this century?
  149. Is the argument that approving gay marriage opens the door to plural marriage illogical or not?
  150. The handicap stall argument-clear and concise
  151. Research into senescence (lack therof).
  152. A couple of questions about libertarianism
  153. How long will republicans play chicken with the economy?
  154. Flip-Flopping vs. Changing Your Mind
  155. Michael A. White nd the White Party
  156. White Hat or Black Hat?
  157. It couldn't be, could it? [Republicans planning on economic failure]
  158. A joke writing computer
  159. America's foreign policy hypocrisy
  160. Lawyers Helping Clients by Besmirching Others
  161. Starving Artist's "good old days"... talked to an expert
  162. Should the ban on sales of pornography to minors be lifted?
  163. Could 2011 Missouri River flooding have been prevented?
  164. "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" contains buttermilk. Does that mean it contains butter?
  165. SCOTUS rules against Arizona campaign finance law
  166. Will Europe/Asia subsidize clean energy/tranport in the U.S.?
  167. Tort Reform
  168. North Korea...how will it end?
  169. What is Equality?
  170. Is the debt ceiling unconstitutional.
  171. God: Just kidding, killing is AOK with me. And here's a list of people to whack!
  172. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds Affordable Care Act
  173. The problem of giftedness
  174. My mom, divorced 3 times, thinks gay marriage will "ruin" marriage.
  175. Do compassion and empathy have a legitimate place in setting political policy?
  176. Obama's "New" Counterterrorism Strategy
  177. Should insurance companies cover "Christian counseling"?
  178. Anti-abortionists, are you also against the use of contraception?
  179. Straus-Kahn case falling apart. Duke lacrosse, etc.?
  180. Pro-lifers: Help me understand the exceptions for rape and incest
  181. Venezuela after Hugo Chavez?
  182. Are there any good theories on self-awareness?
  183. Bribing people to sterilise themselves, Part 2: Get the snip, win a blender says India.
  184. Muslim woman sues Abercrombie re: hijab.
  185. Is the conservative belief that a low tax rate on the rich is necessary to stimulate growth a fraud?
  186. Assisted suicide: Roger Ebert's latest blog
  187. Is the War Powers Resolution unconstitutional?
  188. Fixing Education
  189. Bukharian houses in Queens - or, should new houses be required to match the existing ones?
  190. Why so Little Hate for the US Soldiers?
  191. California split into two states...how?
  192. Was The "Stimulus" Worth It?
  193. Anybody Who Really Supports Affirmative Action?
  194. Are politics truly a left-right linear line, or something else?
  195. The difference between Republicans and Democrats [pt. 2]
  196. Immigration--Why not just let anyone become a citizen who wants to?
  197. California lawmakers passes bill to teach gay history
  198. Will Islam modernize this century?
  199. How unjust was the Casey Anthony verdict?
  200. Challenge: How would you reform the American jury system, if at all?
  201. Taxes: a scale of moral views
  202. How do we hold elected officials responsible for getting their jobs done?
  203. Are politicians healthier than average, if so why
  204. Geopolitical ramification of instantaneous depopulation
  205. Instructions to the Jury: Incomplete?
  206. Carbon Pricing
  207. Can you be religious and be a doper?
  208. Has anyone here read Love Wins by Rob Bell?
  209. Will South Sudan Set A Precedent?
  210. The disappearing Moderate
  211. Britain and France recognize the Confederacy. What next?
  212. The Kutcher-Voice Feud, The Facts of Sex Trafficking and why the Truth Matters
  213. A Socially Conservative Economically Populist Party?
  214. What's the dark underside of our society? Your theories.
  215. Last Space Shuttle Flight
  216. Challenger Shuttle Disaster - Politics?
  217. Anyone ever try Reiki?
  218. What third party in America today has the best chance of replacing a major one?
  219. Obligate 'lifting of the veil' for Muslim women if asked to by a police officer - racist?
  220. Next space shuttle flight?
  221. Depression is...
  222. Libya after Gaddafi?
  223. Fast & Furious.....Exit? [Eric Holder and Mexican guns]
  224. Is representative government in the US just a myth?
  225. Would the destruction of China and India benefit the US economically?
  226. What would have happened had the Night of the Long Knives been pointed the other way?
  227. I may be able to explain the Republicans
  228. Noam Chomsky
  229. Whence comes wealth?
  230. The execution of Humberto Leal Garcia
  231. To what extent, if at all, can economic forces be tamed to the collective human will?
  232. Moody's cuts Ireland rating to junk status
  233. Why is the economy still shit?
  234. Canada and the Looming US Financial Meltdown
  235. Panetta and the DoD banning God from military funerals
  236. It could work! [Warren Buffett deficit proposal]
  237. Re McConnell's desperate, pathetic proposal to give POTUS unilateral control over the debt ceiling
  238. Resolved: Wisconsin Republicans continue to try to subvert democratic processes
  239. Does taxing based on income level violate the principle of equality before the law?
  240. Ideological Turing Test
  241. Raising the Medicaire eligibility age
  242. Not Raising the Debt Ceiling and No Default Possible?
  243. When Is Rebellion/Revolution Justified?
  244. How I think welfare money should be distributed.
  245. Is striking a form of gambling?
  246. Is Obama all that different from other Presidents?
  247. Resolved by Steven Landsburg: Nobody is Actually Religious. Discuss!
  248. Are Kids Getting Better?
  249. The Intellectual Property of Macaques
  250. Why are the rich so opposed to paying taxes?