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  1. What is so bad about the fiscal cliff?
  2. Brexit - the UK exits the EU, what will happen?
  3. Cocaine Mummies & Challenging Conventional Scientific Wisdom
  4. Handgun ban...how would you do it?
  5. How will this Internet age affect future historians?
  6. Why hasn't South America played a bigger role in the world?
  7. Should Heroin Addicts Be Given Heroin?
  8. Tax deduction on mortgage interest being chopped
  9. No Fossil Fuels - What would happen? End of OR Better Earth?
  10. Should/Does Wikipedia have an actual contingency plan in case everything hits the fan?
  11. Well that was fast: speed of light broken at CERN
  12. What if there were NEVER fossil fuels?
  13. Cost of the 401(k) deduction
  14. Who really wrote the bible? -Debate-
  15. Is personal bankruptcy a form a welfare?
  16. Bill O'Reilly: Christianity not a religion
  17. Is the recent drop in violent crime due to banning lead in gasoline?
  18. Journalist regrets helping set hostage free. Did he do anything wrong?
  19. Quandry: Death Row inmate cures cancer. Should he still die?
  20. Medicinal Marijuana and the 7 Year Old
  21. Godless communism making it harder to be an atheist, godly extremism making it easier?
  22. Should Society be Darwinian?
  23. A good word for public sector unions
  24. 1 Samuel 28, did it really happen?
  25. Shouldn't physics theories declaring themselves to be unprovable be dismissed out of hand? Faith|Sci
  26. The Gun Control Halftime Show...
  27. Do you have a right to reproduce?
  28. Theists: can you explain why you think of God as male (or female)?
  29. Why Do Liberals Support Affirmation Action?
  30. Can someone tell me what this (probably right wing) photo means?
  31. UN Disabilities treaty
  32. Race is non-existent
  33. Belief systems do not have a one-to-one correspondence with reality
  34. Why do people in the US have such a distrust of the UN?
  35. Could quantum physics ever be able to predict the future?
  36. Cliff Negotiations Strategy
  37. Potential responses to Syrian chemical weapons
  38. Planet Earth - Max Capacity
  39. Just how bad a dictator was Napoleon?
  40. Does anyone think Bible Code software works?
  41. Say that there really is an omnipotent God and an afterlife. Is it best that we don't know?
  42. Let's impose a federal luxury tax
  43. OnLine Budget Calculator
  44. Is it time women took some responsibility for sex?
  45. Huge government shutdown imminent?
  46. Hoo boy. The Supremes are taking on DOMA and Prop 8.
  47. 1964 and 1968 as realigning elections
  48. Flag protests in Northern Ireland.
  49. If you had the power, how would you structure the tax system?
  50. "Guns are the white man's tools of oppression"
  51. Belief a CHOICE?
  52. God and judgment
  53. God doesn't seem very Godly to me
  54. A new philosophy
  55. Is therapy a scam?
  56. Why Are Chemical Weapons Considered Immoral
  57. Mad Magazine's 20 Dumbest People, Events, and Things of 2012
  58. Why is Israel rich and Palestine poor?
  59. Conviction rates for rape should be low, efforts to raise them are inherently unjust.
  60. "Conservative" And A Sense Of Humor
  61. What if Edward VIII had never met Wallis Simpson?
  62. Michigan Contemplates Becoming Right-To-Work
  63. Hairsplitting in Jewish Law
  64. Who owns a conversation?
  65. Illinois Rebuked: Can't Forbid Concealed Carry No More!
  66. Why are Americans...what's the technical term...dumb as shit?
  67. Why are those in favor of greater gun control opposed to concealed carry licenses?
  68. Taxation of the Rich, or Oppression of a minority?
  69. What'll happen with the debt ceiling this time?
  70. Federal Judge Rules 'Pro-Life' Plate Unconstitutional - Good Ruling?
  71. The adamu "slave to the gods"
  72. What's an "entitlement?"
  73. What If We Were All Reptiles?
  74. Why isn't The Bible the Official Law of The Land in any country?
  75. Is it true that nudity is more offensive than violence in America? If so why?
  76. In reversal, President Obama to accept corporate donations to help fund inauguration
  77. Make sense with the Syria situation...
  78. Hugo Chavez might be too sick to attend his own inaugural
  79. Questions about the Royal Prank call.
  80. The National Counterterrorism Center: major threat to freedom or overblown?
  81. Is the United States a police state?
  82. Resolved: US labor law needs reform
  83. Is Robertson v. Baldwin still held to be valid?
  84. How can we better prevent school shootings?
  85. Conn shooting suspect's brother's possessions being searched
  86. Should US citizens be allowed to have heavy weapons?
  87. Why the dramatic spike in mass shootings lately?
  88. Time to change 2nd Amendment
  89. Patriot missiles on Turkey's border with Syria: Why the excitement?
  90. How can we prevent drunk driving deaths?
  91. So what will the administration propose about guns?
  92. Don't we have an obligation as a society to look at ways to ban violent computer shooter games?
  93. Obama's Speech to the Memorial Service
  94. Deinstitutionalization In UK and Australia.
  95. Armed school personnel
  96. Why should the Connecticut shooting change anything?
  97. Mass Shootings: Acts of Terrorism
  98. Explain machine guns and the 2nd Amendment to me.
  99. Was "The Hurricane" Guilty?
  100. Truly understanding anothers point of view.
  101. Can you justify modern animal farming once we can grow stuff in jars?
  102. Robert Bork died. What's his Legacy?
  103. "A Jewish and Democratic State." What does this mean to Israel?
  104. Extraterrestrial and Intelligent Life Prediction
  105. let's ban all cars! no. but we SHOULD do SOMEthing.
  106. If the Founding Fathers could see us now
  107. Rape isn't just a women's issue, and women commit rape too
  108. The Gun Debate itself: a synthesis
  109. For Gun Rights Advocates - Gun control you would support?
  110. Only 75 years until the end of the world...SDMB, the world NEEDS you!!
  111. A modern military defense strategy
  112. Iowa Court upholds employer's right to fire hot chicks
  113. Hate speech laws.
  114. Liberal vs. Conservative Generosity
  115. Standing Up to Persecution...Is It Courageous or Is It Fear.
  116. If a Newtown teacher had been armed and prevented many deaths...
  117. Xmas and the First Amendment
  118. Why do a lot, if not almost all, of mens' rights type folk seem to be anti woman?
  119. Yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater vs. Trying to prevent people opening fire in a crowded theater
  120. Anti-psychotics and anti-depressants go OTC - what happens?
  121. Why is the 1st Amendment absolute and people want to limit the 2nd Amendment?
  122. the Individual or the Collective??
  123. What to do about crazed shooters? Send them on a mission somewhere
  124. what does the word 'liberal' really mean?
  125. Michael Moore: It's the guns -- but, we all know, it's not really the guns
  126. God must be a sadist
  127. How Did Republicans/Democrats Switch?
  128. Gun Control doesn't work... Except for when it does
  129. O.J. Simpson, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
  130. Is Britain well liked in Europe?
  131. Actually guns do kill people, in the nontrivial sense that cars cause accidents
  132. Feinstein Proposing Specifics: New Gun Control Bill
  133. Should David Gregory be charged with violating DC's ban on high capacity gun magazines?
  134. Is Gun Control The Answer to the One Percent's Prayers?
  135. Young Earth creationism religious belief......disbelief
  136. Suicide, homicide, guns, and society.
  137. The Racist Roots of Gun Control
  138. Should a ten day waiting period be instituted for abortions?
  139. If not gun control, then what?
  140. How would world religions deal with discovery of sapient alien life?
  141. Warrantless wiretapping extended by Senate with Obama's blessing
  142. Should executions be performed in the same way the murderer did it?
  143. Why isn't Europe enough for the white race?
  144. Pyramid schemes - the answer to dog breeding?
  145. Critique this execution method
  146. Guns, Drugs and 3D printers
  147. Jesus Christ and The Second Coming...Are we waiting for Him to be physically reborn or...
  148. Who is going to pay for health insurance for those individuals who cannot afford it?
  149. A modest gun control proposal: First, confiscate all guns.
  150. When, if ever, is it acceptable to blame an entire group of people for the actions of one?
  151. Assault Weapons Ban debate is a counter productive waste of time
  152. How important are motivations when judging the morality of an action?
  153. Is God real?
  154. What's The Difference Between a Freedom Fighter and a Terrorist.
  155. Transgendered person kicked out of a gender divided bathhouse/spa
  156. How can economic inequality in the United States be reduced?
  157. Ten years since Fast Food Nation
  158. Gun control, Tyranny and Genocide...
  159. Is Boehner toast as Speaker?
  160. Are quorums an archaic relic of the past?
  161. PA Gov Corbett bringing lawsuit against NCAA over Penn State/Sandusky ruling
  162. If You're Not Paying For The Product, You Are The Product
  163. Court: White House has no legal duty to justify killing Americans abroad with drone strikes
  164. Suspending a six-year-old from school for pretending his finger was a gun and saying 'POW'
  165. What if Maddeo Ricci converted the Chinese emperor.
  166. Most convicted rapists are white males. Genetic component?
  167. Is the notion of transsexuality incompatible with the concept of socially defined gender?
  168. If cold fusion achieved, could the oil companies squash it?
  169. It's Absurd to Have the Right To Start a Pre-emptive War.
  170. Was Nagasaki the greater U.S. sin?
  171. Determining The Proper Age of Consent
  172. Yaacct... [Yet another anthropomorphic [sic] climate change thread]
  173. Is white culture unassailable?
  174. Why don’t people use the traditional definitions for the terms “Liberal” and “Conservative” as those
  175. Dems Dumb For Making Repubs SecDef
  176. Immigration Reform
  177. explain a miracle - religious debate
  178. What would have happened to the Manhattan Project if the Japanese had surrendered on July 15?
  179. Defensive Gun Use: 2.5 Million or 2.5 per year?
  180. Why are US prisoners not allowed sex changes or methadone?
  181. was Hitler a Christian?
  182. IMF study says it was wrong about Keynesianism.
  183. Is rape worse than murder?
  184. The Truth About Barbara Graham
  185. "Scientific" vetting of miracles is incompatible with Christian faith
  186. Democracy -> people who cannot be led even from incipient ruin?
  187. Another Gun Control Thread---Mental Illness
  188. AIG Shareholders Suing the Government Over the AIG Bailout
  189. Mystic Daniel Douglas Home
  190. Time to Get Tough on Animal Cruelty?
  191. What executive orders could Obama give vis-a-vis gun control?
  192. Why don't Elizabeth and Charles get along?
  193. Are women more thoughtfull than men?
  194. Owning pets. Modern day slavery?
  195. A Gun Control Analogy to Driving
  196. Is the Tea Party wing of the Republicans in fact a third party?
  197. Why is free market economics considered "right wing"?
  198. 3 in 1 had a son? / Doctrine of the Trinity a logical contradiction? [merged threads]
  199. Fair & Balanced? PROVE IT!
  200. Gentle anti-religious instruction in school
  201. Would an impartial observer think belief in "God" is delusional?
  202. Why do you need a gun?
  203. How much damage could an "Evil" U.S. President do?
  204. Americans Under 50 die earlier and live in poorer health than their counterparts in other developed
  205. Individual actions vs. statistical likelyhood
  206. Swearing 'Before God' or on the Bible, malfeasor struck dead. Any cases?
  207. Guns and the defense of liberty.
  208. "An End To the Ban on Gun-Violence Studies"?
  209. Keeping things off the market
  210. Should doctors have to disclose hepatitis/HIV status, if their patients don't?
  211. One of Canada's Elected Officials Is Fired Up Over My Articles On Land Claims
  212. Gun registration
  213. Sexual Identity and the "I don't like labels" Phenomenon
  214. What's the conservative view on Iraq?
  215. Marley the Moderator
  216. Can the Federal Government issue scrip to bypass the debt ceiling?
  217. Canada Bill C-279 Makes Heterosexuals Second Class Citizens
  218. The New York Times thinks Obama is biased in favor of white males
  219. Is Britain slipping out of the EU?
  220. What good does No Child Left Behind do?
  221. Sanctioned suicide
  222. Should we increase the age at which people become entitled to Medicare/SS?
  223. Is this phony debt ceiling 'crisis' a LIBOR manipulation-style scheme?
  224. Firing Upheld of middle school science teacher / former porn star
  225. Do you think this reasoning make sense? [dying for your beliefs instead of killing for them]
  226. The Role of Dogs in Different Cultures
  227. Moral panic: the Satanic scapegoat
  228. The government should study the role of religion in gun violence.
  229. Are there kids who absolutly cannot be educated?
  230. Piers Morgan on Colbert said the British Cops did not carry guns?
  231. Where does right-wing paranoia come from?
  232. What would be the downside of splitting up the big banks?
  233. Is it right to imprison weirdo Tony Bennet for disgusting slander of poor victims McCanns?
  234. Opt-out organ donation
  235. Religious belieft - human rights case in the making?
  236. A decent way of differentiating between right/left wing basic economics?
  237. Christianity is irrational, but is being a Christian?
  238. Who gets/got more hatred: Bush or Obama:
  239. Does “Shadism” and “Colorism” exist?
  240. Are Christians in America persecuted?
  241. Had Safe, Effective Chemical Warfare Been Developed, Would WWI Been Such a Slaughter?
  242. Was It All An Accident...Or Did An Intelligent
  243. Why Isn't America Economically Competetive?
  244. Objective summary of this atheist dude's view on Israel
  245. Why is Murder Illegal in the US?
  246. Speculate on Alternate History: Soviets won their war in Afghanistan
  247. Flat Earth Theory -vs- Round Earth Theory
  248. evidence for god? some one said so.
  249. Internment: Justified use of guns by citizens against the government?
  250. Is there an identifiable "Anglo" culture?