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  1. Trail of tears
  2. What is "Original Sin"?
  3. Could the Germans' lane discipline significantly reduce congestion in the USA?
  4. The concept of affirmative consent for sexual encounters
  5. Belgian transman killed by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation
  6. Female to Male Trans Surgery
  7. What difference would it make if Atheist ruled the world?
  8. So How's RomneyCare Working Out?
  9. "Campaign finance reform" supporters should rejoice at the results
  10. does anyone see a strange thing happening
  11. What difference would it make if Scientific methodology, reason, and rationality ruled the world?
  12. An honest discussion re: JW hatred
  13. The right to refuse treatment and Suicide
  14. Why are so many states not taking the Medicaid Expansion?
  15. Why do people seem so "meh" about the US Government shutdown?
  16. The Antichrist reads the Gospel of Mark; singes appear
  17. If Colin Powell Hadn't Blown It...
  18. US Spent $5 Million on Major Nidal's Trial-Was "Justice"Served?
  19. Was Jesus the son of a roman soldier
  20. Could the House of Representatives be disbanded for refusing to perform their duties?
  21. Pro-Life and Pro-Animal: The conscience of a pro-life vegan conservative
  22. What would a post-America world economy look like?
  23. Is the US dollar about to collapse?
  24. If there is no debt ceiling increase, can the President pick and choose what debts get paid?
  25. Which software company(s) wrote the Obamacare .gov system?
  26. ObamaCare: The Worst That Can Happen vs. Shutdown & Debt Ceiling
  27. The 14th Amendment and the Debt Ceiling
  28. Are the Odds of Intelligent Design even roughly calculable
  29. What's the rationale for allowing the immigration rally on the closed national mall?
  30. what do the Republicans have to negotiate with?
  31. How can Democrats justify keeping DC closed?
  32. New evidence against an historical Jesus
  33. True believers: dominion over animals?
  34. True believers: dominion over animals?
  35. Being gay a mental illness?
  36. Is this 'justice'?
  37. Lesbian Civil Unions Breaking Up at Nearly Twice the Gay Rate
  38. FATCA- Gov't desperation, tyranny, or just standard business...
  39. Paedophilia
  40. Liberal Mind vs. Conservative Mind
  41. My theory on Ted Cruz.
  42. Does Nordic Social Capitalism Work?
  43. Does this change anyone's mind? Posner: we were wrong to allow Indiana's voter ID law
  44. Reliability,accuracy, implications and repercussions of this new global warming study?
  45. Reverse Darwinism?
  46. Why not let Texas secede?
  47. WWII - France "anti-semitic to the core."?
  48. Is Pinyin really a "better" way than Wade-Giles to translate Chinese into English?
  49. The Singularity: is it total bull?
  50. Trying to understand the basics of health insurance
  51. $50M to rebuild Newtown? Seriously?
  52. Are Unions Obsolete?
  53. Permanent effects of defaulting?
  54. If we go into default, is it ethical to force us to pay taxes?
  55. Why did the people not overthrow Stalin?
  56. Can police officers invoke Stand Your Ground laws?
  57. It's official: Yasser Arafat's belongings were contaminated with polonium
  58. Can/Should Obama Raise the Debt Ceiling?
  59. The debt ceiling is idiotic. What would be better?
  60. why does the us have such a good credit rating
  61. Are European nations violating women's rights?
  62. Can gerrymandering be ended in the US?
  63. Does Obama care to explain the fear of ACA?
  64. At what point does the power to speak to the masses demand the responsibility of not lying?
  65. Tea Partiers Are Well Versed in Science
  66. Could means-testing of SSI and Medicare be pushed through?
  67. Are these Eminem lyrics homophobic?
  68. Why are Libertarians more Manly?
  69. Does a rational reason exist for distinguishing between "religion" and "cults"?
  70. What would be the lowest-wage job in the US if there were no minimum wage?
  71. What can be done about the myth that the Federal government only has limits amounts of money
  72. What prevents bureaucracies from damaging their host?
  73. The Slants: band name?
  74. Why do people seem to randomly hate on government works?
  75. Japan's National Debt
  76. Obamacare "Tech Surge"
  77. So how are those health care exchanges coming along?
  78. Could a government run healthcare system compete
  79. Moscow Kremlin an the Russian Orthodox Church.
  80. Why do lower taxes bring in more revenue?
  81. So - what happens if these lawsuits succeed?
  82. Could this lawsuit succeed?
  83. Republican Haters: Do you want a one-party state, or what?
  84. Do abortion rights imply "heroin rights"?
  85. From a purely genetic standpoint, how does it make sense that the average IQ of African Ams is 85?
  86. Financial crash of 2007
  87. Scott Adams: Men's Rights Activists are Pussies
  88. The Affordable Care Actís Lower-Than-Projected Premiums Will Save $190 Billion
  89. Memorials to Victims of Communism
  90. JFK fatal head shot
  91. Can Big Pharma kill the death penalty?
  92. Does Occupy "Pepper Spray cop" deserve 38 K worker's compensation claim
  93. Pharmacists, and fulfilling prescriptions against that go against their moral beliefs
  94. Public works programs - an acceptable solution for (much of) the US's current economic woes?
  95. America, no longer the land of the free?
  96. The Education Numbers
  97. Do Conservatives consider potential for long-term stability ("final state") in advocating policy?
  98. Novel Pro-Choice Argument?
  99. Guys guys. I'm starting to stop thinking Jesus existed.
  100. Similiarities to Jesus - very misguided?
  101. Oops. Looks like we were lied to about Obamacare after all.
  102. The Rise of Labels and "Privilege"
  103. Lawyers? Man buys land that includes public road, bars access to the public.
  104. Was there a police shooting in retaliation to the David Brame killing
  105. Sexual orientation is neither nature nor nurture, but culture?
  106. What if your son rapes your daughter?
  107. Symbolic Cannibalism
  108. Why put gay marriage up for a vote?
  109. Buzzfeed's 17 Deplorable Examples of White Privilege
  110. Why do obesity rates vary among various races
  111. New Press Law in the UK
  112. Inner city schools are not failing their students
  113. Are there 20th century examples of dictators who were good leaders and better than elected polticos?
  114. People as investments?
  115. Are the concessions made by the Founding Fathers morally reprehensible?
  116. What is something that is "business as usual" now that will be seen as horrible in the future?
  117. Ceremonial Deism, or Maybe Not
  118. Martin Feldstein on Obamacare's fine
  119. Can we hope? A small step towards MiddleEast Peace
  120. The 'asian countries underachievement' puzzle. Is the Bell curve shape similar for all races?
  121. An improved school system?
  122. Former UN Ambassador Bolton thinks israel needs to strike against Iran's nuclear capability now!
  123. Consequences of ability to exercise self-control being determined before adulthood
  124. Does society have a skewed view on what constitutes a good income?
  125. Who ya gonna call? [Is there any proof of ghosts, demons, or evil spirits?]
  126. Is Belief a Choice?
  127. Did Hinduism Exist Before the 19th Century?
  128. Why did slaves believe the same religion as their masters?
  129. Human Rights and 'Christian Culture'.
  130. Perspectives in Scripted Entertainment. Or, Writers are writers.
  131. Stand your Ground
  132. Seatac WA votes for $15 MW, conservative predictions?
  133. What would be the effect of abolishing all or virtually all immigration/emigration requirements?
  134. Can science disprove God?
  135. Is blackface really offensive?
  136. What is the argument against Snowden
  137. What is racism?
  138. What if the Spanish Civil War had been avoided?
  139. The Goetz case Vs. the Martin case.
  140. Whatever happened to Lt. Calley?
  141. Had Hitler Known this , Would He Have Launched Barbarossa?
  142. Arguments against getting the flu shot -- is this just more anti-vaccination nonsense?
  143. Rape porn
  144. Benghazi Attack for Dummies.
  145. How would the gay rights movement had gone if conversion therapy actually worked?
  146. Fighting Ignorance Since 1973
  147. Exodus chap.15 Verse 19
  148. Question on a JFK Assassination theory
  149. Are Chiropractors bogus?
  150. Will anything of interest be found in the tomb of Qin Shih Huangdi?
  151. Cannabis Extracts for the Primary Treatment of Cancer, Epilepsy, and More
  152. The left hates free speech
  153. What if there was a test for posting in GD?
  154. Should capital gains from secondary markets be taxed differently?
  155. Questions about Fukushima
  156. Vampires: If not porphyria, what about rabies?
  157. Switzerland's "checks for pulses"
  158. Is what's happening to the economy & society of UK a result of Crony Capitalism?
  159. A clean slate for healthcare: starting over
  160. Let's take a peek at those enrollment numbers
  161. Should athletes go easy on a retiring opponent?
  162. So just how warm or cool SHOULD the planet be?
  163. Do most mathematicians really think evolution is impossible?
  164. Obamacare is eliminating all those crappy individual policies, so it's really okay, right?
  165. I think we should move towards a twenty hour work week.
  166. Is Judaism a major world religion?
  167. What Prevents Obama From Closing the Gitmo Prison?
  168. What "kind" of morality do you believe in and why?
  169. Google & Bing make searching for kiddy diddling harder - will it make any difference?
  170. The Hitler gun control rumor - believing the generation of survivors vs. believing this generation
  171. The incredible nerve of Walmart
  172. Is the real health care disaster yet to come?
  173. Question on conspiracy mentality.
  174. Iran: More sanctions now or wait?
  175. Dui checkpoint...
  176. What would happen if a technology that elimintaed sleep was found?
  177. What is the point of selling someone cocaine only to immediately bust them for possession?
  178. Keeping a mailed postcard from your kid
  179. Indonesiam hardliners call for war with Australia over Snowden leaks
  180. QE3
  181. Hitler survives?
  182. Had JFK lived, would he have been re-elected in 1964?
  183. How many independent sources do we have of Jesus' life?
  184. Do artists ever really change the course of events outside the arts?
  185. Is a US-Iranian Rapproachment possible?
  186. Which philosophers, both classical and modern, still speak to our times?
  187. What if everybody had known about the Holocaust?
  188. British coal mining - what's the legacy?
  189. Proposal: No tax withholding, everyone pays quarterly
  190. Vermont uses ACA to launch single-payer health care
  191. Taking back what the Nazis stole.
  192. Were people in the mid-late 19th century as interested in Napoleon as modern society is with Hitler?
  193. Optimal World Population
  194. Isis Worship--why so popular?
  195. No WW1 or WW2
  196. Pres. Kennedy v. Pres. Johnson.
  197. What would be the reaction if Pope Francis won the Nobel peace prize?
  198. In which I agree with what the NRA says
  199. Is there some pandemic on the way that is related to the hygiene hypothesis
  200. Other universes have different physics?
  201. Why has religious belief eroded in Europe but not the United States?
  202. Do you think there really are large numbers of discouraged workers?
  203. Satisfaction vs years of marriage diagram
  204. Why can't I volunteer to get paid below minimum wage?
  205. Effectiveness of the NSA's Social Engineering
  206. What, if anything, should be done for those who couldn't buy health care?
  207. Firearms in the space age
  208. PISA results
  209. Gibraltar, the UK and Spain
  210. Combatting Internet Sexism
  211. What effect has the US incarceration rate had on crime?
  212. Polio vaccine as origin of HIV
  213. Where is the line drawn between oppresive cultural norms and taking resposibility for yourself?
  214. Peanut allergies: Should extreme cases be permitted on commercial flights?
  215. If Spacefligh Was Achieved in Victorian Times?
  216. Canadian Dopers, Brian Mulroney.
  217. Where would South Africa be today if there'd been no Nelson Mandela?
  218. What to do about people who don't have much to offer the marketplace?
  219. Argument for creationism?
  220. Is Obama really the best gun salesman in America?
  221. Sexual fetishes and treatment as a infant - related?
  222. Does The Bible tell anyone to inform, tattle, snitch?
  223. Judge orders Colorado baker to serve gay couples
  224. Marriage: Be right or be happy?
  225. Was Hitler a good man?
  226. Is the US becoming a banana republic?
  227. North Korean top general purged ó more
  228. Obama shakes hands with Raul Castro. So what?
  229. Is this the problem with repealing Glass-Steagall?
  230. Obamacare will burn things to the ground
  231. Supreme Court hearing cross-state pollution case
  232. Bringing back manufacturing jobs -- why would this not work?
  233. Finally. One that dares. Uruguay to legalize Pot.
  234. Reunify the British Empire
  235. Comparisons to the Civil Rights movement are overused, incorrect, and insulting.
  236. What is the utility of a secondary CDS market?
  237. Why is systemic poverty intractable?
  238. Which country is more cruelly racist, US or SA?
  239. Is the US Government Growing rapidly?
  240. BitCoin - Good Idea or Disastrous Failure?
  241. North Korea: How does it play out if Li'L Kim starts a war?
  242. General who opened Guantanamo prison says, shut it down!
  243. HHS to Issa: Take your healthcare website subpoena and shove it
  244. What are the most important medical issues to focus on in the 21st century
  245. Gold/Valuable Coins In Salvation Army Kettles
  246. The Echo Chamber...ber...ber...
  247. Christmas stoppage WW1
  248. What's the big deal about the Holy Spirit?
  249. What would happen if the USN sinks a Chinese ship or fleet
  250. Was Mustapha Mond right? Is it socially dangerous for too many people to be smart?