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  1. Is there anything good about Common Core?
  2. Scientific proof for "God"?
  3. Did Russia's ISIS Air Strikes Actually Make A Difference
  4. What policy changes are being proposed to lower healthcare costs?
  5. Would a $15/hour min. wage create a shortage of skilled workers?
  6. Biblical literalism in the primary text
  7. China ending one child per family law. Is this good?
  8. Slavoj Zizek and the rise of authoritarian capitalism
  9. Is this actually racist?
  10. Should election district boundaries be fixed to prevent Gerrymandering?
  11. When workplace and personal values clash...
  12. (international) Trade in Services Agreement
  13. Should doctors who perform sterilizations be forced to pay pregnancy, childbirth, and/or childcare?
  14. Okay, fine, Islam is this violent, evil religion. What do you want us to DO about it?
  15. End-of-life care/heroic measures
  16. Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong?
  17. Pro-vax supporters, the flu vaccine.
  18. The other use of the word Thug - by rappers
  19. Homeschool family not educating kids expecting rapture: what should happen in court?
  20. What will it take to revise US disability benefits programs?
  21. Social security spousal benefits
  22. Firearm rights hypothetical
  23. Gus Savage & the pitfall of abusing racism accuations
  24. A Man Who Kills a Man
  25. Taiwan v China context?
  26. 9/11
  27. Would tobacco prohibition actually work?
  28. Alan Watts...
  29. Will this offensive ad by a Hispanic group hurt or help Trump more?
  30. Arming teachers with guns?
  31. People should be allowed to sell their kidneys
  32. I'm a Baby of the Atomic Bomb and So Are You
  33. Is nationalism a religion ?
  34. Wouldn't Switching US healthcare to a Canadian system lower the debt faster than anything else?
  35. Is it acceptable to pay a stranger to abort?
  36. Is there a compelling interest for race-based diversity in sports?
  37. On Feminism
  38. Wars engaged in by Dem/Rep presidents
  39. What motive do these men have to kill children?
  40. Lalo Alcareaz, are you a hypocrite? (Boycotting Trump on SNL)
  41. Website Outerplaces.com: Physicists Claim that Consciousness Lives in Quantum State After Death
  42. What if Zizek is wqrong, and China and Russia do become fully democratic ?
  43. If There Were Intelligent Life on Mars
  44. What determines the maximum health care someone receives?
  45. Legal Parenting and Lesbian Couples
  46. Why are middle-aged white Americans dying/killing themselves?
  47. "Free Speech" =/= "The first amendment."
  48. iPhone Pulled From UK Market? Likely? Desirable?
  49. Veterans only parking
  50. Why does tort reform keep getting mentioned in healthcare debates?
  51. Who where the first terrorists coining the phrase?
  52. Do Elephants Demonstrate Funeral Rites?
  53. Cultural Appropriation: What's Wrong With It?
  54. Is emotional response to music innate or learned?
  55. Taxpayer money should not be used on stadiums
  56. Fantasy Sports = Gambling ???
  57. Should long term capital gains be taxed progressively?
  58. US students vs. students in other countries: A "motivation gap?"
  59. Many university students don't want "discussion;" they want compliance.
  60. If the Invasion of Iraq was like the opening of Pandoras Box, are the Kurds..
  61. Should there be more conforminity in state gun regulations?
  62. The Ethics of Zoos
  63. License to buy alcohol
  64. Is there a way to make news good again?
  65. Reagan good or bad POTUS? The Will-O'Reilly feud resurrects the question of his legacy
  66. I dont understand religion...
  67. Scores killed in explosions and shootout in Paris. Hostages being held.
  68. Where are the good guys in the Middle East?
  69. An idea on how to defeat ISIS. Simple or simple minded?
  70. Paris is Burning
  71. How to dissuade a newbie Trump supporter?
  72. Independence Day. Terrorist propaganda?
  73. Saudi Arabia, terrorism, and ISIS - connection?
  74. Is fighting in the ISIS jihad illegal in France? If not, shouldn't it be illegal?
  75. Look, Islam is not going away
  76. Some ideas on defeating ISIS
  77. France and NATO
  78. Did the CIA create ISIS?
  79. Collection of Muslim condemnations of terror attacks
  80. How would my life be different if the U.S. had no budget deficit
  81. Muslim Civilization meltdown?
  82. If Middle Eastern terrorists attacked Costa Rica or North Korea
  83. What would a world war agains ISIS entail?
  84. Should Western Nations halt immigration from Syrian Refugees?
  85. How Do Muslims 'Radicalize' Other Muslims In Western Europe?
  86. Can anti-trust laws be invoked against the college textbook industry?
  87. Koran forbids killing innocent civilians
  88. So how big of a threat is over population on a global scale?
  89. Texas women are inducing their own abortions
  90. How important is it to read the popular classics of philosophy and literature?
  91. Bombing ISL oil facilites
  92. United Nations army could carve out refugee safe zone in Iraq
  93. Who sponsors ISIS, who started ISIS ?
  94. When does protecting Islam go too far? Can one decry the religion without hating the people?
  95. Proposed solution to the refugee crisis
  96. 41% of Americans support Syrian immigration
  97. The Global Warming Fraud
  98. UnitedHealth warns it may exit Obamacare plans
  99. Should having a baby addicted to drugs be a crime?
  100. What are the problems with current immigrant/refugee vetting in the USA?
  101. Pennsylvania college cancels play after author objects to white actors
  102. Why are Americans so patriotic?
  103. "The Irish weren't considered white."
  104. Rockefeller, Rothschild, capitalist or communist climate changers
  105. Why was splitting Iraq into three countries not considered?
  106. When ISIS is defeated, then what?
  107. Are the actions of BLM wise or foolish?
  108. What, Exactly, Does Eckhart Tolle Teach?
  109. How do loving churches overcome bronze age admonitions against gays?
  110. Do terrorists understand the real damage is done by the reaction to their actions?
  111. Was the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore (in December 2000) a mistake?
  112. Should the US halt tourism and business travel from the European Union?
  113. Guantanamo - don't let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya
  114. Turkey downs Russian jet
  115. Terror watch list
  116. Value of Restitution: the barefoot bandit case
  117. Premices
  118. Ba'athism - please explain
  119. Should the United States cut or increase the defense budget?
  120. What are the evidence that Russia is responsible for the destruction of MH17 flight in Ukraine?
  121. Does religion prove the reality of existance?
  122. Should food stamps stop covering bottle deposits?
  123. Would alternative energy be the ultimate weapon against ISIS?
  124. Look, Islam is not the enemy
  125. Do big oil CEOs feel like gods ?
  126. Let's stop the terrorism double standard
  127. In what situations is "Not All ____ " appropriate?
  128. Homosexuality is curable
  129. Open marriage, death, and child support question
  130. Are SSRI antidepressants worthless in the long term?
  131. Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton : why?
  132. China hack AU bureau of meteorology supercomputer
  133. Can/should anything be done about US shootings?
  134. Term limits for US Congress and Senate
  135. Alcohol Taxes
  136. Let's face it, the real problem is handguns
  137. Among advanced countries, more guns means more gun deaths. Controversial?
  138. Did Something Change? [Public attitudes following the San Bernardino shootings]
  139. Right to bear arms
  140. Could Germany have conquered the USA, "High Castle" style, with exclusive access to nukes?
  141. Chicago Teachers Union threatening a strike
  142. Legalizing murder?
  143. What can the SDMB agree on?
  144. How come ISIL isn't yet defeated?
  145. The only way to stop global warming is a unified earth government, with an "Earth President".
  146. Was the current conflict between the West and militant Islamic extremists inevitable?
  147. Howdo Second Amendment proponents feel about Timothy McVeigh types?
  148. In a Germany-Wins-World War I Scenario, How Successful Will Post-World War I German Colonization ...
  149. How do we "fix" people who question mass shootings?
  150. How many people die to make a gallon of gasoline?
  151. Reversed proxy war ?
  152. Why is Mexico such a dump compared to the USA?
  153. What would America do if Muslims with guns protested outside of churches?
  154. Are men's deaths/injuries less tragic than women's deaths/injuries?
  155. Does The Holy Qur'an (Koran) need to a 'New Testament'?
  156. ISIS Dabiq Prophecy
  157. Shrinking Middle Class in the US(?)
  158. Are Ivy League and other top universities hotbeds of racism?
  159. Was ISIS created by the US?
  160. We should put solar panels on hospital rooftops
  161. How would a ground war against ISIS be paid for?
  162. Most people want "equal treatment," but disagree on what that means.
  163. The Megalith: a Model of Political Change
  164. Common sense reasonable gun laws
  165. The Return of Fascism
  166. Parliament vs the Queen
  167. Eco minded 'dopers...Dam-Nation (debate about dams in the US)
  168. Why do Non-Americans care about our gun laws?
  169. Has the horse bolted on China's annexation of the East China Sea?
  170. End origination fees on student loans
  171. Two lights
  172. Dutch museum renaming art for cultural sensitivity
  173. Professor at CHristian college suspended for her outspoken support of Muslims
  174. Which side champions 'individualism' more - liberals or conservatives?
  175. Should schools just ignore bomb threats?
  176. Lack of trust in women is still a huge problem (a very sad rape story)
  177. Fed interest rate hike!
  178. The Future of the Eurasian Economic Union?
  179. Why exactly did Germany implode during World War I but not during World War II?
  180. Should Western Jihadists Be Microchipped?
  181. Mother Teresa - Saint or Scourge?
  182. President Obama's latest pardons. Are these really the most deserving?
  183. The "Empire"
  184. What would happen to our economy if Christmas ceased to exist?
  185. WTF.the No Planes theory re; 9/11
  186. Will the UN / Russian peace plan for Syria work?
  187. Missionary/proselytizing work is not per se a wrongful act of aggression
  188. Why Do So Many Muslims Want to Kill Apostates?
  189. Anthony Cumia of "Opie and Anthony" arrested for violence
  190. Is it futile to discuss 9/11 with truthers?
  191. What happens when Florida vanishes?
  192. Are victims responsible for crimes committed against them
  193. FBI to begin tracking police violence
  194. Women's Products Costing More Than Men's
  195. How hard would it for humans to initiate Global Cooling?
  196. Let's talk about Political Correctness on American college campuses
  197. Who is Ted Gunderson ?
  198. Should we just de-brand Christmas as Yule?
  199. Intelligent evolution?
  200. Open gun carry is coming to Texas
  201. You're the President; you have a great Cabinet; how do you do?
  202. Why Is JFK So Deified?
  203. Are Americans losing it with Muslims?
  204. My idea on getting a concelaed carry permit
  205. 2nd amendment enthusiast
  206. Why not simply close GITMO and simply release the inmates?
  207. Is it proper for a grand jury prosecutor to intend exculpation?
  208. Suppose Stalingrad was Not a German Defeat?
  209. Is argument becoming impossible?
  210. 2015: the best year for humanity yet
  211. Censorship raises ugly head again !
  212. National Net Worth and Post WW2 Presidencies
  213. Aaron Swartz
  214. Child soldiers in African wars
  215. When Is a Religious Conflict Truly a Religious Conflict?
  216. Do fat people have feelings?
  217. Is morality ambiguous?
  218. Saudi Arabia severs ties with Iran - what does it mean?
  219. How do people become so confused about the odds?
  220. Oil prices tanking, why isn't the economy soaring?
  221. So whence do Sovereign Citizens come from, exactly ?
  222. Obama Executive Actions on Guns
  223. What's the most undemocratic thing US politicians ever rammed down the public throat?
  224. Theoretical Justification for Nuclear Non-proliferation
  225. How safe is it to be Sunni in a Shiite country and vice versa?
  226. Jesus: Myth, or Man?
  227. Will The UK Exit The EU in 2016?
  228. Why impose limits on passwords?
  229. What If We Annexed All of Mexico
  230. Judging others by their utility to society...
  231. Why do people attribute mass shootings to spoiled kids?
  232. How did Microsoft squander their lead (that they apparently had) in smartphones?
  233. Ok, so what the hell happened in Germany in NYE?
  234. Is ''ammunition control'' legal?
  235. Gun lobby's lies
  236. Tell me about "town hall" meetings
  237. Migrants to Europe skew heavily male - Canadian solution?
  238. Should penalty for DUI + killing people be worse than penalty for just DUI?
  239. creatio ex nihilo
  240. Syrian Refugees in Western Europe= "Fifth Column"?
  241. Could they legally charge cops with abuse of a corpse?
  242. Defining "White" - The US Census, The Amazigh, The Arabs
  243. Is the oil era coming to an end?
  244. What would happen to US interest rates if China had to liquidate a bunch of US bonds?
  245. Should people looking to lighten their skin just accept themselves?
  246. The History of Israel Informed By the Exodus Narative
  247. 2016 State of the Union address tonight 01/12/16
  248. Obama and guns
  249. Should Obama have been able to get Congress to work with him?
  250. So who are these people that "can't afford" ACA?