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  1. Do people consciously choose "Received Pronunciation"?
  2. Is the Syrian situation likely to escalate?
  3. Proposal : stop the accumulation of all wealth into fewer and fewer hands through inheritance taxes.
  4. The Ultimate Solution to trigger happy officers and police shootings
  5. Who is more likely to be able to live without the other? Liberals or Conservatives?
  6. The necessity of outgroups and their denigration.
  7. When did the news media stop trying to appear non-partisan?
  8. Who Should Replace Nancy Pelosi and Her Cronies?//Should Pelosi step aside to let younger leaders in
  9. Should there be greater leniency towards fasting during Ramadan?
  10. The poor shouldn't have income tax.
  11. Why wasn't syphilis stigmatized to the extent that HIV/AIDS was?
  12. Illinois Debt/Budget Crisis
  13. How much could (current/reasonable) domestic actions provoke terrorism if it were a goal?
  14. What factors would be needed to turn the United States into a dictatorship?
  15. Arkansas gets schooled on SSM
  16. Adult brains suck at learning languages: True or false?
  17. What would happen if every single American received $1 million
  18. Why not "reapportion" states re: US Senate?
  19. Seattle Minimum Wage Under Fire
  20. Why no tax deduction for blood/tissue donation
  21. What would happen if every single American saved $1 million
  22. If modern liberalism puts more emphasis on "positive liberties," what are the best arguments for it?
  23. SAG-AFTRA on strike against videogame producers since Oct 2016
  24. Maternal mortality rates in the US have gone up, but in CA they've gone down significantly
  25. Amtrak poised to be sidetracked
  26. Any theories on why Trump wants to buddy up with the Russians?
  27. so has there ever been a case where assination of a ruler made things better ?
  28. What would the world look like today if Archduke Ferdinand had never been assassinated?
  29. Islam in the UK
  30. UHC/Single Payer in the US...how would you do it?
  31. 'MERICA!!! patriotism / nationalism: good or bad?
  32. Time to ban neonicotinoid insecticides
  33. Conservatism results in ignorance.
  34. Stephen Hawking's dire warnings
  35. A lot of people thought ACA repeal was a no brainer done deal when Trump won. What happened?
  36. Effects of Material Culture
  37. Should Democrats rethink their policy on immigration?
  38. How many Settlements does Israel Need?
  39. Did Obama violate the Logan Act?
  40. North Korean nuclear ambitions
  41. Nuclear NK
  42. What justification is there for eating meat?
  43. The Charlie Gard case(terminally ill baby and parental rights)
  44. How is the Trump travel ban unconstitutional?
  45. Are we at war with Russia?
  46. Fall of the Ottoman Empire - Questions
  47. The greatest danger to America today is Anti-liberalism.
  48. What's the difference between NATO and the powder keg of alliances that led to WW1?
  49. Is America in decline?
  50. Are we seeing a gradual encroachment on the professions?
  51. Worst case scenario for no net neutrality?
  52. The 2nd Amendment was written to calm fears about ending slavery
  53. Dear CA - Make Up Your Mind! Do What With Suicidal. CA 5150 = Lock 'Em UP; SB128 - Give 'Em Barbies!
  54. Women-only world: Are there wars? How are they fought?
  55. College Professors - are you on the watch list?
  56. On Hobby Lobby and artifact smuggling
  57. Security Officers At O'Hare, Midway Will No Longer Be Police, City Decides
  58. Police warning each other about body cam recordings
  59. There are no genetic markers associated with sexual orientation
  60. Will the 21st century see the sweeping change the 20th did?
  61. Will the whole world eventually speak (American) English?
  62. Can it even be argued POTUS commited treason?
  63. Will China become the primary world power?
  64. Solution to Ethics
  65. Why are Republicans generally more patriotic than Democrats?
  66. Anti-Israel boycott ban: how is this possibly legal?
  67. Do humans have free will?
  68. What makes a warning effective or ineffective (i.e., climate change)
  69. Can the President pardon himself?
  70. Can we hope to eliminate Female Genital Mutilation while we still allow Male GM (circumcision)
  71. Can the President be Indicted?
  72. The hottest year on record - how true?
  73. Lost Ice Age Civilizations...possible?
  74. Which election laws did Trump's people supposedly break?
  75. DC Circuit Court of Appeals rules against "good cause" requirement
  76. Why this latest healthcare vote?
  77. Uk is going to stop sales of gas and diesel cars by 2040
  78. Trump's Transgender Policy for the Military
  79. Study: belief in the meritocracy leads to worse outcomes
  80. State Legislatures - Why Bicameral?
  81. Subsidies for US Foxconn plant
  82. "Sanctuary cities" and federal laws
  83. Maine's welfare reform: model for the nation or cold-hearted cruelty?
  84. The Social Impact of Mobile Devices
  85. "Nero fiddled while Rome Burned". FAKE NEWS? How much of History class is even true?
  86. Will Republicans eventually accept universal healthcare?
  87. North Korean nukes and ICBMs: What, if anything, should America do about it?
  88. One public pension per person, please
  89. Young Blood Infusion: Ethical and Medical concerns
  90. The Mueller investigation leads to a Trump impeachment -- How does it go down?
  91. Resolved: The Electoral College was created to keep the slave states in the Union
  92. Trump backs plan that would curb legal immigration
  93. What political norms have been lost in the USA in recent decades?
  94. Astrology - An Historical Footnote
  95. Would Pres Trump object to Obamacare as severely, if it was always called the ACA?
  96. What about Catholicism lent itself, specifically, to the abuse of young boys?
  97. Blackwater Sentences Overturned
  98. Maltreatment of Potential Terrorism Victims (Due to Possible Bystander Harm)
  99. Why are they pushing Fentanyl these days?
  100. Why are veterinary procedures significantly cheaper than their human counterparts?
  101. Is Democratic Socialism viable in America?
  102. Just how effective will the new UN sanctions on N Korea be?
  103. What's the Straight Dope on Nootropics?
  104. Is there a beter way for American politicial parties to choose a candidate?
  105. Was Henry Wallace impeachment insurance for FDR?
  106. Dog Whistles are stupid
  107. Children of Parents Who Didn't Use Corporal Punishment.
  108. Would any use of nuclear weapons nowadays, mean "the end of all things"?
  109. Trump uses Asians to undermine affirmative action
  110. What is Kim Jong Un's motivation?
  111. Should More Murder Suspects Die During Arrests
  112. Quantum Mechanics and Mind
  113. This is what I see as the alt-right's fundamental mistake
  114. When the first and second amendment collide
  115. The torch mob at the Jefferson statue.
  116. So based on today.......
  117. Historicity of Jesus' Resurrection
  118. Should we ban the ideology of Nazism/White Supremacy?
  119. Why are almost all white nationalists men?
  120. Did putins Russia help North Korea get a working icbm
  121. Do Pharma Companies Ignore Side-Effects for Future Profit?
  122. What should we do with confederate monuments and statues?
  123. Could the tactics used to fight racism work on other social ills?
  124. Why cut taxes on the rich?
  125. WWI: Why did the general keep throwing their troops into meatgrinders?
  126. "Both sides are the same!" is a dogmatic position immune from facts
  127. Can we limit the removal of statues to the Confederacy?
  128. Why did Communism mean dictatorship and mass murder?
  129. Robert E. Lee: Confederate statues shouldn't exist
  130. Is Antifa real?
  131. Civil War songs
  132. A question about armed protesters at these rallie.
  133. What's the best way to fight hate?
  134. Were those who fought for the Confederacy “traitors?”
  135. What should be done about Gettysburg?
  136. Non-Experts and Science
  137. Economic aspects of health care
  138. At least he's transparent: Bannon's use of race as a manipulative Wedge issue
  139. DOJ trying to seize J20 protest website visitor logs
  140. Why is there a statue of Oliver Cromwell outside the Palace of Westminster?
  141. How Effectively Can a Municipality Stop a Presidental Visit?
  142. Try to sell me on fascism. What positive qualities does it have?
  143. Will Mississippi finally change state flag
  144. Why does Fort Bragg exist?
  145. "Forced purchase" option for assets at their appraised tax value
  146. How do we fix the wounds in America?
  147. How would you have handled Reconstruction?
  148. Confederate Symbolism; Time to Stop Nursing Grievances and Relitigating Past
  149. Priest-Penitent Privilege?
  150. Should a new Hays Code be instituted?
  151. Are There Any "Trumpists" Left In Trump Administration?
  152. Are Religious Sect Changes within Families a Big Deal for Most Folks?
  153. Why are we more likely to be victimized by people we know?
  154. Afghanistan: What the hell do we do now?
  155. Cures and "beneficial" things obtained through immoral and unethical means
  156. The "extreme male brain" theory of autism - accurate?
  157. Now Trump has an agenda
  158. What if the Confederates had done guerilla warfare?
  159. The USA is not now and may never be ready for a woman President
  160. Medicaid buy-in plan
  161. Wage subsidy plan+ EITC upgrade!
  162. Abolish the secret ballot?
  163. How does one deal with not being 100% certain?
  164. Is solar powered energy reaching maturity or is it in its infancy
  165. Confederate Symbolism; Time to Stop Nursing Grievances and Relitigating Past
  166. Will animals eventually be considered equal to humans?
  167. Florida executes first white for killing a black since reinstating death penalty
  168. How we build the wall and get Mexico to pay for it
  169. Why is classism more acceptable than racism?
  170. With the benefit of hindsight - why did GWB invade Iraq?
  171. Abe Lincoln's Tax Reurns
  172. Do sociopaths/psychopaths have a political orientation?
  173. Suddenly these Statues offend people?
  174. Principal accused of fat-shaming
  175. Can big data, everpresent sensors and AI replace the scientific method
  176. Revolutionary [War] Statue Destroyed
  177. "Gone With the Wind" - going to get the "Song of the South" treatment?
  178. Submitted: Current Racial Problems NOT Caused by Memorials
  179. Should U.S. police be given excess military weapons?
  180. Is Leif Erickson more worthy of fame than Columbus?
  181. Why the South seceded from the Union
  182. NK missiles seem to be headed our way
  183. What's the problem with US evangelical Christianity?
  184. Gouging laws
  185. Does Trump's pardon of Arpaio really stand out from past pardons?
  186. Constitutional Maximum for the House
  187. Building the "wall" and having Mexico pay for it.
  188. The 1st amendment should offer some protection from private retaliation
  189. Forced bussing is good. We should bring it back.
  190. A train-trackish ethical question from science fiction
  191. Why isn't Korean missiles over Japan considered a major crisis?
  192. Who sells missiles to North Korea?
  193. Are there any decent religious leaders?
  194. What's the conservative equivalent of the "regressive left?"
  195. How can Trump deal with North Korea?
  196. Is there a link between mental illness and violence?
  197. Are sex differences in personality rooted in nature or nurture?
  198. A new generation of research shows hallucinogens could treat addiction, depression, and PTSD
  199. What can be done to help Native Americans?
  200. Forced sterilization
  201. Why does 'tough love' advice work for some and not others?
  202. Hypothesize a non-awful interaction between European settlers and Native Americans
  203. Why not go beyond sanctions, and boycott North Korea like China did Taiwan (trade/relations)?
  204. How many on the left are really anti-GMO? Anti-vax?
  205. Regarding the religious far-right
  206. Silly Question on DACA
  207. Arrest procedure questions using the arrested nurse as example
  208. Should "Reincarnated" people be allowed to continue their past lives?
  209. The Founding Fathers and open carry
  210. Churchill was a genocidaire
  211. Do other countries dehumanize criminals like we do in the US?
  212. Drawbacks of very robust social safety net + deregulation of labor
  213. Advertising: who will win the war between websites, users, advertisers, and malware'ers?
  214. What specifically did the Russians do to "meddle" in the election?
  215. How did the Obama Adminstration affect the "racial divide?"
  216. Donald Trump: The First White President [article in The Atlantic by Ta-Nehisi Coates]
  217. Is Israel of Strategic Value to the U.S. and the West?
  218. Economics and policy after natural disasters
  219. An independent Kurdistan?
  220. Uncontacted Amazon tribes and the morality of the Prime Directive
  221. Can you 'streamline' the US government - without....?
  222. Miss America introduces politics. Good idea, bad idea, or who cares what this outdated show does?
  223. What should we be doing about the heroin crisis?
  224. Is multiculturalism at odds with the welfare state
  225. Is Addiction "mutable"?
  226. Hurricane Irma; What if this happened every year?
  227. Was Dred Scott sound law?
  228. Is Trump et al inadvertently helping US labor/workers?
  229. If life is optional then why live?
  230. Civil Asset Forfeitures
  231. Jefferson at U VA and Jackson at VMI
  232. Is it finally time to do something about North Korea
  233. Accused of sex abuse - should that be public
  234. Does the self exist?
  235. What is your view of doctor Miguel Echeverry book on subculture?
  236. Is it time to reject "Neoliberalism"?
  237. Socialised medicine vs. single-payer
  238. What's the biggest provocation North Korea could get away with?
  239. What exactly does China get out of supporting North Korea
  240. A Tale of Two Persecutions & Discriminations Through History; Blacks and Jews
  241. Doesn't Most Wondrous Biblical Wisdom Seem Like Common Sense?
  242. Associating bad hurricanes with climate change will backfire on Global Warming Alarmists
  243. Should colleges get rid of on campus housing?
  244. Is being against net neutrality that bad?
  245. Let's assume you actually are in a simulation...how big of a Truman Show set do they need?
  246. Iran agreement and it's "spirit"
  247. Prediction: North Korea will declare war on Trump personally and his personal property
  248. $400 million bribe if the GOP repeals the Affordable Care Act? It can't be true, right...
  249. Police shooting of the mentally ill : is the typical way these encounters go by the book?
  250. Brexit and Royal Assent