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  1. The first Black Pope in 2004?
  2. Musings of the Pundits: Why did Bush lie?
  3. Are Democrats More Generous Than Republicans?
  4. Calling George Bush "Shrub"- supposed to be insulting?
  5. Consensual Extramarital sex ok, but don't let them move in!
  6. Determining Judgment Day
  7. Does smoking really 'relax' you?
  8. Aliens cause global warming, says Crichton
  9. Why do we allow unqualified people to run the country?
  10. Say goodbye to YOUR job going overseas!..
  11. Why wasn't Jesus a woman?
  12. NORAD intercepts Air France flight; this is not a drill.
  13. Why haven't modern nukes been used yet?
  14. Thank you, Tonga
  15. The Case of MEMRI: good, evil, public service, conspiracy?
  16. Black death, feudal system, and AIDS in Africa
  17. Mankinds greatest redeming feature?
  18. How would the US react to an accidental nuclear attack?
  19. Can someone explain how the Supreme Court is destroying the Constitution?
  20. How would South Koreans respond to an attack from the North?
  21. What is the debate?
  22. Did George Bush lie?
  23. Are there any truly revolutionary inventions / discoveries?
  24. The Iraq war is distracting terrorists and making the US safer
  25. Conservative Hatred for Academia
  26. Percent of Palestinians who support terrorism?
  27. Is secession unconstitutional?
  28. Strict Constructionist - Support a law to end innocent until proven guilty?
  29. "Black" in America - or How do we define groups?
  30. Turning Back Airplanes/Canceling Flights - Prudent, or Crying Wolf?
  31. The Parmalat Scandal-Will EUA Rules Allow Italy to Bail It Out?
  32. Alt Histories- Jesus Tetrarch & Pres WJ Bryan...?
  33. Neanderthal fossils: proven false?
  34. Moral: An Expensive Luxury?
  35. If you could go back in time, what would you do to change the course of history?
  36. Religious proselytizing and business: oil and water?
  37. Cocaine addiction question
  38. How many people did Saddam kill?
  39. Right to vote for property owners only?
  40. College football playoff system, a solution.
  41. Why is lacking proper credentials make someone more credible to some people?
  42. House Mold-Deadly menace or Harmless Flora?
  43. Where Did the Idea That Liberal = Communist Come From?
  44. Why are most male flight attendants...
  45. How do we know developed corporations and nations will evade fascism in the future?
  46. Haiti. Is there hope?
  47. New York Times: Biased?
  48. James Randi Owes Me $1,000,000
  49. Genocide?? Solution to over crowding in Prison
  50. Who knew the 14th Amendment was (Truly) Unconstitutional?
  51. Political correctness: What is it? Is it good or bad?
  52. Spirit is successfully on Mars
  53. Weapons of Mass Destruction Found - in Texas. Why isn't Ashcroft publicising it?
  54. Is the Bible alien friendly?
  55. Mass Anglican conversion... ehhh
  56. Howard Dean Finds Religion, Hallelujah!
  57. Do Israel's Interests Have Undue Influence on US Foreign Policy? (esp re NeoCons)
  58. Afghani Council approves new constitution
  59. Gun - More Likely to Kill Family Member?
  60. Iraqi WMD found in Syria?
  61. The innocent and the guilty: Capital Punishment
  62. Convince me to risk visiting the US
  63. Pro abortion, anti death penalty?
  64. US fingerprinting and photographing visitors
  65. Should we show more stoicism in the war on terror?
  66. My New Year Eve Party... vs US New Year Alerts...
  67. If Bush is just about the oil, why not lift sanctions on Libya?
  68. Pete Rose: being made an example of or something else?
  69. Why does God create Disabled Babies?
  70. Chimera discussion because I can't find one in the archive
  71. DVD: am I the only one highly dissatisfied?
  72. Why would terrorists attack on major holidays?
  73. What's up with black Jesus?
  74. How does free will exist? Where does it come from?
  75. Can you 'admire' Jesus the poached egg and not think he is God? (See inside)
  76. Religious responses to the finding of life on Mars…
  77. Think Tanks ... what are they exactly ? How much politics ?
  78. Why Does Fundamentalist Christianity Appeal to Conservatives?
  79. Neo-Con Quiz at CS Monitor
  80. Does a sovereign country have the right to require a passport?
  81. Would a succesful Terrorist attack in the US help Bush Jr. ?
  82. Conservatives say Dean is unelectable. I say they're afraid of him.
  83. Would you vote for an atheist?
  84. Bush Administration Supports Torture; Summarily Executing Gitmo Prisoners!
  85. Bush Administration Conspires With Companies Screw their Employees
  86. Spirit has landed. Can we ditch the space station now?
  87. What percentage of Republicans could be considered social conservatives? Country?
  88. 'We can't imagine life without water'-but can YOU?
  89. Could Assoc. Jus. Clarence Thomas Be a Wild Card on Roe v. Wade?
  90. Texas Redistricting
  91. Nonreligious prolifers - what are your arguments?
  92. How secualr is the USA when it comes to elect a president.
  93. Did Clinton REALLY sell/give nuclear/missle secrets to China/North Korea?
  94. Of Mergers and Martin, Or, The Upcoming Canadian Election
  95. Debate Bush's latest Immigration reform plan
  96. Should European countries release the names of banned airlines?
  97. Black NFL coaches: The hiring policy
  98. Remove religion from everything public?
  99. George W. Bush AWOL
  100. Why the King James Bible?
  101. Jesus taking away sin before he died
  102. Shodan Has Issues with Dean
  103. Bush looks to illegal immigrants for 8 million new jobs
  104. The perfect government - what would it be?
  105. Is it possible to disprove God?
  106. Big-Government Conservatism ???
  107. Is free trade failing?
  108. The endurance of your memory after your death
  109. Why did Clinton fire Wesley Clark
  110. It Ain't Your Word, It's Who You Give It To
  111. Padilla Decision - A Blow to Bush's Powers
  112. Jewish in America - How do we define groups II
  113. Was the OJ trial really the travesty its painted as?
  114. Illinois or Michigan -- More likely to vote Republican
  115. What Do the Dem Candidates Offer to the Young?
  116. For this woman at least...there is a God.
  117. A theological debate for the centuries: why does God allow free will?
  118. Gay marriage: connection between stand and general opinion of gays?
  119. American Small Business Needs
  120. Saintly Robots?
  121. Can You REALLY AVOID probate Court?
  122. What does the changing racial makeup of America mean?
  123. Gunning down suspected arms runners in Iraq.
  124. Back to the Moon sez Prez: Yeh, maybe
  125. I mentioned to the guy at the NRA booth as I signed up... (ACLU and Boy Scouts)
  126. Gay Rights Supporters: Accept "civil union" or hold out for "marriage"?
  127. Dogma is the great sin of the mind
  128. Link for all our county's ills
  129. RC Bishop tells RC Legislators how they should vote
  130. Why have there been so few Hominid species?
  131. How do devout Christians justify military service?
  132. Is s-video worth it?
  133. Who will capture the presidential nomination of the Reform Party, and does it matter?
  134. Could the Supreme Court be biding their time to retire until 2005?
  135. CBS 60 Minutes --- Iraq War Planned Pre-9/11?
  136. The "new" European anti-Semitism
  137. Is sexism from teachers in school a problem?
  138. And we went to War because...?
  139. What exactly is the problem with Scientology?
  140. There should be consequences for businesses that export jobs overseas
  141. The first day of gay marrages.
  142. Mystical Ley-Lines: Are they real?
  143. Why do people choose the same vocation as their parent(s)?
  144. Can someone survive on minimum wage or near it?
  145. On the castration of the press and the pathetic coverage of Iraq
  146. Gay marriage, then polyamory, please.
  147. God, and existence as a predicate
  148. Religious Intolerance
  149. Post-Castro Cuba: What will happen?
  150. Bush wants new expeditions to the Moon and Mars. Good idea?
  151. Divine Revelation and the Qur'An
  152. Has Science Fiction replaced the Myth in modern society
  153. Do humans belong in another group(not 'animals')?
  154. Hitler's Aryan race
  155. Iraq war crimes?
  156. You're a lawyer, prove your android client is a "person."
  157. Bush's Proposes $1.5B to fund Heterosexual Counseling
  158. 21st Century Philosophy
  159. Unisex bathrooms: Yay or Nay?
  160. National Endowment for the Arts and the 1st amendment
  161. Why should I vote for Bush?
  162. America will endure for all time.
  163. How would logic represent this idea?
  164. US social conservatism: a competitive disadvantage?
  165. Attention Armchair Generals. A Proposal To Protect Targets From 9/11 Type Attacks
  166. Philosophy, science and religion and their current disagreements
  167. (Fill-in-the-blank)-American: Consequences.
  168. How far to take the First Ammendment?
  169. Court rules that guns are to protect citizens from oppressive government
  170. Is the news media out to Gore Dean?
  171. Americans support Iraq as Revenge or they are misled
  172. Arnold's $15B bond proposal for CA
  173. Is basketball the "fairest" professional sport?
  174. The amazon.com shuttle!
  175. Election 2004 Predictions
  176. Defending the Democratic Domino Theory of the ME
  177. I didn't choose not to believe in God.
  178. Has Dean Peaked? (Democratic Race Handicapping)
  179. Should there be a cheaper, ONE-WAY manned mission to Mars?
  180. Alternate History: Munich, 1938-Talks Break Down, War Declared
  181. Cultural regulation of Sexual behaviour?
  182. Mass Movements
  183. Deconstructing the 'Liberation' argument for the invasion of Iraq
  184. What is wrong with the brains of the Vote Nazis?
  185. Conservatives AVOIDING Constitutional Amendments? WTF?
  186. Remote viewing is real--and the truth is being seen by the media...
  187. Which American Democratic President Would You Reccommend?
  188. The Nation of Islam and Michael Jackson
  189. Russia says it can go to Mars, why does this make me laugh?
  190. About the current administration
  191. Which Democratic candidates support the Space Initiative?
  192. Are the FDA & pharmaceutical companies in cahoots
  193. Circumcision = rights abuse?
  194. How does Modus Ponems passively act as a device of finding truth?
  195. Why allow small crusifixes in French schools?
  196. Ambassador attacks art: fighting anti-Semitism, or blocking free expression?
  197. AIDS to mars.
  198. Hypothetical Ethical Dilemma
  199. cult or church?
  200. A Nazi Earth-was it ever possible?
  201. Bush priorities..Iraq, marriage and jobs.
  202. Iowa Caucus="unAmerican"?
  203. Re-Handicap the Race after Iowa
  204. anglo saxon time zone
  205. Do Sentencing Guidelines Take the Mercy Out of Our Legal System?
  206. "SHOW" Trials as Economic Stimulus-SHOULD They Be Encouraged?
  207. So what does this mean for Moussaoui?
  208. Islam: beneficial or harmful to the world?
  209. Is Hollywood (in part) responsible for Islamic hatred of America?
  210. U.S. facing $44 TRILLION deficit? Report suppressed? What's it mean for us?
  211. Faith or happiness ??
  212. Republicans... which Democrat would you prefer in the Presidency ?
  213. Why no more talk about reforming the electoral college?
  214. The State of The Union...
  215. The State of The Union...
  216. Dr. Phil for President?
  217. So, did China discover the World in 1421?
  218. Racial Profiling: Raw Numbers Mean Nothing
  219. Why pretend Iraq is writing their constitution?
  220. Actually, we don't need any "permission slip" -- do we?
  221. The presidential debates
  222. What is the purpouse of government/the court system?
  223. Should adulterers be jailed (and why not)?
  224. Conservative Hatred for Europe
  225. did bush's tax cuts help the economy
  226. Retail Stores: How Big Is TOO Big?
  227. Roe vs. Wade's Dirty Little Secret
  228. THat Canadian-Syrian Guy on "60 Minutes" Last Night-Is He Innocent?
  229. Does the Koran condone/prescribe violence?
  230. Bigger than Watergate?
  231. What current NHL players belong in the hall of fame?
  232. Elizabeth and Mary: “When Queens Collide”
  233. what do the working poor do when they get sick or retire
  234. Airline sued for saying "Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe"
  235. Republicans... which Republican would you prefer in the Presidency ?
  236. Synthetic Gemstones: As Good As Natural Ones?
  237. Why isn't Joe Lieberman more popular?
  238. CBS Censors Winning MoveOn ad
  239. Can a white kid get an award for being a Distinguished African-American?
  240. What new jobs for the next decade?
  241. Should babies be aborted based on their gender?
  242. challenge to rich bastard "art lovers"
  243. High school girls to perform the Vagina Monologs
  244. So, it may not have been the "Bush" recession after all...
  245. US foreign policy is without flaw!
  246. Was George Orwell Mostly right? (Britain, socialism WW2 etc..)
  247. What would happen if marijuana was legalized in the US?
  248. Does Trickle Down Economics Work?
  249. Look, Ma, no WMDs!!
  250. Oopsie! Take that back, Mr. President!