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07-08-2000, 11:21 AM
The Sims thread inspired this. I now know the Sims aren't my cup of tea.

It's a beautiful summer morning and I should cut the lawn, go for a bicycle ride...the Calgary Stampede just started less than 30 minutes walk from my home.

Why am I hunched at my computer, my wrist numb from frenzied mouse clicking, guzzling coffee to keep my edge?

My Palidan (named "DanPalidan") is up around level 17 or 18. He's got a ring that increases his gold take from kills so he can afford the best armour and weapons. I've just cleaned out the desert and am about to go up into the hills in Act 2. I've been killed several times, usually if I get cornered or surrounded by a particulary vicious mixed mob of monsters. I'm using every trick I can think of and using hot keys. I don't hire mercenaries any more. They were useful in the lower levels but now they slow me down, need constant baby-sitting, and usually get killed in the first big fight the moment you get separated from them.

If my Palidan doesn't manage to kill the three demons from hell and save the world I'll start all over again with my Barbarian (named "Onan") and hack my way to victory. "JenniferLopez), my Sorceress, waits in the wings but I'm curious about the Necromancer's fighting style.

Totally cool: the jail labyrinth with rooms full of torture and murder instruments and gore and body parts splattered everywhere. Also don't miss the big blood-filled pit full of hacked up bodies - Amazon warriors I think the story is. I like it when DanPalidan sometimes steps on a scorpion or rat and they squish and splat.

(1) Don't waste those various rare jewels you find. Save them for a really good weapon or armour with sockets - for example, if you have a weapon that's good for undead zombie types and it has three sockets, you can pop in three diamonds for a tool that will stack up bodies like cordwood.
(2) This game is diabolical. If you stop and save, or get killed, you lose some progress, so you are highly motivated to keep playing. The tip? When you get a chance to stop and save (completion of a quest, discovery of a new teleporter way point) TAKE IT! Stop and save. You may not get another convenient chance for hours! This is not a game to play at work.

Yes, I am damned for all eternity. How long will it take me to get through the game once? 90 hours? It just keeps getting better.

I won't be able to keep up with my SDMB reading. OK - right now. I am turning off this computer and going outside.

07-08-2000, 07:06 PM
Does this mean the game is actually out?

07-08-2000, 09:53 PM
Yes it's out, and thus I'm not much. My L23 Paladin is into act 3. I've fooled around with the other chars, and IMHO, Necromancer and Sorceress will have trouble going it alone. A Sorceress really needs to be in a party with a Barbarian, as there is just not enought mana in the game, the "find potion" skill is a lifesaver for her, and to a slightly lesser degree, the Necromancer. Wanna play a game on B-net some time?

07-08-2000, 10:17 PM
Somehow I just knew there would be a few other lost Diablo II souls on the SDMB.

My L12 Paladin BigPimpinDaddy (why are we all Paladins?) is now in the Catacombs looking for whazherface, but I had to take a break and rest my hand. Thankfully, I haven't died yet, for I might quit playing if I had to retrieve my corpse.

I will be moving over the next few days, so I probably won't have much time to play :( Better get a few more hours in tonight!!

07-09-2000, 12:17 AM
Just so you know. If you die, then quit, your corpse will be lying in town when you start the next game. If you die trying to get to your corpse, you lose the character. ( tried the first, herd the second from a reliable source)

The mages you can hire in act3 are worth it, particularly ones who use cold- they freeze the enemys for you to kill. Act 3 is really dark, and these little bastards attack from a distance with blowpipes before you can see them. Gotta go. Mephisto awaits!

Mauve Dog
07-09-2000, 01:25 AM
I've fooled around with the other chars, and IMHO, Necromancer and Sorceress will have trouble going it alone.

Ho ho ho! Not so! The Necromancer is easily my favorite. As long as there are corpses, I can raise a small army in less than a couple seconds. Between the various Golem spells, Raise Skeleton and Raise Skeleton Mage, a Necromancer is never truly alone :)
My current fellow is only about 17th level, but his entourage numbers 5 skeletons, 3 skeleton mages and a clay golem. Rarely does he even have to lift a finger to get involved in a fight (except to keep replacing the troops, if necessary).

07-09-2000, 04:41 AM
Now that BigPimpinDaddy is L17 and safely embroiled in Act II, I wish to follow everyone else's lead and give a few tips for anyone who might eventually play the game:

Learn to use the hotkeys while one hand is busy with the mouse. Especially the 1-4 keys for items in your belt -- this will save your ass during a big brawl, particularly if you rely on melee combat.
Repair everything before selling it. You will make as much money as it costs to repair an item.
Don't be proud - RUN! Draw a few badguys away from the room and pick them off individually. If you have a distance attack, use it first.
There are a lot of badguys that resurrect their dead cohorts. Get rid of them ASAP.
Use the ALT key to see all of the treasure you are missing.
Call all your friends and tell them you're sorry. You won't see them for a week as you have to finish playing this damn game.

07-09-2000, 05:53 AM
The Sorceress will have trouble going it alone? Not so, my friend, not so! Ample manipulation of the Fireball and Warmth abilities can turn her into a freakin' tank. Is that a group of demons I see? BWOOMF! They're all dead!


-Specialize: Don't try to learn every single ability for your character. Pick one or two, and make them VEEEERY powerful.

-Don't waste gems early on: Wait 'til you can improve them gems, hopefully to "perfect" status, and make a whamdingy of a weapon.

-Avoid the cows at all costs.

-Watch all the cinematics over and over and over and over... they're AMAZING.


07-09-2000, 11:42 PM

I didn't mean that they didn't have the ability to face down any monster, what I ment is that, at least in my limited exposure to these characters, is that mana was often too scarce to let them use their abilities to the fullest.

07-09-2000, 11:52 PM
They wouldn't be able to face my Monster! My character is a Paladin, named Sir Monster (I beat the game, and you get titled "Sir" after you do so). My level 28 character has almost all rare and unique items, which are way better than any socketed items you can make.

Just for your info, the Sorceress and Necromancer don't have it that hard. Sorceress whips butt with her spells, and Necromancer rarely has to do any dirty work himself (Just let the minions do it).

My personal tip: Try and get increased chance of finding magic items, because that also means an increase in finding rare, unique, and set items.

I'm currently doing the game again on a harder difficulty, and it is difficult. I've been slaughtered by Fallen. Enemies also give me normal gems.

07-10-2000, 12:04 AM
this game is really addicting.. very fun :)
im almost on act 2 now..

07-10-2000, 08:31 AM
Just finished the first quest in act 2 with my Amazon - Bubbette. Bubba is my Barbarian at work. That's right - I play at work. Lots. Be jealous. I'll be going back as soon as I finish reading the board. Wheee!! I've been up all night, and don't plan on sleeping today, thanks to this game.

07-10-2000, 09:02 AM
This game has set back my evil plan by weeks. To address a few comments:

Tara, My Sorceress, once died trying to retrive her corpse: The first corpse remained, there was a pile of stuuf on the ground at the second site.

Leaving the game before retriving your corpse makes getting the gear back much easier; but you lose the gold.

Give Necro a crossbow of the Leech (or just wear a ring of the Leech), and give him a helm with the gem that gives him regeneration and watch the fun.

If you're a Necro: forget the Cursing and Bone stuff. Skeletons and Golems are your priority. Think the enemy's archers are irritating? Pay them back with your skeleton Mages. Hotkey your summoning, and always keep yourself surrounded by your unholy minions.

I hate the Hirelings; they keep dying and I can't get them to drink a Health potion. Is there anyway to fire your first Rougue?

07-10-2000, 12:17 PM
OK, 2000000 copies of the game were released Friday June 30 and I got mine delivered Tuesday July 4. I've been playing damned near full time for six days and I'm just finishing Act 2. Monster104 how the HELL did you finish so fast and know so much about the various characters? I think you were a beta tester and got in early.

Lots of good tips and tales from you guys. I have a shitty free internet connection so I can't go on Battle Net. I'd get disconnected at a critical moment.

I like my Palidan and I like getting in close to fight. I get poisoned a lot but it hardly slows me down. If I have my fire/lightning/freeze shields hotkeyed I just chop up magic users. Footwork and precise targeting seem to get more and more important as the critters get tougher. I have to run away to string out a mixed pack of attackers, then come back and hack at 'em. I'll trap a large pack in doorways and narrow spaces then press shift and chop 'em to hamburger. My armour is running around 95, helmet 30, I'm also definitely a tank.

I never go out of town with any gold in my pockets. I got fed up with that long run back to my corpse, especially when the killers are still there when I get there. I got killed by a trap. I was greedily smashing pots looking for gold and not watching my life meter.

Why am I still packing Wirt's wooden leg along in my stash? Is this just a novelty item?

My guy got cursed a couple of times and had to run backwards for a long time.

I love it when I come around a corner and bump into some goon. It becomes a quick draw contest. I've got "Cleglaw's Pincer's" gloves, so a good first hit usually freezes and slows down the enemy.

Maybe my Palidan spent too much time selling stuff. I've got 90000 gold and now I don't pick up anything unless it's really rare or valuable. I left stuff on the ground in town and it stays around for a while but it all disappears regularly, I think when you complete a stage in the quest log.

Anyway, just MPSIMS.

07-10-2000, 01:05 PM
Well, with Warmth 7, my Sorceress doesn't stop to regen mana much, and it fills from zero in under a minute. She's level 23 and eagerly awaiting the next batch of spells. There are a few types of monsters she has trouble with, but I see that going away once she hits 24 and gets mana shield.

My necro would disagree with the concentrate on summoning. Curses and bones round you out. Damage Amp makes your skeletons wade through crowds. Iron Maiden makes bosses fluffy. Corpse Explosion.... there is no better spell in the game. Period. Kill one thing in a group, and the group is gone in moments. In the biggest mess you've ever seen.

Paladin is my choice for a hardcore char. My first char was a paladin, and has only died when battlenet decided to get ugly, and he lagged going into a dungeon. Zeal. Lots of Zeal. And some thorns. MMmm... thorns.

So far I've had to maintain 3 chars, so I'm not as far along as I would be. I have:
Almandor - level 19 Paladin on Act 2. My Battle.Net character.
Zandramas - level 23 Sorceress on act 3. Made because Battle.Net sucks ass, and I couldn't ever get in to play.
Zulik - Level 7 Necro on act 1. Made last night because I just bought my girlfriend a copy of the game, and I wanted to be equal level with her. Big fan of corpse explosion.

I'm enjoying the Sorceress the most. But it's close. She gets to stand back and unleash hell on anything she meets. Chain lightning clears rooms like a can of raid. But she dies easy.
The Paladin is great for solo, because he has no creature type that he just can't deal with. His elemental resistance lets him adapt to mages, his thorns and zeal lets him clear groups of baddies, and his ability to use heavy hitting weapons lets him slay tough creatures fast.
The Necro is just cool. Using the ememy against itself is fun, and I love letting my minions do my bidding.

07-10-2000, 01:23 PM
Damn. Damn Damn Damn.

Just got back from vacation last week. In that week, I've both gotten my nifty new car (2000 BMW Z3) AND received Diablo II in the mail (ordered it before I left.) I can't decide which I want to do more - drive like a maniac, or play Diablo II for 100 hours straight. Oh yeah, they make me go to work, too. And the SO will want some attention occasionally.

Life's gonna be hard these next few days. Maybe I oughta quit the job and dump the SO. Not enough time for everything, must prioritize.

07-10-2000, 06:26 PM
I just got that game yesterday!! I am a level 16 paladin in act 2. I wanted to be a necromancer but for some reason I chose paladin. Oh well. Yay!! Time to go feed my obsession!

07-10-2000, 09:07 PM
Al Zheimers: I was a beta stress tester, so I know a little about the barbarian. I beat the game by playing almost nonstop...Days I've stayed up all night playing.

I have an amazon character at my friend's house, level 20. I have a necromancer character as well as my paladin on my computer. My brother is also a necromancer, level 20 something. Another brother is a sorceress. My friend plays a barbarian. I've seen most of the characters in action. Barbarian and paladin get screwed by ranged attacks, while necromancer and amazon get screwed by large groups of monsters, and necromancer and sorceress get screwed by enemies that drain mana (Primarily the ghosts in later levels, as well as uniquely enchanted creatures).

My favorite abilities for paladin are zeal and charge. Don't bother pumping up the fire, ice, and lightning offensive auras, they're really crappy later in the game.

Things I've focused on are zeal, charge, vigor, elemental defensive auras, and working up enough levels for the level 30 abilities.

I'm almost finished with Act I on nightmare difficulty.

07-10-2000, 10:54 PM

Thorns! Thorns! Thorns! I usualy keep Zeal and Thorns on, and alternate Thorns with resistances to fire, cold, lightning and Cleanse if I'm poisoned. I love watching some little melee monster run up to me and kill himself 'cuz of Thorns. I repeate what I said earlier. Anyone want to play on open B-net sometime? I have a L24 paladin, L8 Amazon, and others that just started. If we password the game we should be OK.

07-10-2000, 11:04 PM
Ill play dave but I started on the single player game so I havent been on bnet much. I wish there was a way to import characters from single player to bnet. Oh well. I can use it to play the necro dude.

07-11-2000, 12:22 AM
Sheesh, I guess I have even less a social life than the rest of you. I've had it for about 4 days now and beaten it twice with two characters. My first was with my lvl 28 Amazon, "Talon". After beating the game she's now "Dame Talon". Anyway here's some tips:

If you're an Amazon, don't bother with the javelin skills and just specialize in bows (known in Diablo lingo as a "bowazon"). True, in the beginning javelins are quite powerful, thrown javelins especially, but the skills for them suck. A friend of mine who specialized in them now at lvl 27 exclusively uses jab, a first lvl skill. He tells me the others just aren't useful. In comparison, my bowazon does almost as much damage, plus I have the benefit of ranged attack. My dmg is 11-89, his is 25-111.

If you're a necromancer, don't make the mistake I did and overspecialize in summoning. Sure, skeletons will help you whip the first five quests easily, but afterward the enemies will mow through them like grass. Stick with golems, iron maiden, bone armor, and corpse explosion.

You use wirt's leg to get to the secret cow level. After beating diablo, you start a new game and while in the Rogue Encampment you stick the leg and a book of town portal into the Horadrim Cube. Press "transmute" and a red portal appears. Word of warning: those cows are freaking tough as hell! More than once I've been trapped by having 20+ bovines surrounding the only portal in. On the plus side, they drop a ton of items, especially the boss, "The Cow King."

Sidenote: I thought the end movie sucked, but I leave it to your decision.

07-11-2000, 12:28 AM
I am training my level 11 Sorcoress to be what I call a Cold Sorcoress or Ice Sorcoress (I forget which terminology I preferred); the cold spells rock. I'm still in Act 1, died once in Tristram, and have so far only found one rare item.

I love the cold spells; especially the shields (although I only have the first one so far). Enemies run up to me, attack, and freeze like statues.

And right now, ice blast is my weapon of choice, but I use fire bolt against weaker enemies since it takes less mana. Next time I level up though (which will be about 5min after I finish posting this; I'm really close) I'm upgrading Warmth; ah needs it. I still don't have a single lightning spell :)

I'll eagerly join the Dopers online in either type of game (prefer open so I can stick with my sorcoress), but it's gotta be late night games, like starting at midnight Eastern Time or later, b/c of the hours of my summer job. But judging by the posts so far, that doesn't seem like it will be a problem :)

07-11-2000, 11:24 PM
I'm leaving tomorrow for a 5 day vacation away from my computer! The minions of evil will have a field day unharassed by me!! I think I'll be going into withdrawl. Oh, yeah, I won't be here either.

I am pathetic.

07-12-2000, 12:36 AM
Well, my Palidan tried to take on the big red lobster thing (Baal?) at the end of act 2. I had the best sword I could but it wasn't enough. He freezes and stuns right away and my poor guy moves like in molasses for the rest of the fight. I went back in with a big axe and was one or two hits away from victory when I ran out of potions. Now I'm out of good potions and can only buy the weak red ones in town. I'M SCREWED!!! A week of work down the tubes.

I don't think there's any way around this. There doesn't seem to be enough room to move around so I guess I have to slug it out toe to toe with the bastard. Since I can't pack enough potion power to survive... I HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN. Oh well, lessons were learned.

Any fatherly advice?

07-12-2000, 12:51 AM
Any fatherly advice?

Sure son First it helps to have somethin that reduces cold damage and then try using ranged weapons with him also make a town portal at the entrance that way if you get stuck u can go bac to to town heal urself buy some more potions. This is good cuz he doesnt heal himself i dont think.

07-12-2000, 01:09 AM
If you're at the end of act 2, you should have a belt with at least 12 potion slots. That was more that enought for me to kill Duriel. Note: his cold attacks are demonic, NOT elimental, so your resist cold aura is useless. Stick to Thorns/Zeal to give dammage back to him. A piece of armer that reduces cold/freeze effects will work. Have a portal to escape into, he dosen't regain HPs when you leave.

Now, from someone further along than me. I have a problem. I just killed Mephisto and have completed all 6 act 3 quests. I'm looking around Kurast, and nobody is volunteering to take me east! Natalia has disappeared, and everyone else just acts normal. How in the hell do I get to act 4?????

TS, you can play your SP chars on B-net. just use the "other Multiplayer" option, and choose "Open B-net". Make sure you password your game to deter PKs. I am also going outta town from Thur-Sun, and will be suffering D2 withdrawl. When i get back, i'll be glad to play sometime. Late is usualy not a problem.

07-12-2000, 01:31 AM
TS, you can play your SP chars on B-net. just use the "other Multiplayer" option, and choose "Open B-net". Make sure you password your game to deter PKs.

Thatll teach me not to read the manual ::sigh:: umm what does PK's stand for?

07-12-2000, 01:40 AM
Dave, there's a portal you must go into that takes you into hell. Be careful of entering Act IV, however...once there you cannot go back. If you're having problems with Act III creatures, don't go to IV just yet...level up some more first.

Also, I do have thorns learned, I just forgot to mention it. I also have a nifty rare amulet that increases all my paladin skills by 1.

07-12-2000, 10:28 AM

DOH! I saw that portal before I killed Mephisto, and then I forgot about it. I knew I shouldn't have equiped that Bronze Ring of Stupidity!


PK stands for Player Killer. These are a group of assholes who get their tiny dicks hard by poping into someone else's game and killing them. In Diablo 1 they would then steal your gold and equipment. There was a "no drops" hack that I always used when playing multi that ensured you didn't drop anyting when you died, so PKs would get nothing. D2 was designed to defeat them, but I have heard rumors of a hack that allows them to kill you in town. If someone you don't know pops into your game, be vary wary of them, and NEVER check the option that allows anyone to loot your corpse. This should only be used in a hardcore game with people you absolutely trust.

07-12-2000, 06:11 PM
We do not own Diablo II, but still obsessed with the first one. Does the second just kick ass over the first? Is this something I NEED? Is it out for Mac? Should I drive to the software store this very instant?

07-12-2000, 08:04 PM
If you go to hell inadvertently, you just use the waypoint to go back - you can change the act at the top.

Oh, and last night, Dame Zandramas slew Diablo at level 27. Stupid demon coldn't take a few firewalls.

07-12-2000, 08:09 PM
This is a game you need. Diablo one was a pale shadow prototype of this great great game.

I've completed Act 2. Thanks lads, I couldn't have done it without you. Who'd of thunk it? All I had to do was hotkey a town portal the instant I entered and I had a handy escape. I used my shield aura, guzzled potions, hacked away with a two-handed axe, made one trip into town to reload on potions, and one boss monster bit the dust. Thanks again, I was despairing.

If you've been pissing away stuff in your "transmogrifier" box, trying to get something great to use, good luck. As far as I'm concerned its best function is to give some much needed expansion to the storage. Since I tend to run away from fights until I can adjust my rings and amulets to suit the baddies, I like to have a wide selection available stored in my transmogrifier back at my stash.

Other fun trivia? My sword crapped out in a fight and I found my Palidan poking monsters with his fist.

I was outside all day today and have terrible sun exposure symptoms. I better buckle down at my computer with the window curtains closed where I'm safe.

07-13-2000, 12:32 AM
the key difference betweeen Diablo II and Diablo is that the characters are genuinely different. In the first game, the characters start out different but any magic user could get strong enough to weild a sword and any fighter could learn all the spells. Here in Diablo II, a Sorceress is the only one who can use elemental spells, a Necromancer is the only one who can raise the dead, and so on.

(well, some enemies can do those things, but you know what I mean)

My Sorceress is now at level 16 and just started Act II. I have a (supposedly) rare helmet that adds +1 to all skills, which rocks because every time I learn a new skill it's now automatically at least at the second level. And I learned Shiver Armor! It's nice to run out of mana, but have the Shiver Armor spell still in effect, and know that my foe will die if I just stand there and let it attack me :D (of course it helps if it's a really weak foe)

I have a lot of magic items whose main purpose is to increase the chance of finding other magic items . . . which to me is a very silly concept. Guess how I found most of them :)

hey, how about a fresh multiplayer game (realm or open) instead of using our existing characters. Yeah I know I proposed just the opposite, but it seems we're all at much different levels of development . . . virtually all of which are more advanced than my dear Sorceress :p

and that PK revelation kinda fuels my "use a character I don't have an emotional attachment to" idea even more.

07-13-2000, 02:03 AM
Folks, I am pissed! I am leaving on vacation for 4 days tomorrow. I found myself close to the end of the game, so I figured I just play it out. I fought my way into Diablos chamber ( there are hundreds of monsters there), killed every one of them, tripped all 5 seals to release Diablo, and........nothing happened. NOTHING! Somehow the game malfunctioned, and never gave me Diablo to fight. I didn't even get the third unique boss to fight when i tripped the last seal. I spent 20 minutes running around, trying to trip the seals again, trying to do something, anything to make the game goto the final battle. Nothing. And now it'll be 4 days before i get to try again. I am bitterly disappointed.

07-18-2000, 12:50 AM
figured I'd talk about the game some more, that and kick this thread back up to the top

my sorceress is level 18, and learned the Glacial Blast spell (I think that's what it was called). I love ice spells!

I'm also training a paladin for multiplayer; I was playing with a new sorceress with my brother, and she just got annoying b/c she was nowhere near as cool as the one I was used to. Paladins are pretty cool though, I like this guy.

07-18-2000, 01:07 AM
My paladin is level 18. I've pumped up his ice aura, and it's saving my butt in the desert tombs.

07-18-2000, 02:28 AM
My sorceress, Zippy, is at level 25 right now, and about halfway through Act III.

For anyone wanting to use a sorceress... you HAVE to equip her with staves. The one I have right now increases Fireball +3, Blaze +2, and something else that I don't use. I'm currently looking for something to pump up my fireball and warmth abilities. I run around, see an enemy, and BWOOMF! Enemy made dead.

The only time I ever had any trouble was Duriel, and that's just 'cuz he's so freakin' FAST! I died once, then died a couple times more trying to retrieve my body. I finally decided that it wasn't worth the effort to try to get my corpse back, so I'd warp in (with no weapons or armor), create another town portal, then fire off as many fireballs as I could before I'd die again. Then I'd be back in town, the portal would still be there... repeat.

I'd be up for a Diablo II BNet game some time, although I don't have a BNet character yet (I wanna pass the game first).

07-18-2000, 02:57 AM
This is why I like training an Ice Sorceress (I decided I like that name best). Cold offensive spells slow enemies upon contact (as well as causing damage). They become even easier targets after that.

The defensive spells rock too. If the enemy does get close enough to hit you, your cold armor can freeze them too, allowing you a few extra moments to get to a safe distance.

I have a staff that enchances Warmth, Shiver Armor and Telekenesis (since I ignored the lightning category of spells, I never learned Telekenesis, but get the skill from the staff). I bought it towards the end of Act I. Haven't found anything better in the possession of vendor or monster. Yet.

John Corrado
07-18-2000, 08:01 AM
Geez, I feel kind of lonely as a Barbarian...

Then again, my character kicks ass, so no skin off my nose.

Konrade, Level 13 Barbarian; I'm about to go through the jail in Act I (yeah, yeah, I'm a late bloomer compared to the rest of ya). 5 levels of Sword Mastery, a Two-Handed Sword in each hand. One Sword provides mana with a kill, and I've got a flawed Skull in my helm, so I can generally cast Double Attack all day long, which means I cut through monsters like butter.

I also have two rings of Fortune and an Amulet of Fortune, giving me a whopping +37 to my chance of picking up magic items. I've found the Set item Death's Sash (8-slot sash, which kind of sucks; but has a Defense of 28 and makes me Immune to Freezing) and the Unique item The Centurion (Hard Leather Armor- Defense 58, +15 mana, +15 life, +30 Stamina, Replenish Life 3). I also managed to buy another Set item (Horun's Boots, Fast Run/Walk, 30% Fire Resistance) in a gamble with Gheed.

I expect to be into Act II by tomorrow. See y'all there.

07-18-2000, 08:07 AM
Originally posted by SPOOFE Bo Diddly
The Sorceress will have trouble going it alone? Not so, my friend, not so! Ample manipulation of the Fireball and Warmth abilities can turn her into a freakin' tank. Is that a group of demons I see? BWOOMF! They're all dead!

Fireball?!?!? Glacial Spike is MUCH more useful, especially when the baddies are getting raised up- frozen & shattered monsters can't be resurrected.

Still, Fireball's for pussies. Glacial Spike & Firewall is the best combo for Acts II and 3.

Try Lvl 2 Static Field, and Lvl 2 Meteor. A buddy and I(he's 25th level Necromancer, I'm 25th level Sorceress) took out Mephisto in something like 45 seconds with that combo. My buddy tied him up, I took off something like 90% of his hit points with static field quickly, and then brought down 5 meteors on his head. He didn't last long.

Blizzard has to be the most useful spell in the game. Absolutely insane. Freezes & does damage.

Between Blizzard & Meteor, my Sorceress is like a one-woman weapon of mass-destruction. Try to get some kind of magic item which gives you mana per kill. You'll NEVER run out if that's the case.

I'll admit I'm speaking from a multiplayer perspective(freezing is really nice if you have a melee friend to shatter them), but being able to shatter enemies so that they can't be raised is really nice in the Lut Gholein sewers, Tombs of Tal Rasha, and in Upper/Lower Kurast, Kurast Bazaar & Travincal(hardest part thus far!).

07-18-2000, 10:11 AM
Well, my Palidan has killed Diablo and I've finished the game so I can go back to leading a normal life. I've started again with a Necromancer and a Barbarian, plus through again at a tougher level with my good old Palidan. My plan is to rotate between three ongoing games whenever I feel like playing so it should be months before I face Diablo again.

This is one great game. I played Age of Empires II for eight months before I got sick of it so I'll probably get my money's worth out of Diablo II.

The final brawl to throw the five switches and get to Diablo is staggering - the variety of monsters coming at you is overwhelming. My poor guy was stumbling around frozen, poisoned, cursed with a variety of curses (one seemed to make him drop his healing potions on the ground), fried by lightning, flames licking at him, and being hacked at. Running away and town portaling in and out were critical.

One tip: When Diablo dies a clock appears "the game will end in XX seconds". Diablo drops a bunch of goodies (in my case a super sword, an amulet...) and you have to pick the stuff up before the game ends. Make sure you have some room in your pack when you drop the big guy so you can snag these goodies.

I'll never know how some of you guys get through so fast. Seraphim says he went through the game twice in four days. I must have played for damned near 100 hours to get through once and I tried to be fast.

Keep the trivia and tips coming. This is truly Mundane Pointless Stuff we must share.

07-18-2000, 10:25 AM
All right, we really need to work out a b-net schedule here. I don't have a multiplayer character yet, but I am currently buzzing through the game with Necrophiliac, my necromancer. I know all of you guys are partial to summoning spells, but I prefer to load up on armor and wade through melee, throwing out my high level teeth and cursing everything that moves. Less efficient it may be, but it is damned satisfying.


07-18-2000, 10:48 AM
I never thought I would find lost souls at the SDMB...

You guys play Diablo II?

Thats just cool, and funny all at the same time!


07-18-2000, 10:59 AM
You guys play Diablo II?

No, actually. We prefer talking in some technical detail about the fine art of character creation and handing out advice to other players even though we ourselves wouldn't go near the game. :)


07-18-2000, 11:10 AM
Just an update. I killed D the night I got back from vacation, and have taken my Paladin into nightmare mode. The cow level is tough! One on one the cows arent too hard, but they attack 20 at a time! I'm gonna try to bring a few more characters along so I have a variety of different heros to chose from at an advanced level. I think open b-net is gonna be the way to go. If anyone really wants to play, start by posting a time you can play and a character you want to play, or e-mail me. We should start from scratch with new heros.

07-18-2000, 11:14 AM
I can't Battlenet; my free internet connection is absolute crap.

Here's how my Palidan finished the game:
level 28, strength 83, dexterity 72, vitality 50, energy 30

Diablo went down to a Knight's Long sword, damage 6-31, very fast attack speed, +83 to attack rating.
gauntlets 15, belt 10 (both magic), "Field Plate of the Wolf" armour-defense 157, +15 to life, "Sigon's Sabot" greaves-faster run/walk, cold resist 40%, "The Ward" gothic shield- defense 74, successful blocking 56% (you can hear the clank as a big hit is blocked) magic damage reduced by 2, +10 to strength, "Undead Crown"- defense 42, half freeze duration, poison resist 50%, +8 defense, 4% life stolen per hit.

As an amateur I didn't build up my special powers too wisely. I emphasized Might, Defiance, and Blessed Aim up to levels 4 or 5. I wasted points on on Prayer. Cleansing came in handy and the three Resist Cold, Lightning and Fire came in handy near the end. When the nasties telegraph that one of these elemental hits is coming I could quickly hot key the necessary defense and reduce the damage. I wished I could spare the points to play around with Thorn and such but it's a hard world out there.

I enjoyed my "Ring of Radiance"- +3 to light radius, silver ring- +73 to attack rating, "Bronze Ring of Excellence"- +16 to attack, +3 to minimum damage, "Doom Touch" ring- +1 to light, magic damage reduce 2, fire resist +9%, +4 mana, plus the best rings and amulets I could find for poison, fire, lightning, freeze.

When Diablo died I bagged "Glowing Ancient Armour" - defense 231, light radius +2, and "Grim Sever" great sword - damage 30 - 49, but these both require strength of 100 to use.

07-18-2000, 03:45 PM
Heehee my level 23 Paladin just beat the tar out of the main boss of Act 2. Duriel I think. And I hardly had to lift a finger. All I did was turn on my level 3 thorns and a whole slew of potions. Since Duriel does so much damange to me and his attacks are all Melee he was doin 4 times the damage to himself. All I did was hit him with my Fine Broad Sword of Venom :).

Anyways yeah we Should work out a Bnet schedule. Someone email me what time would be good for you guys.

07-18-2000, 04:37 PM
"Cow Level"??? With my "Sir" Palidan in the original camp of Act 1 I put Wirt's leg and a scroll of town portal into my transmogrifier but nothing happened. Maybe I lost my chance to get to that hidden or secret level because I went out of the camp briefly before I tried. Any advice?

Damn! I just had a call from a headhunter. I might get a job soon and have to end my career as a computer game player.

07-18-2000, 05:29 PM
Al, you gotta do it in the rogues camp of the level you just completed. Try again in normal difficulty.

07-18-2000, 06:00 PM
Acually Diablo II is supposed to work on NT. So maybe getting a job will only help your career as a Gamer, As for me I'm gonna be turning my desk around so that the screen no longer faces the door.

07-18-2000, 06:42 PM
It does work on NT. I've been playing it at work. They can't fire me--I'm the only one who knows what's going on.

Just started a necro on the side. I love having minions.

07-18-2000, 07:09 PM
Dave, a good way for the paladin to kill the cows is with the holy hammer and with poison potions. There are 2 unique cows as well as the King of the Cows. As long as you keep your distance and don't get surrounded, you should be fine.

BTW, the Cow King gives you one rare, one magic, and a ton of stamina potions.

07-18-2000, 08:30 PM
How's this for massively stupid?

I got through the Arcane Sanctuary (in Act II), with difficulty, my first try. That's one bugger of a level, BTW. Then I walk through the portal to the Valley of whatever-it-is. Not thinking to clearly at this point, I happily cast a Town Portal, do some shopping, and quit. That's when I realize that my only connection to the Valley was that Portal which disappeared when I quit. Sure enough, when I start it up again, all I can do is waypoint to the Arcane Sanctuary.

Sooooo, I start fighting my way through again, but this time I get killed by the summoner. So I run back to my body, but just as I get there, I get killed again, scattering my equipped posessions. Not thinking at all this time, I say forget it, and exit, thinking that my body will be back in town this time, albeit with less cash. But, of course, what happened is that all the stuff that was scattered is gone!! Forever! I can't get it back!! I'm such an idiot!!!! My rare helmet! My enhanced armor! My kick-ass bow!! My amulet that took 10% of my damage from my mana! And especially, my belt that increased the amount of money I got from monsters!!!!!! Damn! Damn me to hell!!

The only good thing was that my kick-ass socketed crossbow was in my backpack at the time, so I still have it. Good thing, too, because since I exited and came back, the AS was repopulated again. I died three or four times before I finally made it through again - this time, determined not to leave until I found the new waypoint. And to top it all off, the portal opens right next to the damn waypoint. Blast it all. I am so damned stupid.

I haven't tried battle net for a couple of weeks. Has performance improved? I'd be way up for some SD battle net games. Let me know! I'm going to allow my email to be accessable just for this. You should be honored.

Also, for whoever it was that was asking about Mac, it will be out in a week or two - by the end of July. It's the fastest PC to Mac conversion ever. It's already gone gold.

07-18-2000, 11:33 PM
oh yeah, one other cool thing about cold armor spells: aside from lasting after being cast (so you can use other spells and skills with the armor active), boosting your defensive stats and causing cold damage to attackers . . .

it adds to your light radius! Just one more reason cold elemental spells are the best thing there is.

Workin' my way to Cold Mastery . . .

07-19-2000, 02:22 AM
I dont think your cold spells will do ya much good when just cut your character in half with nice pointy sword.

Sorry I just wanted to get in some trash talkin :)

07-19-2000, 12:58 PM
I don't think your sharp pointy sword will do you much good when your joints have been frozen solid by a glacial spike.

Sorry just wanted to respond in kind :D

07-19-2000, 01:46 PM
Cold spells suck when your teamed with a Necro. The bodies freeze, shatter and melt away, so there is no corpse to raise.

07-19-2000, 01:51 PM
I have found the best recipe for the cube (aside from upgrading gems)

3 health
3 mana
1 chipped gem (May work with any kind of gem, I just used chipped because I'm so far in the game I don't get them anymore to upgrade the chips to flawed)


1 FULL rejuvenation potion, which completely rocks. I've stacked up 9 of them, which I'm saving for Da Man himself.

(For those who don't know, FULL rejuvs instantly bring mana and health to 100%, unlike partial rejuvs, which do 36%, and individuals, which are too slow.)

stoid...totally hooked

John Corrado
07-19-2000, 01:53 PM
Well, I finished Act I last night. (Yeah, yeah, I know, everyone else is going through their second run. I'm a slow player. Deal.)

Remember how I said that between two rings and an amulet, my Barbarian character has a +37 chance of finding magic items?

Part of my treasure from killing off Andariel at the end of Act I was a Normal Amethyst. The gem which, when placed within a helm, adds about 20 to your chance of finding magic items.

My next several levels will all be focused upon building up my 'Find Item' skill. This rocks.

Mauve Dog
07-19-2000, 04:54 PM
Originally posted by John Corrado

Part of my treasure from killing off Andariel at the end of Act I was a Normal Amethyst. The gem which, when placed within a helm, adds about 20 to your chance of finding magic items.

My next several levels will all be focused upon building up my 'Find Item' skill. This rocks.

Actually, the gem that gives you extra chance to find magic items is the topaz (if placed in a helm).

My barbarian (level 26) has long ago abandoned his Find Potion and Find Item skills. For one thing, with all the junk he's wearing, he has a 75%+ chance to find magic items. Second, his armor (unique, called 'Iceblink') allows him to freeze everything he hits. As a result, no bodies. No muss, no fuss, just gets his boots a bit wet :D

Mauve Dog
07-19-2000, 04:56 PM
Are there only two levels of difficulty: Normal and Nightmare? Or are there three, like in Diablo I? Or has no-one completed Nightmare, so we don't really know?

07-19-2000, 05:10 PM
Originally posted by Mauve Dog
Are there only two levels of difficulty: Normal and Nightmare? Or are there three, like in Diablo I? Or has no-one completed Nightmare, so we don't really know?

I haven't been there, but I understand there's Hell level. I've heard lots of people talk about it in the Blizzard forums.

I'm still building up strength and Full Rejuvs to take on Diablo....

I'm so ridiculous. The adrenaline I get going when I'm heading up against a big boss is silly. My brain knows it's only a game, but my body responds as though it's real. As a consequence, I'm a complete chicken. I re-do the same levels over and over and over again until I am getting almost no experience, and THEN I move on. Sheesh.

My SO, however, takes on anything. He dies about once an hour, and doesn't even suit up to go back, he just runs in real quick and loots his corpse. I don't have the nerve.

by the way, someone earlier said that once you go into the Act IV, you can't go back. That is simply not true. You can use the WayPoints to go anywhere in the game that you've already been. I have been in Act IV, I've got 2 of the 3 waypoints, and now I'm playing back in Act III.


07-19-2000, 07:05 PM
Yes, Viginia, There is a Hell.

After you beat nightmare (heh) you can go to hell. According to the designers, the original hell was too easy. So they wanted to make it so that it would take 8 players to get through hell. Maybe. Solo was right out.

As is, I'm halfway through nightmare, and it's near impossible solo. I die a lot, and every death takes away exp. I feel like I'm clawing for every bit of groung I can get against Hell's minions. Loving every minute of it.

07-19-2000, 09:11 PM
I'm almost done with Act II on nightmare mode. It's not too hard so far, since I have zeal and thorns. The enemies basically kill themselves by attacking me.

However, I am going to get my ass royally kicked by Duriel. I'll inform everyoone when I attempt this.

07-19-2000, 10:30 PM
oh wow. I went up against Duriel today, normal mode. That thing is annoying.

question: who here has collected an entire set of items? I'm afraid to sell these things, but individually they don't do much for me; otherwise I'd have them equipped right now. What great skill is unlocked when they're all found and put together? Is it worth the effort?

07-19-2000, 10:54 PM
Okay I want to play with some fellow dopers. So I am going to make a game. The name is SDMB and the password is "Squirrel" it will be on bnet not the open one anyways. So come and join if ya wanna :)

Mauve Dog
07-20-2000, 02:23 AM
Originally posted by Daniel
oh wow. I went up against Duriel today, normal mode. That thing is annoying.

question: who here has collected an entire set of items? I'm afraid to sell these things, but individually they don't do much for me; otherwise I'd have them equipped right now. What great skill is unlocked when they're all found and put together? Is it worth the effort?

My roommate and I are collecting every 'set' piece we can find. Currently, we are one piece short in about three sets (of course, there are only 3 or 4 items in these sets), and have a piece each in about 5 or 6 others. It definitely looks like some were tailored for specific classes (we found a 'Barbarian's Hauberk', for example, that gives +1 to all Barbarian skills - I think there are about 4 other pieces to the set). As for collecting the whole set, you don't typically get a skill, but you do get an added bonus (or bonuses), on top of whatever the individual parts give you; the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

07-20-2000, 02:44 AM
I'm almost to Diablo's chamber (Normal mode... Monster gets more time to play than I do, the lucky bastard...). I've seen someone go against Diablo with a Necromancer, and from what I've seen, my Sorceress should whup his ass.

And to Bump... you were right about Glacial Spike. I scrapped my +3-Fireball stave today in favor of a +3-Glacial Spike staff... and BOY, do I LOVE the change! It costs a bit more, mana-wise... but today, I also raised Warmth three more levels. I wait three seconds, and I have another Spike ready...

I love the Meteor spell, too... it just LOOKS insane. I right-click a couple times, and I swear I can hear "Ride Of The Valkyries" playing...

And I'm keeping my eyes open for a staff that provides plusses to Lightning Storm and/or Energy Shield, or Blizzard... just some fun stuff to pound on the Big D with...

07-20-2000, 07:59 AM
Ahhhhh! I read this thread yesterday, decided, what the hell, i'm sick of kicking major butt in StarCraft Broodwar on B-Net, i need a new game. So i buy DiabloII. You bastards! I'm hooked! So in the 5 hourse i play last night before i was forced to tear myself away from the screen, I'm a L7 amazon (with a really sexy voice), and i've been killed. I just entered the dark wood too. So now i'm sitting here at work which as much as it's being slow here, i dread, and i forgot to bring the game with me to install here, and i'm already jonesing. Gotta go home and play DiabloII! That's what's in my head right now. So, Do you kids start a few different games with different characters and play a different one each time? Or just stick with one. I was thinking maybe if i started over with a necromancer this time... but i like my amazon. Shiva, that's what i call her.

John Corrado
07-20-2000, 08:45 AM
Mauve Dog said:
Actually, the gem that gives you extra chance to find magic items is the topaz (if placed in a helm).

Yeah, you're right. Brain fart on my part. But it *was* a Normal Topaz I found. Now, with the Boots of Fortune I bought, I've got a +65% chance of finding magic items.

Unfortunately, most of what I've found so far sucks ass. I've been through the Sewers, the first two Desert Areas, the Stony Tomb, and the place where you get the Horadric Cube (all Act II, in case you were wondering), and every time a rare item shows up, it's a Crossbow. Great. Thanks for nothing. I get two Set items and a Unique item within the first half of Act I, and never see anything like them again... and now I'm struggling with the decision of whether or not to abandon my armor- I can buy Scale Mail, which would up my Defense by at least 50; but that gives up the +15 mana +15 life +15 Stamina Regenerate 3 bonus the armor gives. Arggh. What I'd do for some Unique Plate right about now...

Daniel: If you do a search by "Diablo II set list", most search engines will point you to some web sites with a full list of the set items and what the set bonuses are.

soulsling: I screwed around with a lot of different characters when I started (part of the reason I'm only in the early part of Act II right now). But eventually I settled down for my main Barbarian. Maybe after pushing through the game some more, I might pick back up my Amazon, or start a new barbarian with Axes being his main focus (and thus getting a bit of a ranged attack once I get to Act II). We'll see.

07-20-2000, 09:16 AM
Originally posted by soulsling
So, Do you kids start a few different games with different characters and play a different one each time? Or just stick with one. I was thinking maybe if i started over with a necromancer this time... but i like my amazon. Shiva, that's what i call her. [/B]

When I'm ready to slaughter things, I play my paladin. When I'm in a "sit back and sneer at the foolish mortals" mood, I play my necromancer. My necro hasn't hit anything with a melee attack in 4 levels; golem makes corpses, corpses make skeletons, skeletons make more corpses...life is good. Even my freebie rogue mercenary hasn't gotten killed yet. I feel so Evil Overlordish.

07-20-2000, 09:34 AM
I'm good for a Bnet game, but because of my goddamned phone company I have no internet at home. I will have to play either early before work or late after work. Not sure if this will be convenient for anyone else. But at least I have a DSL connection here.


07-20-2000, 11:24 AM
My girlfriend and I just beat Diablo (again for me) last night. I with my Necro, her with her Amazon. He's easy with range weapons... a little fire protection, a bone spear or 1000... he dies. My first one was a sorceress, and she killed him pretty quick with firewalls. My friend did it with a barbarian, and got slaughtered repeatedly, as he was point blank on a lightning blast every time Diablo got angry.

07-20-2000, 01:45 PM
I'ma a hardcore MacAddict and playing on my hunny's PC has been driving me nuts. Not so much because it's a PC, but simply because it's not MY computer that I'm playing on, I'm at his mercy as to when I can play. (Unless I play on the other PC, which invented the term LAG, even in single player...kudos to my hun for letting me play on the fast one when we play together).

Anyway, I ordered the Mac version from Blizzard yesterday and it's supposed to arrive today. I wish I had my new G4 to install it on, but that will have to wait a bit.

Blizzard tech support tells me that I should be able to transfer my PC characters easily, maybe just changing the type and creator codes. I'm crossing my fingers and I'll let you know how it goes...

Oh, and as a Diablo I player on a mac three years ago, let me clue the Mac novices in: You MUST invest in a 2-button mouse! It is ESSENTIAL. While you can play with a one button, it involves using modifier keys, which completely screws you up... you need your left hand for skill switching, run/walk and search for items. Having to attack with both hands...well, you're a better woman than I if you can pull it off....

07-20-2000, 01:51 PM
I am emphatically NOT a computer game hound. Mostly could give a rat's ass about games. I'll try 'em, play for a few minutes, get bored and blow it off. This applys to puzzle games, Role-playing, shooting, you name it, I'm bored by it.

This is emphatically not true of Diablo. 3 years ago I lost about 3 months out of my life and blew my health staying up til dawn and sleeping 3 hours a night, barely eating just to PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!! I'm a little better this time around (I'd just hate myself if I got that bad again, how pathetic - but it takes discipline) but still, I LOVE it.

Why? I'm 42 years old, my friends ask me all the time, and I am at a complete loss. I cannot explain it. On its face, it looks dumb. Cast spell, bash, find item, get gold, cast spell, bash...blah blah. WHAT is the damn appeal, and why Diablo and not any other role-playing game. Is anyone else like me? Can anyone explain it? Diablo is the fastest/biggest selling game or very near...why why why? I need answers!!!

So...tell us why YOU are so damn hooked.

07-20-2000, 02:09 PM
Originally posted by Talkinsquirrel
Okay I want to play with some fellow dopers. So I am going to make a game. The name is SDMB and the password is "Squirrel" it will be on bnet not the open one anyways. So come and join if ya wanna :)

Let's make this the standard. I didn't see that game last night when I read the post; I'm gonna go look for it right now. If it's not there, create it. So basically, if any Dopers wanna do battle with other Dopers, that's the name and the password. Sound good?

headin' to battle.net . . .

07-20-2000, 02:23 PM
feh. Error message; server down. So much for that.

Also, I'm on USEast; I don't know if it's possible to be on any other realm, I only remember seeing the one option when I created the bnet account. Might that have been the problem?

Anyway I'm gonna try sometime today to put in the two hours necessary for the account to hold, and maybe make my character worthwhile.

07-20-2000, 02:38 PM
All right, this is too much. I am gonna try and drag my ass outta bed really early and set it up at work. I'll try to log onto bnet, USAEast realm. If I can't get on, it's all your fault <s>.

I've never played multiplayer before, believe it or not. So anyone have opinions on item etiquette? I don't want to step on any toes.


Mauve Dog
07-20-2000, 02:38 PM
Originally posted by soulsling
So, Do you kids start a few different games with different characters and play a different one each time? Or just stick with one. I was thinking maybe if i started over with a necromancer this time... but i like my amazon. Shiva, that's what i call her.

I have lots of characters :)
I have two necromancers (one 17th level, one ...I forget what level), two paladins - one 9th level, one 18th level (I did have three, but I deleted one - the game apparently decided he needed to lead a Spartan life, and only coughed up maybe two or three magic items in about 15 levels. He had only a few gems [most of which he got from Andariel], and most of his equipment was normal stuff that he had to buy!), a 26th level Barbarian, a 17th level Amazon, and a 13th level or so Sorceress. I probably could have finished the game a long time ago, if I didn't keep creating new characters :D

07-20-2000, 03:58 PM
I am not looking at this thread as I dont want to know too much about this as I am playing it. However, Does anyone know if Wirts leg is actually used anywhere? It is taking up space in my stash, and I would like to get rid of it if I don't need it.

07-20-2000, 04:13 PM
As Seraphim said above Wirt's leg is key to accessing the Secret Cow Level. Get crazy with that Horadric Cube!

Or you could get Charsi to imbue it.

07-20-2000, 07:19 PM
Dammit! I'm on USWest!! At least, that's where my kick-ass Barbarian is. For those who didn't know, each character is stuck to its realm. So on the char selection screen, if you choose a character, it takes you to that realm. If you choose to create a new one, you can choose the realm.

OK, for any other West people, all my games will be named after my character, HeadOBeef. I'll leave them w/o passwords until I see how many Dopers are around. I usually play online only at work, since we have high speed here - about 5-10 pm pacific time during the week. Look for me, and identify yourself when you come in!

As for sets, diabloii.net has them all listed. This could become an important site if they ever update the damn thing!

07-20-2000, 08:34 PM
Folks, if we're gonna do this, it needs to be on OPEN B-NET. That way we can use the same characters weather we are at home alone or playing the game together. Open B-net, people, Open!

07-20-2000, 08:54 PM
Dave, what is your character's name? I'm Sir Monster on open bnet, and on USWest I'm KloonyTheKlown.

07-20-2000, 10:13 PM
Originally posted by SPOOFE Bo Diddly

And to Bump... you were right about Glacial Spike. I scrapped my +3-Fireball stave today in favor of a +3-Glacial Spike staff... and BOY, do I LOVE the change! It costs a bit more, mana-wise... but today, I also raised Warmth three more levels. I wait three seconds, and I have another Spike ready...

And I'm keeping my eyes open for a staff that provides plusses to Lightning Storm and/or Energy Shield, or Blizzard... just some fun stuff to pound on the Big D with...

Thanks. It's nice to have someone else confirm my opinions about spells.

One more piece of advice: Thunderstorm reeks. It's not this Blizzard-like electrical storm which fries everything. Even 2nd level, it's the occasional random bolt of lightning for 40 seconds. Not really useful.

Blizzard is the one spell to get when you hit 24th. Meteor is damn cool looking(imagine napalm from the sky!), but Blizzard does a ton of damage and freezes the baddies.

I'm thinking about energy shield myself, or maybe another level to Chain lightning.

Static field is quite possibly the most underrated spell in the entire game.

Each cast takes off 1/3 of remaining hit points of ALL monsters in a group. More skill = larger area covered.

Cast 3 times, and the monsters are more than 1/2 damaged.

07-20-2000, 10:19 PM
Hey, i ditched the amazon, got me a necromancer, named soul.
hehe. Level 12. started him at 5pm and he's L12 as of 10 minutes ago. Am i sick or what?
Question: can you remove gems from sockets after you've put them in? if so, how? i can't it seems. And how come with all those levels, i've only encountered two gems. chipped skull and something green, i forget what. I love raising the dead!

07-20-2000, 10:35 PM
You can't remove socketed gems, soulsling. It's better to save them for upgrading. The # of gems seems pretty random--my paladin is at lvl 19 with about a dozen. My necro is lvl 15 and has 3 (and no *#@& skull gems yet).

And yes, I love minions. Don't blow too many points on skeletons, though. Look for a wand that boosts your summon skeleton skill instead. Mine gives me +2 on Summon and +2 on Mastery for 'em. It's great for Act 1. Golems will be a lot more useful later on--and don't neglect Corpse Explosion, either.

07-20-2000, 10:39 PM
i like the skeleton mages, they rock.
i tried bnet just now, but nobody wants to play, they all just quit and went home. maybe i should get some sleep and leave it alone already. 7 hours is rough.

07-20-2000, 10:46 PM
Necromancers suck against Diablo. He kills them all with one attack. Although it is cool to have hoardes of minions, especially on bnet. Teaming a paladin and necromancer is near-invincible.

07-20-2000, 10:55 PM
Originally posted by Monster104
Necromancers suck against Diablo. He kills them all with one attack. Although it is cool to have hoardes of minions, especially on bnet. Teaming a paladin and necromancer is near-invincible.
Guess I'll just have to load the game on both my computers and play my two characters together, then.:D

07-20-2000, 11:18 PM
Well, My chars are as follows-

WeirdDave- L28 Paladin
WeirdWench-L10 Amazon
WeirdOne-L3 Barbarian
WeirdDead-L2 Necromancer
WeirdWitch-L1 Sorcerer

I usually play SP unless I know someone will be there. Lets make a deal. If anyone wants to play on open B-net, post here before you go, then start a game SDMB, password:Dope.

07-21-2000, 02:42 AM
Dave, I assume you meant "Game name- SDMB with password- Dope". And when I start doing some major online-stuff (starting Monday, most likely... that's when the play is over...), I'll be there all the time.

Oh, yeah, I have to tell everyone... beat Big D today. Bump, when you get the chance, get Blizzard. You don't even need it very powerful. Diablo was SOOOOOOO easy with it! And Blizzard was only level 1 (granted by a staff). It took forever, and I DID die once, but that was 'cuz I got a bit too cocky, and got caught in a 'lectrical blast of his.

07-21-2000, 02:49 AM
OK, so it sounds like we're agreed on Open Battle Net, with the appropriate names and passwords. I'm all for it, as long as no one here is heavily into pissing people off. Of course, if you were, you wouldn't last too long here anyway.

It would help me, at least, if people would also post here the best times to catch them online. Like I said before, I usually do MP in the evenings during the week.

07-21-2000, 07:28 AM
I had a similar experience to Smeghead and my Paladin lost all his stuff after an aborted dead-body rescue experience. This sucked, and I decided to start again. I got lucky early on and got a bunch of topazes, which I held and improved with the cube and now have a helmet that gives me a huge chance (40-something %) to get magic items (I also have boots which also add to that.

Here's the problem though: Yeah, I'm finding magic items, but they *all* suck. Glimmering Chain-mail of Ease. Armor of Life that adds +1 to life. (I'd say about 1/3d of all armor I've found is glimmering) My old Paladin, I couldn't decide between multiple suits of armor (something-reinforced?)-Splint Mail of the Mammoth which gave me like 50 to life and had almost 300 points of armor and another similar one. Same with weapons. I keep having to buy my weapons, 'cause I can't find any decent ones.
I'm also not finding Paladin specific items (scepters, etc) as much as I was before. I'm getting a ton of socketed items (bows and mauls in particular) though.
I'm wondering if the "Find Magic Items" guarantees that, yeah, you'll find a ton of stuff, but it'll all be sh*t. Maybe the less stuff you find, the better it'll be.

Anyone else notice this?


John Corrado
07-21-2000, 07:37 AM
Well, Fenris, not to be philosophical, but shit is relative.

As I said before, I've got a Barbarian with a +68 chance of finding magic items. In the early half of Act I, I got kick-ass stuff: The Centurion and Death's Guard (both of which I'm still using, even halfway into Act II).

Since then, I've been finding plenty of rare and general magic items, but never stuff I can use (Crossbow? What the hell am *I* going to do with a Crossbow?). Still, I've been getting a *lot* more magic items- and more rare, unique, and set items- than the other five characters I created *combined*.

07-21-2000, 08:03 AM
I feel like i'm ready to do battle on open B-Net, so i'll be on today at about 4:30-5pm. Tried it last night while my eyeballs were ready to pop out of my skull from a 7 hour game. I've got my L12 Necromancer to use, and he's chalk full of magic armor and stuff, a very fast attack sword with a green gem and a chipped skull socketed in it, should have waited a bit, cause i found a mace with two sockets that does more damage and 160% damage to undead. damn! but the sword is 22% added to attack. Man, one day and i'm addicted worse than a crack fiend. It's almost worse than the SDMB! So who's up for teaching a newbie the ropes on B-Net! I've conquered universes with StarCraft Broodwar there, time for some real action!

07-21-2000, 10:23 AM
Ack! I can't get on today! So I'll be there Monday, perhaps with a new char. Also 5:30-6 or so, EST.

Since this is open bnet, we gotta set some rules. I tend to play distance attack kinds of characters, and rely on minions and ranged spells/weapons. But I'll be damned if there's a barbarian felcher out there who thinks he's going to snag all the items when I did a solid chunk of the work. So like I asked before, do you mp vets have any procedures for booty distribution?


07-21-2000, 10:43 AM
Blizzard always seems to suck ass when I use it. Fire Wall was my boss killer, and Meteor my crowd killer. (Fire, Fire!) Chain lightning is nowhere near as sick as in the first game, but still a lot of fun. I like thunderstorm (only at level 1) when I'm forced to fight something that I know is going to mess me up if I go toe to toe. The extra 1-100 pts of damage every few seconds helps.

Anyone notice that most gems are bloody useless? So far Skulls and Diamonds are all I've ever bothered with. Saphires are okay in weapons, and topaz is fun to load into a helm, but ultimately, there's better items out there that do the exact same thing as anything you can buy.

Mind, there are exceptions. The shield I'm running around with has 3 perfect diamonds. That almost maxes my resistances right there (the prismatic amulet does the rest).

07-21-2000, 10:51 AM
MadPoet, at least your'e finding gems, all i got was one bloody chipped skull and an emerald. I'm on for monday as well. But if anyone wants to do it today, i'm there. Just post what the game and password is gonna be. I'm playing my L12 Necropheliac, i mean mancer. Name's Soul.

John Corrado
07-21-2000, 11:00 AM
Agreed, MadPoet. The only useful gems for me (as a two sword wielding Barbarian) are Skulls and Topazes. Most magic items not only duplicate the benefits of the gems, but usually surpass them. The exceptions are Skulls in helms (great regen abilities); Topazes in helms (great 'find magic' abilities) or weapons (huge electrical damage bonuses); and Diamonds in Shields (great 'all resistance' bonuses).

Unfortunately, as I don't use a Shield, and as my main focus in getting weapons is Mana-Drain (which the skulls are *no good* at- a Perfect Skull is 5%, and each of my Vampiric Swords hits for 10%), the only real gems for me are Skulls and Topazes.

07-21-2000, 11:32 AM

As far as items goes, I've always played with people who liked each other and wanted each character to be it's best. If it's good armor, the melee character gets it. If it's a add magic item, then it goes to the mage, etc.. If one person wants a particular item, usualy the other gives it to them. The key to remember is that cooperation is the name of the game. Last night we found good armor, and my Amazon took it, and gave her old armor to the Sorcerous I was playing with. Both players upgraded. Simple.

07-21-2000, 12:57 PM
Originally posted by bump

Static field is quite possibly the most underrated spell in the entire game.

Each cast takes off 1/3 of remaining hit points of ALL monsters in a group. More skill = larger area covered.

Cast 3 times, and the monsters are more than 1/2 damaged.

When I first saw this I thought, Glacial Spike is near fatal to almost anyone, what use could Static Field be? Then I went up against certain Council Members with Cold Resistence, Stone Skin, Magic Resistance and (ugh) life regeneration. Then I realized the staff I bought (for its 46% fire resistance and +2 Glacial Spike) had a +2 Static Field attribute, giving me a skill I never bothered to learn. So I tried it. Amazing. Good call.

Aside from that staff (which along with my other items pushes my fire resistance to the maximum, so that Meteors don't even make me flinch), my most treasured item is this unique skull cap I've had since Act I. I forget its name, but aside from some other attributes (i.e. 75% better chance of finding magic item), its most awesome feature is this: +1 to ALL skills. It won't grant me skills I haven't learned or been given by a staff, but whenever I learn a new skill the thing pushes it up automatically to the 2nd level. I love this thing! It doesn't add much to my defense, but I think that's a small price to pay.

07-21-2000, 01:13 PM
i'm drooling over the idea of finding a cap like that Daniel...

07-21-2000, 01:23 PM
I have the Infernal Cranium. Anyone out there have the full Infernal Set and would like to comment?


07-21-2000, 01:29 PM
Back in the old days of the original Diablo, I played a version that was called Ironman. Very amusing...I don't know that's it's even possible with all the quests in this game, but it was quite a challenge: get at least one of every type of character together, all Level One. Then set out into the game...the deal is, no one ever gets to return to town. For anything. You rely completely upon what you can find and do for each other.

I never got very far in the old days, because I couldn't find enough people willing to really commit to the challenge, but I would just love to give it a whirl. Perhaps with this version of Diablo it could be modified so that trips to town are exclusively for the purpose of getting and completing quests. No shopping, no stash, no healing.

I fear I won't have any takers on this...but I thought I'd throw it out there.

By the way, has anyone seen or heard of anyone making it through on HARDCORE? (Hardcore can only be played in Realms, and the major difference is that you only get ONE life. You die, that's it...finito - read the manual section about it. it's pretty funny.)

Also, something I'd love to observe, not participate in: an 8 character game on HELL level in Travincal. THAT would be a hoot...just watching all the computers freeze, crash and burn.

By the way: MAc version came. Charaacter transferred fine. :)

07-21-2000, 01:45 PM
Sets are good to collect and then give to your next character.

I haven't seen any set that I'd wear after completing the game on normal. Although some pieces are okay. Every class has a set item that increases their skills by one. Those are great for the sorc and necro, and I think the amazon, but the barb's is a crappy armor, and the paladins is a mediocre weapon.

As is, of the set items, I've found the sigon set 3 times over, but have never seem the arcanna staff or the infernal wand, the two items that would be usefall at all to me.

07-21-2000, 01:49 PM
Eight necros has got to be hell on most machines.

Once I kicked Win2k off my machine and starting running games in 98 again, the game got faster, but I still don't think it would like 160 skellies waltzing around.

07-21-2000, 02:08 PM
Originally posted by soulsling
i'm drooling over the idea of finding a cap like that Daniel...

I got some of the numbers wrong, but the gist of it is still the same. 75% wasn't the extra chance of getting a magic item; it was the extra gold you get from monsters, and it offers better protection than I thought. Here, I started up the game and looked it up:

unique item - Tarnhelm Skull Cap
Defense - 8
Required Strength - 15
+1 to all skills
45% extra chance of finding magic item
75% extra gold from monsters

I forget what the durability was, not that it matters much.

07-21-2000, 02:12 PM
I didn't even think of that... 8 necros, each with the max number of skels, golems and revived monsters, plus a few mercenaries for good measure. All on Hell level in Travincal.

Actually, thinking about it... I don't think it's possible. In any case it would be a good test of a machine's processing power, eh?

Everybody would be so lagged they'd all die instantly, I'm sure of it.

07-21-2000, 02:24 PM
I think the Tarnhelm has a durability around 90--which is great; I hate getting stuff repaired all the time.

07-21-2000, 05:31 PM
Everybody would be so lagged they'd all die instantly, I'm sure of it.
With that many minions around? Oh, I don't know. It'd be a hell of a fight!

07-21-2000, 09:08 PM
I am going to start a game on Open B-net right now. Game name- SDMB, Pass-Dope. C'mon by if you wanna play.

07-22-2000, 12:01 AM
Dang it. I must have just missed you. Now it's too late. I have to go home in a minute.

07-22-2000, 12:16 AM
I got a plated belt of wealth.. 111% more gold from monsters... I rich!!

BTW anyone want a fine broad Sword of Venom? enhance damage 4-17 damage from poison and some other thing... i dont remember :)

07-22-2000, 02:31 AM
How does one get to Open Bnet? It's been quite a few years since I've played any online games at all and I've recently discovered the addiction that is Diablo 1 on Playstation. I need a bigger and better fix!!! I think I'll go purchase me a copy tomorrow...someone did say that it runs on NT right???
Please say yes...

07-22-2000, 05:31 AM
Here's an idea... if there're too many people in the SDMB B-Net name (say, four people, which slows your machine too much), just let everyone know that you're creating a different SDMB game (SDMB2, SDMB3, etc.) so's the game doesn't get too laggy.

Oh, yeah, we're talking Open B-Net, right? I wanna be able to have some fun with my level 28 sorceress... woohoo!

07-22-2000, 11:06 AM
How about anytime someone goes on they check for SDMB/dope, and if it's not there, they create it, if it's too full, check for the SDMB1 or 2 and still use dope as the pass. So anytime anyone is on, anyone else can just join?
For the record, i went into the "save" folder for DaibloII and made a copy of my characters stuff so that if on Open B-Net anything bad happens, i can always go back to my original character. Anyone else do this?

07-23-2000, 02:52 AM
Originally posted by Talkinsquirrel
I got a plated belt of wealth.. 111% more gold from monsters... I rich!!

BTW anyone want a fine broad Sword of Venom? enhance damage 4-17 damage from poison and some other thing... i dont remember :)

I want it, dammit! Email me next time you're going on Bnet.

My belt of wealth was great. It was what I missed most when I lost it in the bonehead maneuver I posted earlier. Since then, I've got even better gloves of wealth, but, man, if I had them both, I'd be finding piles of 300-400 gold pieces!

07-23-2000, 09:26 AM
On open B-Net now. SDMB/dope

07-23-2000, 11:23 AM
Guess I missed you-showing invalid game name.

07-23-2000, 12:34 PM
I'm in an open bnet game.

Name SDMB pass SDMB.

Join me if you want.

07-23-2000, 12:47 PM
I just created a different one...SDMB/DOPE.

07-23-2000, 10:05 PM
I have a 15th level Barbarian called, originally, AssKicker. I hire an Amazon merc (who has infinite arrows!!) and mow through everything I see. Now I have a problem. I'm looking for the Amazon killer Andriael in the Monastery, and I went down to the 3 levels of jail, but there doesn't seem to be any exits below. There isn't even waypoints in the jail. Where could she be??

07-23-2000, 10:35 PM
Keep looking, she's in a small level all on her own. Except for a few little bad guys sorrounding her...

07-24-2000, 01:52 AM
She is on the 4th or 5th level of the Catacombs, which are off the Jail, I believe. And I think the jail has a few levels, at least.

Warning: Andarial is no candyass. She LOOKS cool as hell, she's huge and babe-like with tentacles coming out of her. She poisons, and it is the ONLY poison in the whole game that ever nearly killed me. She is TOUGH, and she is surrounded by tough stuff.

I tried to go back and kill her after I was almost through the second act, and it was still nerve-wracking.

I'm about to face her again on nightmare level, which is pretty intense.

07-24-2000, 01:54 AM
It is completely hilarious, I highly recommend it!

Not to mention the fact that you get about a half-dozen gems.

But it cracked me up...


07-24-2000, 03:39 AM
now im a level 18 paladin , on act 2

i'm just about to go into the arcane sanctuary..this should be fun :)

07-24-2000, 03:45 AM


Moo, moo moo-moo-moo.



07-24-2000, 03:53 AM
Originally posted by capacitor
I have a 15th level Barbarian called, originally, AssKicker. I hire an Amazon merc (who has infinite arrows!!) and mow through everything I see. Now I have a problem. I'm looking for the Amazon killer Andriael in the Monastery, and I went down to the 3 levels of jail, but there doesn't seem to be any exits below. There isn't even waypoints in the jail. Where could she be??

The thing is, after you get to the end of the jail, there's a stairway up to the Inner Cloister. Watch for that on the map.

07-24-2000, 08:08 AM
I never got the waypoint in the jail, but i did the rest. Beating Andariel with my L15Necromancer was tough, i kinda cheated and kept using a town portal to slip back and fill up, grow some more skeletal mages, a golem, then slip back through and kick her sexy little butt back into hell. Got me a gemmed mace with a chipped skull and topaz. Lightening damage of 6-12, steals 1%mana for every hit, 6%life for every hit, and already does 3-12 damage on it's own. She gave me a nice couple of chipped diamonds and a full topaz.
Now i'm a L17 Necormancer in ActII, and man is it tough. I feel like i'm at level 1 again. My little crew of henchmen keep getting their asses wooped, so i figure i'd best build up my character a few levels before doing the sewers. Anyone for open B-Net today?

07-24-2000, 10:31 AM
Chief, how'd it go? DId you know you should pump up your fire resistance as much as possible, or die a great deal? That is one hairy level....


Moo. Moo moo moo. Moo moo.

The Cow King.


07-24-2000, 01:08 PM
Argghhhhhhhhhhh!!! I wanna see the moo cows too!! Can I go back to tristram and pick up Wirt's leg? And after I do that how do I get to the moo cows?

07-24-2000, 01:42 PM
Talkinsquirrel, you can go back to Tristam for the leg. I believe (haven't done it yet) that you must complete the game, and then use the Cube to combine the leg with a Tome of Identify--that should open a portal.

Open for corrections...

07-24-2000, 01:53 PM
Balance, according to DiabloII Nation (http://www.d2nation.com), you are correct.

07-24-2000, 02:46 PM
Actually it's Wirt's leg and a tome of TOWN PORTAL... combine in Cube, poof! Portal to Cow Level.

Warning: if you have patched to 1.02, you can only do the Cow Level once per difficulty (normal, nightmare, hell). And while you can travel back and forth to town via town portals, I don't know if the moo portal will be accessible if you close the game, so don't go unless you plan to finish.

And another warning: while the cows are funny as hell, if you are a Paladin or Barbarian, be prepared. I think there is a thousand cows. I watched my hunny struggle for an hour trying to kill them and stay alive. The more you run around without killing them, the more of them come after you. They are slow and funny, but deadly!

ANd yes, if you have finished the game, you can go back to Tristram and get Wirt's leg in a new game, no prob.

07-24-2000, 03:22 PM
Who's on for open B-Net today?

07-24-2000, 03:51 PM
I'll play for a bit.

07-24-2000, 03:55 PM
Actually, never mind...I head off to work soon.

Mauve Dog
07-24-2000, 04:29 PM
Originally posted by Stoidela
I didn't even think of that... 8 necros, each with the max number of skels, golems and revived monsters, plus a few mercenaries for good measure. All on Hell level in Travincal.

Actually, thinking about it... I don't think it's possible. In any case it would be a good test of a machine's processing power, eh?

Everybody would be so lagged they'd all die instantly, I'm sure of it.

Only one of the machines would have to be super-duper. The minions are all stored and operated from the server, so even if you (as a client) are looking at a slide-show, assuming the server hasn't crashed, your minions will still be happily crunching away and/or getting crunched.

I'm not sure if BNet's servers are up to this sort of thing, but they would have to expect this scenario might happen!

07-24-2000, 05:42 PM
Originally posted by soulsling
I never got the waypoint in the jail, but i did the rest. Beating Andariel with my L15Necromancer was tough, i kinda cheated and kept using a town portal to slip back and fill up, grow some more skeletal mages, a golem, then slip back through and kick her sexy little butt back into hell. Got me a gemmed mace with a chipped skull and topaz. Lightening damage of 6-12, steals 1%mana for every hit, 6%life for every hit, and already does 3-12 damage on it's own. She gave me a nice couple of chipped diamonds and a full topaz.

Actually, FWIW, I've found it easier to lure her out into the room with the stairway and fight here there. Then I can duck upstairs when needed, and she won't follow. No need to waste Town Portals.

07-24-2000, 06:31 PM
I ended up with a tome of town portals with 30 of them, only used 3 to kill her, so it's no big waste for me. but neat idea, i'll try it with my barbarian. somebody post when they're gonna be on open b-net so we can jam.

07-24-2000, 06:48 PM
I'm going on Battle.net in a minute or two (I'm getting all your guys' AIM names so's I can tell you when I'm going in easier).

I'll be in Game: SDMB Pass: dope

07-24-2000, 07:49 PM
SPOOFE and I just spent an hour trying to get a game going, but neither of us could see each other on the chat rooms in the open b-net for a while, and then i couldn't join a game he was in, and vice versa. We have the same versions, 1.02, and we were logged on, I have DSL, why wouldn't it work? Anyone else have these problems?

07-24-2000, 08:05 PM
I dunno, I just went looking for the game, and it said invalid game name. The chat rooms are split up. Look at the top left and it will tell you which room you are in, the other person has to swich to that room, then you can see each other. I have never had a problem joining a game before, though.

07-24-2000, 09:41 PM
Yeah, we tried getting into the same chat room (chat room name: SDMB, of course). The closest we got was Soulsling was able to see me, but I wasn't able to see him, or the stuff that he wrote.

How come StarCraft Battle.Net was never this buggy?

07-24-2000, 10:17 PM
Dammit. I was going to beat the last dragon warrior before going back to Diablo, but you bastards have me hooked again. Oh well. Back to Act II. 19th level paladin...

07-24-2000, 10:47 PM
gonna try again maybe wednesday, tomorrow i got me a date with a real female carbon based life form. They exist...
Trust me...

07-25-2000, 01:03 AM
yes, but does she have Cold Mastery? :)

07-25-2000, 01:24 AM
is it just me, or is Mephisto easier to kill than Duriel? Anyone else have that experience?

07-25-2000, 01:28 AM
Duriel's a stinking bastard and should be squicked with a Superior Giant Axe.

Mephisto, on the other hand, is a whiny little prick who needs a good kick in the pants.

Andariel, on the other-other hand... what a hottie...

07-25-2000, 06:42 AM
Ohhhhh..... if my date looked like Andariel, I would ask her to marry me in a second. ...loooooovvve....
all those arms and tentacles and that sexy blueish skin...

07-25-2000, 07:25 AM
I sent my poor Palidan in against the cows and found it hopeless. I then started again with a Barbarian and also a Necromancer but have ended up with a new Palidan, making my way through the game again(a little more slowly and wisely). I didn't like the Barbarian; he was too soft and took too much damage. I think I got a lemon that couldn't find a good item to save his life.

This Palidan is interesting. I'm well into the jail levels and have never found an "increase gold from monsters" or "more likely to find magic" item, yet I find plenty of magic items and have all the gold I need. Very sweet is "Cleglaw's Claw" small shield: defense 26, poison length reduced 75%.

The main reason for this post is that I was inspired by a post to this thread - when my Palidan brought the hammer back from the monastery barracks and was offered a weapon upgrade by the blacksmith I tossed in Wirt's leg. I ended up with "Carrion Crack Wirt's Leg": very fast attack, causes flee, requirements -20%, enhanced damage, adds 2-9 fire damage, +89 attack rating, 160% damage to undead. This is an awesome little weapon that just mows 'em down, most monsters in the jail fall to one hit. If the first hit doesn't kill them they get little green swirls over their heads and try to run away. The leg is fast enough and has a long reach so when they turn and start to run a second hit usually kills them. Also, I guess those wraith ghosts are classed as "undead" because this upgraded Wirt's leg mows them down. Once I ran into three low level wraiths and killed them all with three hits.

I like swords but it looks like Wirt's leg is going to be my main weapon for a long while. That little bastard Wirt (R.I.P.) would be proud.

07-25-2000, 07:34 AM
Whoops, forgot to add that "Carrion Crack Wirt's Leg" causes 4-11 basic damage (plus the aforementioned 2-9 fire damage). Also, I picked up a unique cap that adds 10 to all elemental resistances. I've romped around in Act I with about six different characters now and none of them have found so many unique (gold coloured items) as this one and, like I said, he has nothing to "increase chance of finding magic items".

There appears to be a strong random element at work here. Don't get too attached to your individual characters. Some are lots luckier than others when it comes to finding goodies - a damned Bloodhawk dropped my sweet little unique shield.

07-25-2000, 07:45 AM
I've been going to job interviews. I had two contacts yesterday - "a group of merchant bankers" have developed an "inovative method of corporate financing" and want me to assist in marketing this and raising $100 million. Another group is developing a business website that they hope to sell for $15 million and want my participation in the content development and want me to market it to companies. I've got to eat so I guess I'll have to pitch in but it's all very annoying and will certainly interfere with my Diablo II playing. My wife has had a few tantrums but, deep down inside, all women like to know what their man is doing and where he is at all times, so she shows up with snacks and a coffee pot from time to time in my computer den. I have a nice big third floor window beside me at my computer station and a pair of giant woodpeckers come by every day and feed around 10 feet away. Life is good.

07-25-2000, 08:04 AM
Damn Al, i like your life. But I like mine too. Good tip on wirts leg, next time around I'll try it. I found the necromancer to be my favorite. Though I believe with him, you need to build him up longer in ActI, and develop skills more in the distance attacks and golems. Skeletal mages and warriors aren't all that great in ActII, and you have to waste skill levels on upgrading not only the amount of them, but the quality as a seperate skill mastery. I'd rather keep upgrading the novas and teeth and have a good distance weapon, as well as the protective shield (forget what its called) when going into battle and my golems to fight alongside me. That cracked carrions wirts leg sounds awesome. I have a full body of gold armor. I have the same shield, a nice gemmed gold helmet that gives me +2 strength, +3 Light, 7% finding magical items, and right now a nice gemmed morning star with 6-12 lightening damage and a chipped skull for the mana and life steal. Now, to see about getting Andariel to be my bride...

07-25-2000, 12:54 PM
hey, check out Sluggy Freelance today, http://www.sluggy.com/


07-25-2000, 01:10 PM
I've had a houseguest for the past week and have pitifully small progress in Diablo. So would someone mind filling my sorry ass in on who Wirt is, and how to get to the stupid cow level? I scanned quickly through the rest of the posts and didn't see any instructions. So I'm behind....sue me. :)


07-25-2000, 01:27 PM
Ok, I've been following this thread since it started, and I can't get enough DII info.

I have a question for y'all.

My current computer (actually, my roommate's) is not DII compatible. I know that I'm going to have to be getting a computer in the near future if I'm to be going back to grad school.

Should I do this now, and get a DII compatible computer, or is this an entirely bad idea, as I will never want to leave the house?

And if I do get a DII compatible, how much should I spend, what should I get, and how soon will this new purchase be outdated?

Thx in advance.

07-25-2000, 01:52 PM
Originally posted by Maeglin
So would someone mind filling my sorry ass in on who Wirt is, and how to get to the stupid cow level? I scanned quickly through the rest of the posts and didn't see any instructions.
Quick summary for Maeglin:
Wirt is little &*%#$^%*%$# from the first game who sold horribly overpriced magic items. In DII you get to loot his corpse (yay!). In addition to gold, his wooden leg is retrievable. If you want to reach the cow level, you need it. You finish the game and then use the Horadric Cube to transmute Wirt's leg and a Tome of Town Portal (thanks Stoidela) and a portal to the cow level appears. It is not for the faint of heart.

07-25-2000, 02:22 PM
Thanks a lot, Balance. So where is Wirt's corpse?


07-25-2000, 03:05 PM
Wirt's mutilated remains are in Tristram. The little punk refused to leave because the money was good...

07-25-2000, 04:09 PM
I searched Tristram pretty thoroughly...guess I had my eyes on the baddies a little too much. Thanks again.


07-25-2000, 08:24 PM
Of course not. I swear - one of these days, I will get on to open BNet. But like I've said, I have to do it at work, and things here are a little hectic lately. To top it off, the VP from back east is out here, and he stays way late. Dammit to hell!!

07-25-2000, 09:55 PM
I whumped Andariel in one swell foop with my souped up wooden leg. She's a babe, she's larger than life...and she's buck-naked! Nice titties! I can see why you have a throbbing blue-veined diamond cutter (unique item)for the evil bitch.

07-25-2000, 11:18 PM
Thanx, Al, you just gave mine a name. My throbbing blue veined diamond cutter. I like that. Resistence to anything sharp and dangerous 100%, +50000000 life while in use.

07-26-2000, 02:10 AM
uh . . . so . . . er . . . I hear this Lara Croft chick is a wonder to behold, eh? Two arms, two legs, two letters in her cup size . . .

07-26-2000, 04:36 AM
I'm still hoping to pass the game on "Nightmare" mode. The way things are going, I don't think it'll be very easy...

Anybody else on Nightmare that wants some assistance? I'm on Act II, having just gone through the Halls of the Dead. My Sorceress is level 30 by now... I hope to have her on 35 by the time I go kill Duriel for the second time (getting to level 35, however, should prove to be most difficult).

Anyway, we really SHOULD set up a good B.Net match. Soulsling and I tried to no avail, but maybe our luck will change in the future.

I'll be here all day tomorrow (I'm on vacation, hot-dammit!), so post up any times that you want to get on B.Net for some stomping. And tomorrow= Wednesday, just so you know.

07-26-2000, 07:53 AM
I'm aiming for 5pm Wednesday. Today. I'll have my AIM up so if you're on, give me a buzz, I'm ready to try again. Spoofe, FreeDSL? Can you get it in your area.

07-26-2000, 09:54 AM
I'm going to be the only one at work today soon, so I will play on USEast until around 2 PM EST. I forgot to put my char on a disk at home this morning, so looks like I will be starting again.

Here's the real pisser. I was in the fourth level of the catacombs and all ready to fight Andariel. I bust into her room, and make the mistake of being awed by just how cool she looks. So she and her minions got the beat on me, and were kicking my ass. My 15th level Necromancer kept trying to raise minion after minion just to get in the way, but she would rape all of them. Finally I got poisoned and reduced to a handful of hits. I read the scroll of town portal, all ready to get the hell out of there...when my computer locks up for a moment...recovers...and I die of poison, right in front of the portal. So now I have to retrieve all of my equipment, which Anduriel is probably keeping warm between her butt cheeks. I dunno what I am going to do without my sword, Rixot's Keen Short Sword, Fast Attack speed, 7-8 damage (maximum raised by other items), 25% Crushing Blow, +2 Light, +26 Defense, +6 minimum damage, +20% Attack Rating bonus. Guess I'll just have to filch it like everything else.

See you all on Bnet in a few minutes.


07-26-2000, 10:31 AM
Game SDMB Password Dope


07-27-2000, 01:36 PM
I killed Diablo last night. Actually it was around 6am this morning. Fun game. I used a combination of Static Field (granted by an item), and Blizzard. Strange thing, that last spell. Works great on unique monsters, not so well on minions. Ah well.

My Sorceress is now a Dame; I'm gonna try that cow level thing next time I fire up the game. Also identify these things Diablo dropped upon dying.

07-27-2000, 09:03 PM
Cow level complete.

Moo. Moo moo moo.


I got a unique belt from the Cow King. I have a rare belt already in storage for when I'm strong enough to wear it. I'm not sure which one I want to keep. Ah well. Will I get another unique item if I go thru the cow level again? You don't seem to get terribly much experience for it, and you kill a lot of cows.

but those cows have a lot you can sell on the black market :)

Moo moo.

07-27-2000, 10:57 PM
and then today, I decided that either I got a great seed for my nightmare game, or the higher difficulty level brings with it greater rewards. I found this one nifty piece of armor. Snakeskin; looks just like leather armor. But with 181 defensive rating, higher than the light plate armor I have. And thorns effect. I'm not sure whether to wear it (I already have some nice rare armor with elemental defense enhancements), or sell it (I can get 25,000 gold for it).

And then one time, at band camp . . .

07-27-2000, 11:02 PM
damn you, i'm still at the beginning of actII. Just trying to up my characters level so I can finish the sewer section of the city.

07-27-2000, 11:03 PM
You can do the cow level again if you're on version 1.01. 1.02 makes it so you can go once per difficulty level.

The cow kind drops either a rare or unique every time. 1st time I did it, I got a unique helm of +1 to all necro skills. Very cool.

I can't find anything that is +1 to all sorceress though. Got an amulet of +1 to all amazon that I'll trade if anyone finds something.

07-28-2000, 12:04 AM
what I'd really like to find is a bone helm like the Tarnhelm; bone helms just look cool (Masks, on the other hand, look silly IMO)

actually, the Tarnhelm (+1 to ALL skills), is my favorite item. I think I might abandon my staff at some point so I can use a shield that will up my elemental defenses, but at the same time I like the enhancements and elemental defense it already gives me. Ah, such tough choices.

Blood Raven, here I come . . .

07-28-2000, 12:06 AM
I have two Cathan's Seals, oddly enough. For some reason I thought Set Items were unique. . .

07-28-2000, 12:33 AM
Well, I'm going in to kill Duriel in Nightmare difficulty...this is gonna suck.

Let's hope my new battle hammer will kick his ass (I do 56-213 damage per attack)

07-28-2000, 02:30 AM
MWA HA HA HA!! I kicked Duriel's buggy ass. hehehe. I only used two rejuvy potions and three greater healing potions, and didn't die once. HAHA! Victory is mine.

God, I love my paladin. Need to run away quickly? No problem, put on the stamina aura and I walk faster than characters normally run. Need faster attack? No problem, use fanaticism. Need more damage done? Use Focus, which also lowers the chance your attack will be interrupted.

I was also mistaken about my damage I do with my new battle hammer. I do 96-203.

I also got a new shield that adds 1 to all skill levels.

07-28-2000, 07:08 AM
I have been playing this game since the day it came out. I bought the collector's edition with the soundtrack and the DVD. So, when I'm not playing the game I watch the movies or listen to the tracks on my walkman!

The paladin is ok, not my fave. My Paladin is level 28. Take my advice: Bring your Zeal up to at least eight and your Blessed Hammer up to at least six or seven and you can mow through the game with no problems. I have only one point in prayer. Health is not a problem, because in later levels you can buy Greater Healing potions and you always have plenty of gold.

My sorceress is my main charachter. She is Level 38! I beat Diablo on normal and nightmare and soon I will go to hell mode. With her, I have concentrated on the cold spells, which in my opinion are the most powerful forces in the game. There is nothing as fun as watching my level 10 Blizzard rain down cold death to the tune of 52-60 damage per second for 13 seconds!! I killed Diablo with this spell on nightmare with a measely eight mana potions!

She freezes or kills an entire room of baddies with a couple of right clicks of the mouse, and then will go to work with her staff. Since I have altogether 23% vampirism, and regenerate mana at a rate of 160% of normal (thanks to my level 11 Warmth spell) I virtually need no mana potions throughout the game, even on nightmare mode!!

This game is awesome. I waited for four years for its realease, and though it has a few minor issues, it is the greatest thing to hit my PC ever (with the exception of Cecil, of course.)

07-28-2000, 07:39 AM
We are truly sick.

07-28-2000, 08:14 AM
Monster and Devo, you are an inspiration to us all. We are not worthy. Keep the tales, tips, and trivia coming.

07-28-2000, 08:55 AM
Yes, until I get a new computer, please just keep talking about this game! Its so sad that I feel the need to vicariously live through other people's computer lives...

07-28-2000, 09:18 AM
The only character that I have actually finished the game with IS the barbarian... And Diablo was a nightmare with only a sword... ;-)

Anybody else figure out the <ALT> key? It shows tags for all items sitting on the ground, and clicking on the TAG while holding the <ALT> key causes your character to run over and pick up that item, even across the screen. Makes cleaning up VERY quick....


vidi vici veni!

John Corrado
07-28-2000, 09:29 AM
Okay, yeah, I haven't finished the game yet. Too much time spent screwing around with different characters, too much time spent trying to actually maintain a relationship with my girlfriend. But still, I've got some advice for new players, old players, and especially for people looking to create a Barbarian.

*Magic items come in crescending waves.

What I mean by that is- when you start an act, you rarely see magic items, and what few you see are rarely powerful. As you progress through the act, though, magic items become more common and tend to be more powerful. But once you start the next act, you go back to fewer and less powerful magic items. Now, in *general*, the magic items in one Act are more powerful than the magic items in the previous Act (especially since they tend to be better overall items). But if you're low on magic items or cash, your best bet is to progress through much of the Act, then go through one of the later dungeons over and over again, because once you move to the next Act, the amount of items you see will once again get rare and their power will be weak.

*As the save scheme abuses you, so should you abuse the save scheme.

When you save the game, the monsters in each area and dungeon reset. Likewise, though, the treasures and shrines reset. Use this to your advantage. If you're having trouble with a certain level, save, reload, and then go back to earlier areas and kick some ass for the experience and possible magic items. And if you find a dungeon or area that has lots of good possible-magic items sites (i.e., dungeon-end chests or named monsters), hit it over and over again until you feel truly blessed in your equipment. (The Ancient Sanctuary in Act II is great for this; I was generally able to pick up two to three rare/set items in each pass. I went through it three total times, and by the end I had a rare, set, or unique item in each slot. This made the final dungeon/battle *really* easy. I think I used two health potions in kicking Duriel's ass.)

*Money changes every thing.

Lots of money is always good. If the regular merchants don't offer goods to your liking, consider Gambling. In general, it takes about four Gambles to actually get a rare or set item (still haven't gotten any uniques), but if you know what you're looking for (say, you still haven't found a decent shield, or if you've looked at the various Set Lists on the web and know you need a buckler to complete your current Set) it's generally worthwhile. 'Sides, what else are you going to do with that cash?

*Gems can be useful. Occasionally, and if used correctly.

Quite frankly, for all the hooplah I've seen regarding Gems and Socketed Items, they really aren't all that great. I have yet to see a Socketed weapon which has more potential than a regular magic item. Generally, the bonuses you get from the gems just don't compare to regular magic items you can buy.

There are three exceptions, though:

Skulls should *always* go into a socketed helmet, where they provide solid regen of health and a good boost to mana recovery (*never* put skulls into weapons; it's pretty easy to find regular magic weapons which offer even better bonuses in mana or health steal. For example, my current Barbarian had, by the middle of Act II, one sword which stole 10% health and one which stole 11% mana. You'd need about 5 chipped skulls to achieve that. *And* both swords have attack bonuses.)

Topazes should *always* go into a helmet. Bonuses to find magic items also seem to make it more likely that you find *good* magic items. But skulls still take priority in a helmet.

Diamonds should *always* go into a shield, if you use a shield. A bonus which adds to *all* resistances is nothing to sneeze at.

Every other type of gem should be sold.

07-28-2000, 11:21 AM
Sorry, I realize there are millions of diablo2 help boards out there, but I have one quick question for you Diablo killers. How do you find the big D. I used the hellforge to destroy the soulstone, and am now supposed to kill Diablo, but I can't find him, I've been wandering around Hell for a week and can't find any sanctum.

07-28-2000, 11:24 AM
Tell me about it, i've been wandering around hell for 25 years, and I can't find anything either...

07-28-2000, 11:50 AM
Damn, I hate it when I acidently set up a joke for someone else, usually I catch things like that before I submit.

07-28-2000, 11:54 AM
...hehe... sorry wolfy, I couldn't resist. I'm still on ActII's first quest, so I can't help ya there. Stick around, someone will help soon I'm sure.

07-28-2000, 12:22 PM
Are you in the river of flame yet?


07-28-2000, 12:24 PM

Right near the hellforge you should have no trouble finding an angel. Past that angel is a series of switchbacks, and at the end of those is the Arcane Sanctuary. Kill everything in the sanctuary, then trip the five seals, kill the uniques and minions that appear, and Viola! Diablo says " Not even death can save you from me!", and the battle is on! The angel is marked by a white "X" on the automap. Have fun!

07-28-2000, 05:11 PM
I've been playing for a while, and I've beaten Diablo on Normal w/ a lev. 27 barbarian, and now I'm going through the game again with a Paladin. I have just one question...What's with Natalya in Kurast? After Act III, she disappears. And she doesn't do anything but talk to you, and tell you you're gonna fail the quest that you're doing. (Maybe she just doesnt like me)

Oh, and has anyone here gotten an unique armor called the Iceblink from Duriel? If so, I'll trade a lot for it on BN.

07-28-2000, 05:39 PM
So glad you asked!

Natalya is the lead in to the expansion.

She mentions that she is a hunter of corrupted sorcerers. Can you think of a more sorrupted sorcerer than Baal? She follows him to the north after you beat Mephie.

In the text file with all the conversations, there is a convo with her that got cut where she tells you what is happening. In the bit where it tells what they're to say when you revisit that act, it just says "Nothing here! She's Disappeared to Act V!"

So, the Expansion will add an extra act, and is supposed to add two new classes, the Druid and the Assassin. (Natalya is an Assassin. Ormus is probably a Druid. You can lern this from Cain if you talk to him enough.) All I know of regarding the plot is that it takes place to the north. My guess is you go get the last soulstone and finish things.

Mauve Dog
07-28-2000, 05:45 PM
Originally posted by Chocobo

Oh, and has anyone here gotten an unique armor called the Iceblink from Duriel? If so, I'll trade a lot for it on BN.

Both me and my roommate have found Iceblink. Both of us gave it to our Barbarians :D
Truly a magnificent piece of armor. My barbarian switched for a while to some armor that had a defense of 250+. It didn't take long for him to switch back. It's only got about a 94 defense, but he's an unstoppable killing machine with it (and, in the end, he winds up taking a lot less damage then he did with the super-armor)!

07-28-2000, 11:41 PM
Can you only get it from Duriel, or can you get it elsewhere? (Thanks for the info Poet)

07-29-2000, 07:09 PM
Ah, come on. Someone has to know this! =) You all probably do...you're just too busy killing the minions of Hell that you take time out to check the boards...oh well...Back to Kurast...

07-29-2000, 07:41 PM
How do you give an object from one character over to another? does this have to be done in open B-net somehow?

I'm Lvl 21, ActII, ArcaneSanctuary quest... tough as nails for me right now with my necro.

07-29-2000, 08:23 PM
Come on, soul...after giving you several good quality gems, an amulet, and 50,000 gold, you don't know how to trade? Whilst on bnet, click on someone and it will open the trade dialogue. That simple.

07-30-2000, 12:02 AM
I'm talking about trading one of my characters vs. another of my characters. I keep hearing reference to people giving something they've gotten to another of their own characters...

07-30-2000, 02:33 AM
You either do it on a network or B.Net, with someone you really trust. You the item that you want to go to your other character to the other person, then log off and come back to the same game as the character you want the item to go to, then the other person gives it back.

07-30-2000, 02:58 AM
So, the Expansion will add an extra act, and is supposed to add two new classes, the Druid and the Assassin. (Natalya is an Assassin. Ormus is probably a Druid. You can lern this from Cain if you talk to him enough.) All I know of regarding the plot is that it takes place to the north. My guess is you go get the last soulstone and finish things.

Expansion? Is this going to be a future release of more levels for the same game? If so, what would that cost?

I'm only level twenty, I've been playing for a week, and I can tell that whenever I get through the game I'm going to want MORE!!!

BTW, is everyone else using the Horadric Cube as a storage device in their stash? Does that thing ever go away or is it a good bonus stash spot? I have the Horadric staff but have yet to find the head for it.

07-30-2000, 03:06 AM
Speaking of the Horadric staff....

Once you join the two pieces of the Horadric staff, do you get to keep it? Or do you have to give it to someone to pass a level?

That staff's attack speed and Zeal make a good mix. Does anyone know how much more damage it does with the head attached?

....I'm just full of questions, aren't I?

07-30-2000, 03:29 AM
The Horadric Cube stays around at least through Act III, which is as far as I've gotten. Pathetic, eh? In Act III, you use it again to put together some body parts. It makes a handy-dandy storage expansion.

The Horadric Staff, on the other hand, is used to open the lair of the last enemy in Act II, then disappears.

I want to start an informal survey concerning rare, unique, and set items. My Amazon has discovered I think three total through the first two and a third acts. My barbarian, OTOH, has found about twice that many in half the time. I want to see how these stats compare to others' experience.

07-30-2000, 03:35 AM
My barbarian has found 5 set items about half way through ACT-II.

07-30-2000, 03:40 AM
(I've got to stop these afterthought posts)

BTW, most of that time was spent with a "+15% chance to find magic items" amulet, and the last two levels with a pair of "+30% chance to find magic items" gloves.

Maybe your barbarian has more chance to find magic?

07-30-2000, 07:05 AM
Blizzard loves expansions. Typically they add some new units, a level or two, and run around $30. Finishing off Baal would be the logical Act 5, but who knows.

The cube goes in your inventory, not in the stash! I keep weapons in there so I can switch off. +3 Fire Wall staff, +3 Meteor staff.. then the +3 Warmth staff to regen.

I've got iceblink. Damn that's a cool armor. Got it for killing Mephisto. I just played through the game as a paladin, and he was way lucky on items. No useless set items, and every item in my inventory is a Rare or unique (except for the Milabraga Rod, +1 to all Paladin Skills.) I think iceblink should go to an amazon though, that could be nasty.

07-30-2000, 07:18 AM
Yeah, Blizzard loves expansions. They do it with every game. After the Diablo II expansion, I hope they begin work on StarCraft II...

By the way... has anyone else here ('sides you, Monster, you weenie) found Griswold's Edge? That was a kickin'-ass dope-monkey killing machine from Diablo I. It's a broadsword, very fast attack speed, added fire damage, and knockback, along with a few other abilities. It's a pretty cool Egg for the game...

07-30-2000, 08:20 PM
Yeah, you keep the Horadric Cube throughout the game. For all you who've already beaten it and are playing through on Nightmare...do you get the Cube twice? Or does it just not show up?

As to rare/unique/set items, the only (good) ones I've gotten have been through gambling...the Goldwrap heavy belt...46 defense, increased attack speed, +2 light radius, 30% better chance of getting magic items...Havoc Hold gloves...it's all good. And of course, my magically imbued armor. I waited until Act II to imbue an item (Superior Chain Mail) and got the Storm Wrap...it's decent armor and has held me to the end of Act III, but it doesn't hold a candle to the Iceblink.

I've noticed that whenever I wear 'better chance of finding magic items' I always get more 'magic' crap items. Anyone else notice this?

Oh, and my barbarian has some set stuff...nothing interesting though.

07-30-2000, 10:10 PM
Okay, I put Mephisto's soulstone on the hellforge, smashed it (got kickass gems which I used to make a shield to help defend against Diablo), but ... I still have the soulstone.

And when do I get to Diablo? I'm asking so that I know when to pop back to my stash and snag 16 full rejuvs (spent a lot of chipped gems get those, found 3 or 4).

07-30-2000, 10:48 PM
I've found so many rare, unique, and set items that it's not even funny...well, actually, it is. I just can't find any good rares for the things I actually need (ie, a good belt or helmet).

I didn't get Griswold's edge once, but twice. It was in the same act, and I didn't even save and exit, just went out of town and came back. It sucked compared to my other weapon, and knockback is bad for zeal.

MadPoet, somehow I don't think a Diablo II expansion would only be one act. Look at Brood War...it was just 4 levels shorter than the original game (That's counting the secret levels).

07-30-2000, 10:57 PM
Diablo's on the same level you are. You will soon find the waypoint in your explorations, and a little bit beyond that, Diablo. He won't surprise you; you'll have to actively unlock him, so you can kill off the minions residing within his sanctuary at your leisure without worrying about the big guy rushing out in front of them demanding that you kick his ass.

07-31-2000, 01:14 AM
Monster -
At this point I only know that there's an act 5 planned. The last Diablo had an expansion, but it was lame. Basicly a new quest, two new characters, and a few items. So who knows what they'll add this time.

Then, Hellfire was a sierra product, and they suck. So guess theres hope.

07-31-2000, 02:12 AM
Thanks, Daniel, I figured it out. I planned to wait until I was on level 29 (almost there) or 30, but decided, "What the hell, I'll give it a shot".

I had a few advantages.

1) I knew he was going to throw fire at me so I set up a socketed shield with a nice fat ruby, diamond, and amethyst so that it'd be a good defense against fire (1st), everything (2nd), and attacks (3rd). Pretty good shield. I used the gems I got from smashing mephisto's soulstone. Good defense.

2) I learned that trick for making full rejuv potions, so I had more than twenty. Now I'm down to around 6. I just stood there and hit the bastard, running back into my portal (set a new one up every time) on occasion.

3) I expected him to drop stuff. I had enough free space to pick it all up. Two sets of armor and a war hammer. Then I got to run around in circles for a minute and a half.

All in all, I enjoyed it. Jade is now known as Sir Jade. I think I'll go through it again, beat the cows and such.

07-31-2000, 05:58 AM
Hellfire was a sierra product, and they suck.

Madpoet, are you mad?!? Ever hear of Half-Life? The Kings Quest series? Gabriel Knight?!?

Dude, they made a single flop, which wasn't even TOO horrible (after all, how can anyone except Blizzard improve a Blizzard game?), and because of that you say they SUCK?!?

May you be raped by Duriel with a lightning-enchanted Great Maul!

07-31-2000, 09:55 AM
Hey kids. Don't have the game yet - my computer doesn't have the specs. I plan on correcting this as soon as possible.

I've been reading, and something just clicked for me.

Would it be possible to set up a character, plow through as quick as possible to get the Horadric (sp?) Cube, and give it to your main character? I would think that having a few of them would make your inventory huge!

Any thoughts?

07-31-2000, 10:40 AM
Connor - You can only have one of any quest item. Pity, because there's a book that gives you +1 skill, but you can only get it once.

Spoofe - Half Life was Valve.... sierra just published it. Kings quest was the same game over and over, Quest for Glory was King's Quest with stats. They had two great series in Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry, but they killed the former and drove the latter into the ground.

Their one huge flop, Outpost, wasn't even that bad a game once patched into the game they would have released had the execs not released an alpha version that was lying around.

Oh, and they just buried the lisences to Babylon 5 and Lord of the Rings, so no new games will come out based on those two worlds.

07-31-2000, 11:29 AM
WTF??? I have been waiting for a multiplayer Lord of the Rings game forever. I even saw that gorgeous website they made awhile back, and took their goddamned trivia contest, and now you're telling me the game is canned?

What's wrong with these people???

BTW, does anyone have any special Horadric Cube formulae that he/she would love to share? I just got it the other day, and can't wait to experiment with some cool stuff on it. Money is no object for me, what with my Ring of Greed (+69 to attack, 66% more gold found on every monster). So if you have any bright ideas, post 'em!


07-31-2000, 12:54 PM
I am fortunate in that we have 3 computers in our house. We have Diablo installed on all three, and my hunny and I use the 3rd one for "storage" characters. We put all our gems, piles of Full Rejuvs, misc armor...whatever we don't want to carry but we don't want to give up. It's mighty handy. Also extra gold.

Of course, this can also allow cheating, (copy your character, keep giving gold and gems to storage character, etc) which is tempting for only a moment.

I made the mistake of sampling the cheating experience in Diablo 1, after I had beaten the game without cheats. It completely ruined it for me. If you can be godlike with a few cheats, it sucks all the fun right out of it. I cannot imagine the appeal of it to those who do it. Unless you're a pissed off 15 year old boy who gets his jollies being a PK....

stoid...completely jazzed because I'm getting my new G4/450 this week and I'm betting the game will scream...

Mauve Dog
07-31-2000, 01:43 PM
I recently killed off The Lord of Terror with a second character - the Necromancer (my first time was with a Barbarian). I must say that either I'm doing something wrong, or Necros just have a difficult time with the Big Baddies (e.g., Duriel, who killed my Necro, oh, about 13 times before I finally killed him [Bone Spear once or twice...die...repeat...]; Mephisto took me down a couple times, and Diablo killed me probably 7 or 8 times). The Necromancer's prime strength (summoning) seems to be little avail against the big guys who squash iron golems with a single blow. Yeah, he has Bone Spear (only at level 3), but mana shortages limit its use (as in, I ran out of mana potions while fighting Diablo, and, unlike the sorceress, he doesn't get mana back very quickly).

The next candidate will either be my paladin (my third attempt at a Paladin - the previous two were major flops, skill-wise), who is still in Act II, or a bow-based Amazon who is poised at the beginning of Act IV.
I have high hopes for the Paladin (although the Amazon did take out Duriel using only two potions; she had a regen rate of 9 pts, and 14% life steal. She also used a Brandistock, so she could Jab. Oh, and she had a Set-piece sash that made her immune to freezing). With 9% life steal and 5% mana steal, as well as level 5 Zeal, I've found that given a sufficiently large group of monsters to beat on, even standing in a Fire Wall is not enough to hurt him :D

07-31-2000, 01:50 PM
I have recently discovered too that Necros are weak, but with IronMaiden, you should be able to more quickly defeat the big baddies. That was how I beat Duriel, Iron Maiden, some BoneSpears and my blood golem and 3 mages. I admit, it's weak compared to other classes, but fun to summon all them creatures of the netherworld aye?

07-31-2000, 03:21 PM
A really good strategy I've found with Paladins is to boost up Thorns to about level 6-7 as soon as you can get them, and then get a Zeal increasing weapon. That'll make you a walking death machine. The only thing that'll give you any trouble is long range and spell casters, but since they're generally weak, you shouldn't have any trouble.

As to Horadric Cube formulas...

I only have one good one, 3 rings turns into 1 random amulet, and vice versa, so if you have a ton of gold, just keep those extra rings and amus around. (Thanks go to Blizzard's website for that one)

Oh, and I got a particularly good Amazon amulet with my Paladin. (Life Replenish +3, +1 to all Amazon skills) Anyone got something a Paladin could use and would be willing to trade?

07-31-2000, 04:12 PM
Soulsling has the right of it. Iron Maiden is a beautiful skill, and I am improving it constantly. I have a level 17 necromancer, and his iron maiden skill is 6. Whacking Anduriel was pretty easy, if you can believe that. I just pumped up on antidotes and potions of healing, and she did all the work for me. Nothing is better than turning on iron maiden, letting the enemies kill themselves on you, and then blowing the lot of them up with Corpse Explosion.

Minions are great and all, but you're right: they don't help much with the real badasses. That's why I haven't even taken Skeleton Mages. They are fun to watch, but they can be real pussies. Just about all my points have gone to Corpse Explosion and Iron Maiden, and I am throttling serious ass.

Next level and I'll be able to summon the Blood Golem. Hehe.


Mauve Dog
07-31-2000, 05:04 PM
One thought I had re: Necromancers is to go the 'combat' route, rather than the 'minion' route. Basically, give the guy a good dagger, go primarily for the poison and bone stuff, with a few curses thrown in, and go make like a Paladin (curses are effectively reverse Auras). I know the poison dagger skill does some pretty obnoxious poison damage (at 4th level, it starts doing more poison damage than any weapon I've seen, and you get an attack bonus to boot). In Nightmare mode, you can find poignards, which are dagger-class weapons that do more damage than many swords. Poison nova and Poison Explosion can also be pretty icky. Further, you can take the otherwise useless Bone Wall and Bone Prison spells (since your minions won't be knocking them down).

Of course, for minions, he could always just focus on the Golems, and skip the skeleton stuff.

07-31-2000, 05:13 PM
My Necro is 27th level. The Combat route really isn't that bad. Due to some bad planning, he is really fairly weak, but does make a decent fighter. He basically casts a few skelleton mages and a weak ass golem, then runs into battle with a big ass two handed ass until he kills something explodes the corpse, swings some more, explodes some more, and so on. It works fairly well, except for the bosses. Duriel, Mephisto, and Diablo are just something you cant deal with , so I finally just had to use the most pathetic method imaginable. Run down, throw as many bone spears as posible, die, run back down, bone spear, die. Takes about 27 deaths, but I finally killed then. To be perfectly honest I can't really think of a way to design a good necro for the bosses.

07-31-2000, 05:22 PM
The only viable boss strategy I've found for necros has already been mentioned--Iron Maiden them to death. I took out Andariel 15 minutes after I got Iron Maiden (as soon as it was available). I let my minions kill her minions before opening the door, then kept IM on her while summoning my pansy dies-on-the-first-hit clay golem over and over. Oh yeah, and running away and drinking mana potions. I had a portal ready, but I never used it.

I haven't tackled Duriel yet--not much time to play. We'll see.

07-31-2000, 05:26 PM
MPS I must share.

I'm ambling through again with a new Palidan. I took the advice of this board and spent extra time doing the Arcane Sanctuary to try and collect good stuff. I saved topazes and improved them at the rare gem shrines, then loaded two good topazes into a skull cap, which gave me "31% better chance at finding Magic Items". Of course right after I loaded them into a defense of 4 skull cap I found a socketed defense of 24 helm, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Anyway, with the skull cap and "Chain Gloves of Fortune" (31% improved chance of magic items) and "Chain Boots of Fortune" (21% improved chance of magic items) both defense level 8, I've been trying for really good stuff in the Sanctuary. Nothing truly wonderful yet but I'm rich.

The poor defense of these items I counterbalance with my "Plate Mail of the Jackal" - defense 109. I was using a nice 1-15 flail with freeze damage and sometimes the fancy staff, but I have settled on the "Massive Broadsword of Gore", fast attack speed, 13-33 damage. As Conan the Barbarian once said "there's nothing in this world that cold steel won't cut."

My Palidan is level 21, Strength 65, Dexterity 60, Vitality 42, Energy 15. I haven't put any points into mana and I have 3 points in reserve. I also have 6 skill points in reserve; I can't decide what route to go. I followed the advice of this board and made Thorns level 3 but I never use it anymore. So - Might level 2, Thorns level 3, Blessed Aim level 3, Prayer level 1, Defiance level 3, Resist Fire, Cold, Lightning, and Cleansing all level 1. On the advice of my fellow Dopers I'm going to have to branch out soon and activate Zeal and/or Concentration, Blessed Hammer, Focus, Stamina. Who knows?

The Palidan must be the fastest way through the game. I'll run through mazes and leap into a crowd of baddies, hot-keying between auras and guzzling potions. My super sword with the right aura gets me through. In the Arcane Sanctuary I have to flee to string 'em out, then come back and cut through the ghosts and goats, saving the fire throwing skullheads for last. With my sword and with Might keyed most goat clan types fall to one chop. With ghosts I switch to Blessed Aim so I don't miss as much.

I really respect those of you who go through with necros etc. Is it slow going? Do you have to constantly retreat and maneouver? Apparently you get killed a lot. I don't have the patience but I guess I'll have to try.

I encountered an Experience Shrine outside the monastery in Act I (This'll give you 50% more experience points for kills while in effect). I ran around a bit to collect a large following of baddies from the field, hit the shrine, then fought baddies non-stop. When I'd cleaned out the field I ran into the monastery and chased and killed baddies non-stop, no stopping for coins or anything. By the time the shrine wore off I'd gone up more than half an experience level.

Great game, but after the first time through I've chilled a little - I'm riding my bicycles, going downtown to do a little work, giving my wife some attention (we baked chocolate chip cookies together last night). I doubt I play more than 4-5 hours a day now.

Why is this such a great game? I think it's a gendre that has been constantly improved, from the original "Legend of Zelda" through the Final Fantasies, with countless variations. It appeals to our acquisitiveness - you never know what wonderful weapon/amulet/ring/unique item you'll find next. Don't ignore that staff on the ground. Identify it and take it to town and sell it; it might be worth 16,000 gold. The fighting in Diablo II is also diabolic. Turn your back on some monsters or bring up your inventory screen when there's monsters around. They see you are distracted and rush in for the kill. If you start to weaken in a fight they seem to press in harder. No matter how well you are doing if you slack off a bit or get tired or careless, WHAM, you're dead. Just like real life!

07-31-2000, 08:24 PM
I have a question:

Who has the lowest level character to actually defeat Diablo? Multiplayer or single player, normal, nightmare or hell?

Me and a buddy did it last night on Normal level-

Me: 26th level Sorceress
Him: 27th level Necromancer

08-01-2000, 09:25 AM
Monster104, that was too funny. I thought you were just joking.
I got Cleglaws(sp?) Fang, nice sword, handy for my necro, now I can actually destroy beasts in just a couple swings. Between IronMaiden, they kill themselves, and my new sword, it does 50% Deadly Strike, +some nice % of extra attack rating... I like.

08-01-2000, 09:46 AM

The necromancer is by far my favorite class. There is so much flexibility and there are many different tactical options you can pursue. I didn't even have much trouble in the beginning. I took Teeth as my first skill point, as I wasn't going to be caught dead without a ranged attack in the beginning of the game. Playing a necro does require some running back and forth, but I die rather rarely. I shagged Amplify Damage at 2nd level, a fairly useful curse, because it is a prerequisite to Iron Maiden, and there wasn't anything else worth spending points on at the time. I also sent in my skeleton, granted by my initial weapon, to do most of the dirty work for me. Make sure you take a point in Raise Skeleton anyway, as it is a prerequisite for every other summoning spell.

If you want to play a necromancer, you have to make a few decisions early on. First, are you going to use Revives? If so, then you had better be prepared to pump a good 6-10 skill points into Skeletons, Skeleton mages, and especially Skeleton Mastery. This rather holds you back: you only get Revive at 30th level, and spending so many points on weak skeletons can make the game difficult. So if you want to delay your gratification in pursuit of raising the most kickass minions the world has ever seen, then go for it. But that's not the route I went.

Instead my necro picked up Corpse Explosion at 6th level and the Clay Golem at 7th. I ran him around using Amplify Damage and let the Clay Golem do most of the work. I didn't pump a single point into my Clay Golem, as I knew I was going to replace him as soon as I got the chance. So I spent every point I had from level 7 to level 12 on Corpse Explosion. Meanwhile NeoCount had racked up some fine armor (Viridian Scale with Enhanced Defense) and was using the imbued Wirt's Leg, so he was doing some serious damage in melee.

But the magic really began when NeoCount hit 12th, and was able to learn Iron Maiden. I spent every skill point from 12th to 18th on improving that curse of curses. I would shroud him and the golem in it, wander into battle until 1 creature died, and after three clicks of Corpse Explosion, I could clear a room teeming with monsters. Just last night he made 18th level, and snagged himself the Blood Golem. The damn thing never dies, it moves quickly, and does decent damage. Since then I've added two points to Golem Mastery, and am eagerly awaiting my next Golem upgrade at 24th level.

Bottom line, this character kicks ass. Nothing whatsoever gives him pause. He can run into the middle of a room full of tough monsters and decimate them in two seconds flat. The only thing that mildly troubles me is missile attacks, because they are unaffected by Iron Maiden. But Necromancers have a weapon in their arsenal to deal with ranged combat: Dim Vision. I am definitely going to pick that one up soon.

Here are NeoCount's stats:
Strength: 62 (gotta be able to wear that heavy armor)
Dexterity: 28 (pretty unimportant, raised only by an item)
Vitality: 16 (I never even touched it, and I didn't need to)
Energy: I forgot, but it's definitely around 80.

If Diablo II only came with the necromancer class, I would still be happy.


08-01-2000, 09:50 AM
I've just started playing Diablo II and will probably join in a B-Net game when time allows. Since I also like having minions, my single-player is a Necromancer named Welker (after Frank Welker, who voiced the Necromancer and others in Baldur's Gate).

John Corrado
08-01-2000, 09:52 AM
wolfman- I in no way mean to malign you, but your malapropism of "then runs into battle with a big ass two handed ass" has me nearly hysterical with the imagery.

As for finding magic items:

I believe (from my observations of the game) that what happens is this-

When a dungeon is first created, it is 'seeded' with chests and barrels and such. These chests and barrels have an internal number attached to them based upon type- that is, 'glowing' chests have a high number, regular chests a normal number, and barrels and the like a low number- and then an additional random.

When you open one of these chests or such, a random number is generated, modified by the chest modifier and by any 'find magic' bonuses your character has. This number is checked on a chart to determine whether a magic item is found, and if so, what type. The chart is a sliding scale, which means that if the number rolled is just barely in the 'magic' scale, you get a weak magic item; if the roll plus modifiers is very high, you get a rare, unique, or set item.

I base this upon a few things.

First, with major 'find magic' bonuses, I found a lot more magic items, but most of them were crappy- but when I ran into a 'guaranteed' magic item source (Named monster, glowing chest), the item tended to be much better than what other (non 'find magic' bonused) characters found.

Second, I've run a couple of times into the "Chest of Giving" (which sounds like a description of my favorite porn stars, but I digress). For example- one time I created a Barbarian, and in running through the first area (Blood Moor? Whatever. First place outside camp), I found a small house with a chest in it. Open the chest- Set Item Death's Guard (Sash with massive defensive properties). Later on, after having saved and re-started, run through the area again, open the chest, Bing!- Rare Short Bow.

So the upshot? If you open a chest and find a *really* good magic item, chances are that if you pass through the area again after a save and reload that opening the chest again will produce *another* really good magic item. The seed placed when the level was created was abnormally high; as the level isn't re-created no matter how many times you save and reload, you've still got a massive seed to make it easier to get nice items. That's why the Ancient Sanctuary was likely so good to my current Barbarian- it had good seeds for the glowing chests, and thus always sprung rare or set items (not that many of the rare items were ones I could use, but still). So keep track of where you find kick-ass items, and take the time to go through it over and over again. At the worst, you'll end up with a lot of cash, and you can use that cash to Gamble.

A couple questions now of my own for those who have finished the game and continued on to higher difficulties.

1.) Do you keep your items when you progress to the next difficulty, or do they all disappear and you get to start again?
2.) Do the earlier blacksmiths still sell crappy weapons and armor, or do they get upgraded to weapons more on a par with your character's level and equipment? That is, once I restart, will Charsi keep trying to sell me Short Swords and Leather Armor, or will she have War Swords and Gothic Plate?
3.) Regarding the Cow Level- you do this after you finish the game, once per difficulty level (yeah, I've got the patch). When do you do this? Do you have time after killing Diablo to wander around and find the Cow Level? Or do you advance into the next difficulty level and do it early on (after picking up Wirt's Leg in Tristram)? If I save and exit after killing Diablo, can I go back to that same game and try the Cow Level, or will it automatically make me start a new game (since Diablo's dead)?

08-01-2000, 10:12 AM
I have a question that I've seen on http://www.diabloii.net

What does everyone think about the necro's abilities? Too powerful? I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the controversy that's been escalating about Corpse Explosion (CE) and the Iron Maiden/Blood Golem combo (IM/BG).

The argument goes that because CE has a radius that increases and increases as you pump points into it, up to the point where it covers the whole screen, its too powerful - dealing out 60-100% of the corpse's previous hit points. It goes up to 120-200% when you put Amplify Damage on. A lot of people think this should be "nerfed" (I believe this means to soften the effects down).

The other controversy about the necro that I mentioned is the IM/BG combo. Because the Blood Golem has a blood link with the necro, when IM is turned on, when ever it gets hit, the enemy takes damage. And when the BG gives damage, both it and you receive life back. Therefore, you basically create an indestructible golem, as well as a source of life for your necro.

The D2 forums have devolved into shouting matches over this, and I imagine us dopers can be a bit more realistic in our discussion. Again, this was not intended to incite or instigate, but to see what everyone thinks.

08-01-2000, 10:34 AM
Like I said above, that's my combo of choice. I don't understand why people are so enflamed over it. If they don't like it, they shouldn't fucking use it. It is that simple. I don't think it is too powerful, speaking from experience. It's just effective. I suppose some people have to get their balls tied in a knot over something, so they make a fuss about a game. Well, if they nerf it, I'll be damned if I download another patch.


08-01-2000, 10:37 AM
Didn't the stress test and beta only include the barbarian? If so, do we know if Blizzard was aware of how effective that combo really is?

Also, another question. If you don't download another patch, will you still be able to play on battle.net?

08-01-2000, 02:38 PM
Nope. But I have no internet connection at home, and can hardly find the time to play over battlenet at work. The few times that I have been able to log on, I have played a sorceress, anyway. So I suppose it really doesn't matter, since I am not going to download any nerfed patches onto my home computer.


Mauve Dog
08-01-2000, 02:49 PM
Originally posted by Connor
I have a question that I've seen on http://www.diabloii.net
The other controversy about the necro that I mentioned is the IM/BG combo. Because the Blood Golem has a blood link with the necro, when IM is turned on, when ever it gets hit, the enemy takes damage. And when the BG gives damage, both it and you receive life back. Therefore, you basically create an indestructible golem, as well as a source of life for your necro.

Indestructible? Hardly. The blood golem starts out converting 31% of damage done to life. At level 20 (the nominal max for any skill), it is converting only 38%. In short, it's never gaining as much in life as the damage it is doing, even with Iron Maiden. Blizzard has even mentioned that this makes a good combo, so surely they know it's not all-powerful. This also only works with melee attacks, which don't tend to do major damage. The creatures who do big damage do it with spells, and the BG/IM combo does nothing for you then.

Besides, my Blood Golem has died horribly any number of times, despite the Iron Maiden on the monsters that were beating up on it. Certainly not indestructible....

Mauve Dog
08-01-2000, 03:01 PM
Originally posted by John Corrado

A couple questions now of my own for those who have finished the game and continued on to higher difficulties.

1.) Do you keep your items when you progress to the next difficulty, or do they all disappear and you get to start again?

You keep them.

2.) Do the earlier blacksmiths still sell crappy weapons and armor, or do they get upgraded to weapons more on a par with your character's level and equipment? That is, once I restart, will Charsi keep trying to sell me Short Swords and Leather Armor, or will she have War Swords and Gothic Plate?

The basic items are roughly the same stuff, but they may have better abilities. The potion sellers only sell Greater or better Healing Potions; you don't have to slog your way through with nly Minor Healing Potions :) Also, the Wand / Scepter / Staff sellers sell better stuff.

3.) Regarding the Cow Level- you do this after you finish the game, once per difficulty level (yeah, I've got the patch). When do you do this? Do you have time after killing Diablo to wander around and find the Cow Level? Or do you advance into the next difficulty level and do it early on (after picking up Wirt's Leg in Tristram)? If I save and exit after killing Diablo, can I go back to that same game and try the Cow Level, or will it automatically make me start a new game (since Diablo's dead)?

You can do this any time after killin Big D. The game 'ends' after the alloted time, but next time you restart, you are standing in the Pandemonium Fortress. You simply hop the Waypoint back to Tristam, and go from there. Remember to start the game in 'Normal' difficulty though.

Mauve Dog
08-01-2000, 03:16 PM
Originally posted by Connor
The argument goes that because CE has a radius that increases and increases as you pump points into it, up to the point where it covers the whole screen, its too powerful - dealing out 60-100% of the corpse's previous hit points. It goes up to 120-200% when you put Amplify Damage on. A lot of people think this should be "nerfed" (I believe this means to soften the effects down).

This one may well be nasty enough, but I certainly wouldn't rely on it. When you get to the end-of-act baddies, you're not going to have a lot of corpses to work with (you get nothing against Duriel, for example - it's just you, him, and whomever you take with you; kind of like a cage-match...only one of you gets to walk out alive :D - and necromantic minions tend to die pretty darn quickly around him). So, you may be able to kick butt with the plebes, but the Bosses will eat you for lunch.

08-01-2000, 04:44 PM
That's what I seem to gather. I can't wait to get the game.

In other news, what does everyone think about Diablo II's first "King" bestowal? Someone in Belgium beat Hell/Hell on hardcore with a necro. When do you think someone will be the first "Queen"? Is it possible to go through hardcore with a sorceress or an amazon? And which would work best, a sorc, bowazon, javazon, or jabazon?

From what I've read, a good jabazon is very warrior-like. Dunno.

08-01-2000, 04:58 PM
Bump - Level 24 Sorc when I beat Big D.

As far as the "King", think about this - he did it as a necro, and never died once. Imagine taking on duriel on the hell skill level... I say hot damn, sir.

08-05-2000, 10:57 PM
I think the thunderstorms we've been having for the past week messed up my home computer a little. I'm back on line (obviously) and ready to try B-Net. I tried entering one of the "SDMB" games, but B-Net said those games couldn't be found. Tomorrow, I'm going to help my girlfriend with her PC, so I don't know if I'll have time for a Net game. If anyone is still checking this thread, I'll post again when I'm available for a Net game.

08-06-2000, 01:17 AM
Regarding the Corpse Explosion/Ironmaiden-Blood Golem controversy...

Each character has certain advantages and disadvantages. The sorceress kicks ass at a distance, but gets hosed close up. The barbarian runs around a lot and smashes stuff, but can't do much more than that. The palidan... well, you get the idea.

By minimizing a characters' strengths, eventually you reach a point where there's no distinction 'tween the character classes at all.

08-06-2000, 02:12 AM
Well, I beat Diablo on Nightmare difficulty. All your characters can bow down to Lord Monster, my level 40 paladin. I got so much kick ass stuff that I just don't want to get rid of, my stash is filled and I have to hold onto some stuff in my inventory.

My advice to budding paladins...

- Put a decent amount of stat points into energy. You'll want mana later in the game for the following combat skills.
- Put a fair amount of skill points into Holy Hammer. This thing kicks ass in act II and IV, as well as against the cows.
- Either don't put any skill points into Fist of the Heavens, or put a lot. It starts out really weak, but if you put a lot it will kick major ass (Especially against large groups of undead, as after the initial lightning attack a bunch of holy bolts go after every enemy in range). However, it is a major mana hog, so if you go this way, put A LOT of points into energy.
- If you have a weapon with fast or very fast attack speed, focus a lot of points into Concentration (Increases damage and reduces chance of attack being interrupted). If you have a slower attack speed, put a lot of points into Fanaticism (Increased attack rating and faster attack speed).
- I must emphasize putting Zeal to at least level 7 or 8. This is definitely a backbone ability. I usually have this set to left button click, and Concentration or Fanaticism as my right mouse aura.
- Don't focus too much on the individual elemental defensive auras. On level 30 you can pump up an ability that defends against all elemental attacks.

Well, that's all for now...I'm prolly gonna start playing other characters while I'm playing my Paladin on hell.

08-06-2000, 02:39 AM
Congrats, Lord Monster. I suppose most of you have seen the new 1.03 patch. They've scaled back Corpse Explosion, as well as some other things...Conversion for Paladins, and Whirlwind for Barbarians, I think.

And, Monster, do you use Thorns with your Paladin? I've got a Grand Scepter that adds 3 to Zeal and 3 to Blessed Hammer, and that suits me just fine. Zeal for normal attacking, Hammer whenever I get surrounded, and Thorns as my usual Aura. I'm Lev. 27. Any advice?

08-06-2000, 03:26 AM
Forigve my slowness, but I just killed Duriel with my Barbarian. Don't worry, my Amazon is farther along at home. Anyway, the Barbarian kicked Duriel's ASS! In one hand, I had a rare flail that did 3-30 damage, and in the other, I had a sword that did 10-20 plus 1-16 lightning. I loaded up on rejuvvies, selected my double swing skill, and headed in. Held the right mouse button with one hand and had the other on my potions. I only needed 4. He went down in about 10 seconds. It was great, especially after the hell he put my Amazon through earlier.

Speaking of which, my Amazon is having a tough time getting through Act III. Anyone else find the Amazon inadequate at times? I really don't want to start over. I only have so much time to screw around before school starts again, after all...

08-06-2000, 10:00 AM
I just kicked Duriel's ass again on my second trip through with a new Palidan. I had Chain Gloves of Fortune (32% better chance of Magic item), Chain Gloves of Fortune (21% better...), a level 4 skull cap socketed with two advanced topazes giving me 31% better chance of Magic item. I used a Masssive Broadsword of Gore - fast attack speed, damage 13-33 - and Thorns level three (on the advice of this message board; Duriel physically hits very hard so Thorns dishes it right back to him) against Duriel. I also had a unique two-handed sword (Loath Scratch Flamberge, very fast, 17-32 damage, causes flee, steals 5% life, 4% mana per hit, 10-16 fire damage, +110 to Attack rating) but didn't use it. I also have an Infernal Buckle heavy belt, defense 31, +20 life.

Duriel went down on one trip in and I guzzled a variety of about seven potions to do it. After he died I paused to enjoy the view: He splits open like the fat bag of guts he is and his blood and varicoloured intestines spill out onto the floor. Hordes of white maggots arrive and crawl all over the floor.

I've got about 8 skill points in reserve and I will take your advice and start feeding Zeal, Concentration, and Holy Hammer. I sold my Broadsword of Gore when I got a very fast 7-33 sword. I like fast fights.

I'm now in Act 3 and am tripping into town with magic items all the time. I'm rich as hell, if I ever get killed I'll lose about 100K in gold. I'm looking for and upgrading diamonds because I want a socketed shield that protects well against elemental attacks. My main focus is on finding the best possible unique items I can and I also have the problem of storage - do I keep the boots with the fastest speed boost or the find magic items or the super high defense or the half freeze duration? I also have an overpowered maul taking up room because I tried it out in a melee against champion monsters and found it (slowly but steadily) hammered them to death very nicely. This constant decision making is stressful, when I fire up the game I litter the ground with stuff in storage and head out looking for new items. I'll have to sell the maul soon and probably the fancy flamberge. My latest armour is about 171 defense. Sometimes I think my Palidan is virtually unkillable but this game is full of surprises.

I keep notes of the tips from this thread. If I ever fire up a Necro or take my Palidan into nightmare level I'll be calling down blessings on you guys for your advice. I already have a level 4 necro but I'm going to shitcan him because it seems I wasted points on his Dexterity.

08-06-2000, 10:35 AM

Do what I do. I created a hold character for all that extra stuff. I just have a buddy I trust start a game with an empty character, join, jive him the stuff to stash, and then join the game with my holder character and he gives the stuff back. Very useful. BTW, DO NOT put too much into Zeal- 5 should be the MAX and I wouldn't go more than four. The reason is that you get busy hitting 7-8 times, and get surrounded.

08-06-2000, 11:48 AM
Ahaaar! With my chance of picking up magic items at +32%, +21%, and +10% (Fortuitous Ring) I am on a slightly staggering treasure hunt. I just did a second quick trip into the fortuitously located sewers in Act 3. The entrance is near the teleport and there's a close first floor shining chest and a close entrance to the short second floor where there is another shining chest and about eight regular chests. It's a good gold trip and I picked up:

- Hailstone Crest Mask, def. 41, poison length reduced 75%, +1 light, +6 life, attacker takes damage of 2
- Pain Scratch long sword very fast, 4-23, -17 monster defense per hit, +64 attack, +1 max damage, +11 strength, (although I still like my Savage long sword 7-33 very fast)
- Armageddon Mangler Giant Ax, 42-58 damage, normal speed, +1 mana after each kill, -16 to monster defense per hit

My internet connection is too lousy for me to creatively save any of this stuff, or give it away, on Battle Net.

I am now going to put the top down on my old convertible and drive out to the reservoir for a swim. It might hit 28 today (that's 82.4 y'all), a scorcher around here. I gotta get out of the house.

Unauthorized Cinnamon
08-07-2000, 02:40 PM
Smeg, my Amazon did fine in Act III with freezing arrows and a hireling to point out those blow-dart bastards before I could even see them. However, I kind of rushed through the game, and when I got to Diablo, I got my ass (yes, it's a two-handed ass, in case you wondered) handed to me - definitely take your time building her up, and you should be fine.

08-07-2000, 03:02 PM
They scaled down Corpse Explosion? Well fuck that. No more patches for me. What are its new stats? Less damage? Smaller radius? More mana?


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