View Full Version : The Tick: clowns!

07-03-2009, 05:27 PM
I recently got the first three big volumes of The Tick (I understand that there's more to come). I remember most of the cartoon episodes.

I made this thread because in the SNES game (yeah, way too repetitive, buggy, I know), there are four enemies called Toot Toot, Dentures, Fingers, and Shirtless. They're in the "clown" levels in the latter part of the game.

Where are they from? I don't see them at all in the three volumes I have and I don't remember them being anywhere in the cartoon (except for an extremely brief cameo in the first episode).

Weird that I know more about Thrakkorzog than the third most common enemy in the game...

P.S. No, not Proto-Clown. I've seen that one.