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06-21-2001, 01:47 PM
What nationality is the last name of "Yost"? Russian?

06-21-2001, 04:28 PM
I've got a Yost in the residential division. If I see her in the office I'll ask her.

06-21-2001, 07:22 PM
Here's something from Yost/Jost Family History (http://yost.family-history.com/familyhistory.htm):

Origin of the Surname Yost and Jost
The most widely used alphabet on earth is the one the Romans developed and took with them as they conquered the Western world. The uppercase letters you're reading are the same ones the Romans were reading in 600 B.C. Roman publishers developed the lowercase forms around A.D. 300.

The only changes since then came in medieval times, when printing began and typographers invented the "J" to represent the consonant value of "I" and "V" was divided into "U," "V" and "W."

The surname Yost is derived from Iost, a form of an old Christian name, Iodocus. When Europeans began to adopt surnames, between the year 1000 and 1500, many unrelated people selected Iodocus or Iost, probably because that was the given name of their father.

Thus, Iost became Jost. In America, Yost was gradually adopted as the spelling of the name Jost because the first letter of the name was pronounced like a "Y" as in Yes rather than like a "J" as in John.

Thus, there are many families named Jost and Yost and they are not necessarily related.

Here's another take on it, from The Yost Family WEB Pages (http://members.tripod.com/~jpdaspit/yost):

The Yost family’s European origins are from Germany and Switzerland. The earliest known origins of the family are in the Franconia region of Germany in the 17th century, then the Duchy of Franconia. The Franconia region is found in central Germany in the area around current day Frankfurt, Würzburg, Nürnburg and Bayreuth. They later migrated to the Kingdom of Wurtemberg and Emmen Valley Switzerland, near Langnau. Following the death’s of Christian and Barbara Jost as a result of religious persecutions, their four sons immigrated to Pennsylvania by way of Holland and England at the invitation of William Penn who was seeking settlers for the colony granted him. The remaining children of Christian and Barbara apparently remained in England.

The name was originally Jost or Joust which become Yost when family members immigrated to America (see Hans Casper Yost). There exists several possible sources of origin for the name any or all of which may be true. Evidence exists the name may be of Frankish origin from the Frank’s goddess Ostara or Eastara and/or from the word "joust" meaning "friendly combat. Evidence also exists the name may derive from the word for the virtue "Just" which has Persian, Monravian, Roman and Teutonic origins. For more on the origins of the name see the "Birdeen Yost" document in the Appendices.