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Originally Posted by WOOKINPANUB View Post
Cute house!

Okay, I must admit that if I saw a porch in that state for more than a couple of days I would wonder to myself what the heck was up with that BUT under no circumstances would I say anything about it. That bitch is waaaaaay over the freakin' line. I hope you don't have to encounter her again, but if you do at least you'll know what you're dealing with and can mentally prep yourself accordingly.

By the way, where's the picture of Captain?
Hey, I agree I should have had it hauled around months ago - it's kind of been one of those "well, the trash won't be here until next Tuesday, so I should do it on Monday" but then I forget on Monday sort of things. But I've never said it didn't need doing.

And how about a twofer? They're so embarrassed when they get caught not hating each others' guts.