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Well, at the risk of shitting this thread, I once had a marvelous experience with the door-to-door Jehova's Witnesses. I lived in an apartment in a semi-rural place. They came a-knocking.

They had this red-covered book (about 70 pages or so) they were hawking for $3 -- dirt cheap for any book, I thought. They said it was a discussion of the Book of Revelation. They didn't tell me they were JW.

I flipped through the pages. Every page has a verse or two, followed by a whole page or two of detailed explanatory comments and those truly fabulous illustrations that only JW's can create! I recognized them as JW work at once, and asked them if they were JW. They immediately admitted it.

I bought the book immediately. They went away.

What a fabulous book! Do you like ancient Greek Mythology, with its fantastic stories, bloody battles, tales of lust and betrayal and magic? This was just like that. Vast galactic battles for the souls of the Earth! Blood poured out over the whole world! The Whore of Babylon getting ravaged by the seven-headed ten-horned monster! Gargoyles fu! Apocalyptic horsemen fu! 666 fu! All finally ending happily ever after in the paradise of New Jerusalem. Every story expanded, embellished, and embiggened to the max, way beyond anything the original Revelation ever said, by the masterful storycrafters that the JW are! And those magnificent full-color illustrations on every page!

And all for only $3.00 ! I definitely felt I got my money's worth.

Of course, they kept coming back every month to ask me if I wanted to discuss what I had learned with them. After a few such visitations, I politely told them I wasn't interested, and they politely left, and politely never bothered me again. So it was all good, and I have no complaint.

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