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Originally Posted by beowulff View Post
PM me, and I will disclose my guaranteed end-of-the-world-safe location for a mere $10,000.


Overpriced chiseler!

Ignore him.

Now, me, I'll give you the exact same quality information, for a mere $5,000!

Think of it! 50% off!
And I'll throw in a bagel!

That bagel sure does sound good, doesn't it?

Then buy your end-of-the-World information from me: Bosda!
Amy--Maybe I'm the Antichrist. Mayhem is my deal.
Shelley--That would explain it, but you don't have a tail.
Amy--Does the Antichrist have a tail?
Shelley--1) Has a tail. 2) Shifty eyes. 3) When they wee, it comes out black.
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