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Originally Posted by Exapno Mapcase View Post
This couldn't be because their readership overwhelmingly prefers it, could it?
Today's numbers. Here is the WPLC Digital Library site should anyone wish to browse or check my data (though -- who's anal enough to care but me?)

There are a total of 785 Science Fiction titles. 149 (19%) of them have the Star Wars logo on the cover.

There are 457 titles currently available, 97 (21%) with the Star Wars logo.

There are 328 titles checked out, meaning 152 (15%) of them are Star Wars books.

Perhaps these numbers are too small to be statistically very meaningful, but it certainly doesn't support that the readership "overwhelmingly" support it. If anything, by a small margin, they underwhelmingly support it, as they are left on the shelf disproportionally more than the rest of the collection.