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IF you're sending an email about being hacked..

It is an incredibly stupid thing to include links in the email that do not lead to the actual web page the link shows.

When the text is, but the status bar shows me the link is actually going to go to<secure token>&ls=<secure Token>&m=<secure token>&l=<secure token>&s=<secure token>&jb=<secure token> my hackles go up. Yes, I understand that the straight dope is owned by the sun times and this email likely would have logged me in and brought me to the edit password page, but that's not the point.

The point is that as a computer professional I have beaten every friend that's ever been hacked that a) a link in an email that is going to a different destination than it appears to be going to on the surface is a warning sign and b) you should then open a new web page, surf to the site in question manually and see if they have any notice *there* about being hacked instead of clicking on a suspect link in the email.

I know I've seen exactly that advice on this board more than once, so why, oh why would you then send an email with not one, but two links that go to addresses other than that shown in the text?