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Our most recent MotW was Jon Stewart's Rosewater. We figured we pretty much had to see it eventually. Not really looking forward to it based on audience (vs. critic) reviews.

Yeah, it was okay for the most part. Not really "all that".

The opening sequences were a muddle. Too much "time travel" with too little context to help figure things out. Also, Stewart really needed to give a better context of who-was-who and who-they-were-friends/enemies with among the Iranian political figures. I thought I was up-to-date on this and I still found it confusing.

Shohreh Aghdashloo is a tremendously strong actress. She just dominated each scene she was in. And since the others in those scene's weren't playing at her level, it took me out of the movie. One of those cases where a lesser actor would have been better.

The title is just plain A Bad Idea. The rosewater is such a tiny element of the story, it's barely worth mentioning let alone making it the title.


Now: for the bad (?) movie of the week: Home Sweet Hell. (Originally North of Hell.) Katherine Heigl and Patrick Wilson as the perfect dysfunctional couple facing some really bad things (and people).

The release history of this movie warns you off: First released on VOD Feb. 3, then supposedly released in theaters March 13, then already on disc by April 7.

I say "supposedly" because I find no record of box office at BoxOfficeMojo or similar. I'm thinking it only had a token release to satisfy contracts.

Which brings up another infamous Heigl movie: Zyzzyx Rd. Made $30 (not $30 million, or thousand. Just $30.) Some of which was refunded. I've seen this. It is indeed an unbelievably terrible movie. ("Whew, xxx is dead, let's move on." "No, xxx isn't dead, look out!" repeated over and over.)

But Home Sweet Hell is actually an almost okay movie. Not great, but nowhere as bad as Zyzzyx Rd. Generally well made and acted. The secondary actors are pretty good. It even has Kevin McKidd, also from Grey's Anatomy, in a very small role just goofing around with accents. (You'd think only Scottish, but you'd be wrong.)

For some reason I have a problem with Patrick Wilson. He just doesn't seem to be that good to me, so that drags the movie down IMHO.

Heigl plays a super-sweet Miss Perfect on the outside, incredibly twisted and nasty on the inside person. Let's just leave that at that with a minimum of snark.

The ending is only halfway satisfying.

Heigl's husband did the soundtrack. Just a minimal job. And the main theme is incredibly simple pop/earworm crap.

It's 6%, 1 for 18, at RT. But I think it should rate higher, like in the 30s or 40s. And it should have gotten a modest release.

Note that Heigl has 2 other completed movies sitting on the shelf with no push to get them out in theaters.

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