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Originally Posted by Jophiel View Post
From the sound of it, the criticism about Star Citizen seems to be the enormous amount of money they've taken in but not really "justified" via results. Maybe that's part of the sausage making process of video games but there's also enough failed games that it's legitimate to question it, especially as they continue to pass the hat for more funding via what may be virtual swampland.
The thing about video game crowdfunding is that most games that crowdfund don't crowdfund anything near their full budget. "Big budget" video game kickstarters are getting like 6 million (Shenmue 3) and 5.5 million (Bloodstained). And the backers look at them and go "These games made a fortune!" when in actuality, they are getting the lion's share of their funding from other sources, and the 5/6 million they got is more of a "let's see how interested people are" measure than an actual attempt to fund the entire game.

Other games that are Kickstarted/crowdfunded whatever are often very small teams working on relatively manageable projects, and even they often are doing a sort of "Welp, our team of four lads will be working on this in their spare time, because there's no way that the money from this Kickstarter would keep us fed for the amount of time we need to make this game." arrangement.

Star Citizen, on the other hand, seems to be trying to fund themselves, a fairly large studio, full time, on crowdfunding dollars. They're doing it, for now.

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Chris Roberts has been basically making variations of this same game since the mid-90's. So its not totally crazy to give him money and expect him to make a game out of it.
I feel obliged to contest this - Chris Roberts has been basically making failed (at least, financially) versions of this game for a good long time. So it IS completely crazy to give him money for it. Yeah, Starlancer and Freelancer did eventually come out, but it would be unfair to call them successful. And now we have Mr. Roberts coming back promising everything bigger, better, biggerer, more impressive, more shiny, and WAY BEYOND the scope of any previous projects.

I honestly don't think he can deliver. I looked at this project back when it was on Kickstarter and said "Yeah, this is WAY too ambitious. Especially for a brand new studio." Nothing I have seen since leads me to believe I was incorrect in that assessment.