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Guns are designed to kill -- after all we must not point a gun at anyone we do not want to die. So given that most gun killings are suicide I'd say suicide by gun is about as positive as you can get about these tools. Most of the time that people fire them effectively it is to kill themselves (what is it, to the rate of 2 a day? Not sure off top of my head.. thinking United States stats here). Sure, defending yourself against a threat is great, but let's face it the main REAL use of a gun against a human is for suicide -- that is just a statistical fact. So let's celebrate the two or whatever folks a day who use this tool to kill themselves. And, hey, let's celebrate that their guns made them feel safe before they ended their lives. Having a gun but not using it gives a chance to feel safe, and once you're ready for the suicide and you finally find a good reason to use it for real -- what is not to love? It gave you comfort until now when it is a convenient tool to end your life. Sounds like win/win to me. Get a gun, feel good about it as long as you need, and then remove yourself from our population in one of the more easy and pain free methods possible.

To sum it up, I guess I think the best gun news of the day is when gun owners kill themselves. Guns are very good tools for that and I am always happy to see folks do things using the best tools possible.