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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Yes, because "that's racist" you politically correct asshole. Smart people are less violent. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, most smart kids are white or asian. Maybe it isn't genetics and maybe black people can perform in the right 1% of the bell curve...but they are vanishingly rare. But yeah I shouldn't have mentioned race...though if I had left the words "white and asian" out of that sentence, it would work out to be the same damn thing in reality.
That was not addressed to me, but there are some remarkable things going on here, so I feel sort of inclined to jump in. It's kind of odd that you were suddenly motivated to respond to an eight-month old post. Late-night board trolling, or what? But let's focus on this marvelous quote from that little turd of yours that you yourself saw fit to exhume for public display:
But it's not inherently unjust, per say. One tenant of capitalism is that you get what you are able to pay for and what you (or your family) has earned.
"Not inherently unjust per say", you say? You don't say! Here's what I say: your marginal illiteracy would be embarrassing even for someone who wasn't a pretentious blowhard. And I'm bemused by your claim about what "one tenant of capitalism" is supposed to be. Capitalism is not an apartment building, and it doesn't have tenants. Per say.

Malapropisms like this are usually a reliable red-flag indicator of an ignorant douchebag, but the ironclad proof is your general inclination to be a pompous blowhard with a tendency to leap to conclusions and greatly oversimplify highly complex subjects -- in fact, virtually any subject -- based on a limited understanding. Self-replicating galactic factories and nanobots have figured in your universal solutions to almost any problem more times than I can remember.

Don't misunderstand me, SamuelA; we have had some wonderful trolls and blowhards here on the board and you are far from the worst of them, though unfortunately that means you don't get any awards there, either. But here's the crux of the issue, SamuelA: we also have some very knowledgeable professionals, academics, and research scientists here who are legitimate experts in their fields, and who are far more affable -- not to mention immeasurably more knowledgeable -- than you are, and thus stand in stark contrast to your bloviations.

One last thing, in view of that unsavory quote of yours above. Capitalism is the broad outline of an economic system that describes how a society organizes its means of production. It is not a tenet (and certainly not a tenant) of capitalism that in all circumstances you must always only "get what you are able to pay for". Successful capitalism recognizes the value of the society in which it exists and which it serves. And so capitalist societies throughout the world provide services to their citizens that are in the interest of a just, productive, compassionate, and peaceful society, regardless of their citizens' ability to pay -- services like health care, education, and basic food and shelter. Conservatives and liberals may differ as to where to draw the line, but only a total douchebag such as yourself would make the kind of statement I just quoted, demanding no line at all. But then, you just informed us in the above quote that intelligent black people are "vanishingly rare" oddities. The premise is that blacks almost certainly are genetically less intelligent than whites, but hey, technically, "maybe it isn't genetics", so who can really tell, right? You know what? You really are an appalling douchebag.