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SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY league: Year Ten

Last year's thread

We've got some changes to deal with this year. Varlos and Stringer will be leaving us, to be replaced with Overly Sentimental and Ol'Gaffer. Varlos was the comissioner, and unfortunately we have no way of regaining control of the league in his absence, forcing us to create a new and eventually identical league to the old one. I will attempt to preserve the old ones for historical records (or transplant the old historical records onto the new league) when I figure that out. Everyone will have received an invite to the "SDMB-Dynasty league" ("SDMB Dynasty League" is the old one) which is the new league. I will complete the rules, rosters, and hopefully league history in the next few weeks as we hold drafts.

We've decided to use the unique opportunity of losing two owners in one year as a way for the new owners to have greater control in creating the team they take over. To do so, we're going to take all players owned by VarlosZ and Stringer and put them into a draft pool for the new owners, who will then select players from those rosters to construct their new team. That draft will take place in thread, and start today. I will list the available players in a subsequent post. The draft picks the absent players owned will be assigned in a way that will be finalized today, after we determine if both new owners will be sufficiently available to do an ABABABA draft, rather than drafting two at a time.

We've got some rule proposals and clarifications to discuss, which I will try to round up in a later post.

2017 Champion: VarlosZ
2016 Champion: SenorBeef (Exploding Pancakes)
2015 Champion: VarlosZ
2014 Champion: Stringer (We Do HGH)
2013 Champion: VarlosZ
2012 Champion: Hamlet (CuteWiddleBunny)
2011 Champion: SenorBeef (Exploding Pancakes)
2010 Champion: Stringer (We Do HGH)
2009 Champion: Really Not All That Bright

Points Leaders by Year (including Weeks 15-16)
2017: RNATB: 2095.71
2016: Petey; 2018.97
2015: VarlosZ; 2183.64
2014: Stringer; 2177.27
2013: SenorBeef; 2132.81
2012: Stringer; 2095.83
2011: Stringer; 2229.75
2010: Stringer; 2167.03
2009: Hamlet; 2207.00

2017 Final Results:
1) VarlosZ
3) Jules Andre
4) Stringer
5) Ellis Dee
6) SenorBeef
7) Petey
8) Retrovertigo
9) Omniscient
10) Justin Bailey
11) Hamlet
12) dalej42

Thanks to Jules for throwing the draft list together for me. The relevant trades were that SenorBeef traded his 2018 2nd round pick to Varlos for Varlos' third round pick (3.12 for 2.06) and that RNATB gave Justin his 1st round pick (1.11) and Justin gave RNATB his third round pick (3.03). We have no outstanding trades (no last pick swaps) to deal with - this is the complete draft order going into the draft, where the new owners will inherit the draft picks of Stringer and Varlos.

2018 Draft Order:
1.01 - Warner's Brothers (dalej42)
1.02 - CuteWiddleBunny(Hmlt (Hamlet)
1.03 - JB's Gusterrhoids (Justin_Bailey)
1.04 - Ides of Martz (Omniscient)
1.05 - New York Fanboys (Ellis Dee)
1.06 - Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
1.07 - Isotopes (Petey)
1.08 - RetroVertigo (RetroVertigo)
1.09 - * We Do HGH (Stringer)
1.10 - HungryHungryHaruspex (Jules Andre)
1.11 - JB's Gusterrhoids (Justin_Bailey) From RNATB
1.12 - * Varlos' Zzzzzzz (VarlosZ)

2.01 - Warner's Brothers
2.02 - CuteWiddleBunny(Hmlt
2.03 - JB's Gusterrhoids
2.04 - Ides of Martz
2.05 - New York Fanboys
2.06 - * Varlos' Zzzzzzz (from SenorBeef)
2.07 - Isotopes
2.08 - RetroVertigo
2.09 - * We Do HGH
2.10 - HungryHungryHaruspex
2.11 - Nine Inch Neils
2.12 - * Varlos' Zzzzzzz

3.01 - Warner's Brothers
3.02 - CuteWiddleBunny(Hmlt
3.03 - Nine Inch Neils (from Justin Bailey)
3.04 - Ides of Martz
3.05 - New York Fanboys
3.06 - Exploding Pancakes
3.07 - Isotopes
3.08 - RetroVertigo
3.09 - * We Do HGH
3.10 - HungryHungryHaruspex
3.11 - Nine Inch Neils
3.12 - Exploding Pancakes (from Varlos)

Opening day is Thursday, Sept 6. The third week of preseason runs through Aug 25. We will begin the general draft on Aug 26 and finish up before the season begins. The last day to submit cuts will be Aug 24 at 11:59pm eastern, giving us at least a day before the draft begins. Which I suppose means that the new owner draft can also take up to that date if needed (although obviously it should be finished much quicker) since it wouldn't hurt anything up until that point.

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