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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
Can you give an example?

By the way, baizuo seems like something that peipei qingwa would talk a lot about on Reddit.
peipei qingwa = Pepe the Frog
Originally Posted by begbert2 View Post
Seconded - since when do liberals have a problem with successful asians?

I mean, sure, there's not really a lot of widespread concern about anti-asian discrimination (give or take that I've seen some notice given to the fact they're not well-represented in cinema), but I hadn't gotten the impression that asian success is frowned upon by liberals either.
I said they are uncomfortable with it. By they, I mean the woke SJWs. The Baizuo. They have created this narrative that places the blame for the lack of "success" of blacks and hispanics at the feet of white supremacy. Any suggestion that perhaps blacks and hispanics could be doing more to improve their situation is condemned as being somewhere between victim blaming to outright racism.

Then along comes a non-white group that achieves some measure of success in spite of all the white supremacy. It is an inconvenient truth for all the derivative critical race theorists in education and ethnic studies departments around the country. And this inconvenient truth makes them uncomfortable.

Jews used to have to deal with this problem but people sorts dismissed as the effect of the generally white appearance of jews, but its harder to do with asians.