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Barbara Metzger - if you like wordplay at all, you should read at least one of her books. Unfortunately, her style works betting in the shorter form but the latest books by her have been full length. That doesn't make her a bad author, but you can tell she is stretching to make a full length novel, or at least I can. Her tour de force is A Loyal Companion. The use of a dog, half-shephard and half hunting hound, with his wry comments and dog-centric reactions to the events around him give Ms. Metzger's quirky wordplay more ability to shine than in any other books I've read of hers

Interestingly enough I just finished this exact book the other day. Thoroughly enjoyed it. One of her bests. I really enjoy Barbara Metzger's work. The men are not without flaws and the women are not perfect. Usually some very good plot lines and excellent character developements. Excellent wordplay. She loves dogs and they are featured in every story. I like that.

If you can find it ( and I had to resort to ebay and shilling out a $20) and that was after I located it through the library system to show you how much I liked it. The Early and the Heiress by Metzger is her first book and it was excellent. Her best, IMHO. And that says alot, as I've read everything of hers that she has written that I can find ( I think there are only two I haven't located yet.lady wilton's wedding and something else. Not including the newer-longer ones she's put out lately.

Far and large, she is the best Regency Harlequin-ish story line person (meaning shorter stories) that I've found. Since I am reaching the end of my Two Year Personal Quest to Read All Her Books Hey, we all have our own pathetic little goals I am going to need to branch out again in Regencies, as it is my all time favorite and find a new favoritist author to stalk

The forced sex scenes: Y'know, I have read thousands of romance novels in all the genres: civil war, regency, viking, medievil, paranormal, futuristic, contemperary, time travel, vampire and a few others that I'm forgetting. I've read some excellent writers and I have endured some shitbombs. Most are pure entertainment.

I think I've read possibly a handful of forced-sex scenes and those were, IRC, in Viking or Medieval story lines. A couple of Civil war stories too, but I am not a fan of that time period ( the glossing over of slavery, the accents, et al.) Maybe I'm blocking it out. But, really, I think it a thing of the past ( in book writing) and poo-poohed upon in todays age.

I don't know why Romance Books are so embarrassing to admit publically. It is today what buying your tampons when you were 13 was. I hope no one I know sees me buying this...eeek and then when you find out that your friend or co-worker has a Harlequin in her purse too...It's like Jr. High all over again. A secret society of guilty pleasures. And just like period talk, romance book talk just makes the guys move away.

Some of my favorite authors in their genre:


Anne Lawrence Books focused on Virtual reality games. ( woman gets sucked into a virtual reality game. it sounded completely and utterly stupid and I ignored it for over a year at the used book store...but it was always there and I figured for 75 cents, why not. Not a fantastic read, but captivating. I have her other books cued up in the library system. )

Futuristic/Sci fi

Dara Joy. The only way to put Knight of a trillion stars, Rejar and Mine to Take, High Energy, Ritual of Proof is that she is a wordsmith. Rejar is the best guy with possibly the worst female heroine matchup I've ever found. He is from another planet and is a shape changer. she is from Regency England. Do you really think that she can actually absorb what that all means with out imploding? GAH! Yeah, I know, Suspension of disbelief, shirl. YMMV. Still I can't put it down every time I read it. All her stuff is excellent.

Justine Davis : Lord of the Storm & Sky Pirate. Outfreakin' standing. Love em. I think they are out of print now.

Time Travel & Ghosts/Paranormal.

Lynn Kurland. all her stuff is well done. (well, there is one I hated, but I will forgive her.)

Merline Lovelace: Somewhere in Time. Female US military shuttle pilot crash lands in Saudi Arabia/Iraq/Iran (that area, I forget) and WOAH, she is back in Roman times. Of all the darned luck. I scoffed openly in the store at the premise of it all. I bought it only because I wanted to see just how the language gap would be covered. I ate the whole book up - and the hero - Lucius Antonious --too. For clarification, Gladiator was freshly out in the theater at the time. Wooooo. it also helped me to realize that the author use to be a USAF pilot. so she wasn't completely full of shit and making it up as she went along. She also has contemporary books, but I've never read them.

Knight In Shining Armor Is one of the best time travel books evar! w00t1

Strangley enough, this is one of my favorite genre ( never know, could getting sucked into a VR game ....) and I tend to go blank on it during pivotal moments like this. I didn't know I was going to be fookin' tested on it... Too all three reading this, I apologize.


My favorite Genre:

Mary Jo Putney: Lovely, tapestry-like story writing with well written characters and plots. (some convoluted, but hey, the guy is hot so who cares?)

Amanda Quick for a formulaic poolside quickie read.

Laura Kinsale Flowers from the Storm and My Sweet Folly, which is in my top five books, evar. YMMV.

Julie Garwood I don't care for the Westerns/roses story line. But her Regency stuff I like.

Kathleen Woodiwiss and Johanna Lindsey are pretty much to blame for getting me armpits deep into this genre.

Come Love A Stranger by ?, is possibly one of the few books I've read where the Hero is not a pariah or out right Cad or Misunderstood or War Hero that is Jaded By It all. Naturally, he is wealthy. As all men should be.


Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series. Start with the first one. They are all numbered and I am too lazy to amazon it for you. You will be hooked and laughing and lusting after Ranger & Morelli like the rest of us......ooooooooh. Two, two two hot guys at once......::::::::::;droool:::::::::::