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Lucy is my middle name. It's kind of a long story ...

I've tried (without success) for 39 years to come up with a shorter explanation, so this is the way I usually explain it in person:

As you may imagine, no child ever gets away with using just their middle initial if their middle name is unique or has an unusual or uncommon spelling. Here is (verbatim, as near as I can recall ...) the exchange during roll call on my first day at Irving Junior High:

[Well meaning 7th grade English teacher] "Glen ... (long pause) Uhhhhhh, How do you spell your middle name?"
[Mortified newly ordained teen] "Uhhhhh, I'm sure they got it right."
[Very Persistent English Teacher] "Oh, I'm sure this must be incorrect. Please spell it for me ..."
[Very Mortified Teen] "Trust me, it's right. Starts with an 'L' ..."
[VPET] "NO, I'm certain that this must be an error."
[VMT] "Trust me -- if it doesn't look right, then it must be correct!"
[VPET} "NO, this can't be spelled correctly. Who in their right mind would name a boy 'Lucy'???"
[Class] (Seemingly endless giggles...)
[VMT, Sheepishly] "My parents."

Didn't help that some son of donkey and mule act had a song in the top 10 titled A Boy Named Sue ... :wally

By the time I got to the cafeteria that day every single kid in that school was calling me Lucy. I fought it for for a long time. (About 3 nanoseconds) It's been Lucy ever since.

(Thank you Mrs. Boyden, where ever you are. I mean that sincerely, too! I am not being facetious! )

I didn't learn about the origin of the name till I was 17. My great-grandfather's name was Ezekial Marion Lucy. The surname Lucy is linked to a very rich family history that dates back to the year 1066 ... I sorta wear it as a badge of honor nowadays.

Actually, once I gave up the fight and just accepted Lucy as my primary handle, it has had some surprising advantages. Even now, whenever I call any of my customers or business associates on the phone, the moment I say "This is Lucy ..." no one has to guess or even pause for a millisecond to search the ol' memory bank -- they know exactly who is calling, and what the topic of conversation is going to be ...

Except ...

There was this one referral customer that was a tad surprised to find out that I was male. Her reaction: (Quote): "That's one hell of a disguise you're wearing ..."

Add a touch of Beatles magic and you have the handle: Lucy In Disguise

(You may send the diamonds to the location listed above ...)


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