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1930's Cop Movie: decent, but the cops are a little too "Jack Armstrong, All-American Boy."

1940's Cop Movie: These guys are tough, smart and talk fast. Don't fuck with them.

1950's: still smart, tough & fast-talking, but now they have to deal with mixed-up teenagers, so they either screw it up or understand better than anyone else in the movie (like Edward Platt in "Rebel Without A Cause")

1960's: Two-dimensional characters who oppress hippies

1970's OK, some of those hippies were like Charles Manson, so cops are smart & tough again, but don't talk as fast; perhaps because some of them are now Black and they have to pronounce their jive slowly so us ofays can understand. Car chases become obligatory.

1980's: Where most of this threads stupid clichés come from. Final shoot-outs in abandoned factories become obligatory.

1990's-2000's: The 1980's were so bad I stopped watching. Throw-away lines and hidden elements of Post-Modern self-parody become obligatory