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Originally Posted by Heffalump and Roo
I'm curious why/how you don't awaken before noon on Mondays, but I guess that can wait for another day. . .a more sober day, perhaps.
I could live very happily, not getting up before noon. When I was housesitting one summer, I got into a routine of going to bed at about 5am and getting up in the mid afternoon. I missed most of the January sun, but it was worth it - the house had the most fantastic library.

Hello to all you cool MMPers! (or mumpers, as I call you in my head) Don't mind me, I'm just distracting myself from the scary ticket prices from NZ to London, and the equally terrifying exchange rate. Soon, UK dopers, I shall be one of yoooou!

And how cute were those foxes!?

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