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Originally Posted by Mangetout
What are you looking at me like that for? It's quite normal to let chutneys mature for a while... they just don't normally get this long.
Reminds me of this eccentric fellow I knew while I was living in Ecuador. He was from Korea, and he was the proprietor of a video arcade completely stocked with video games he'd built out of parts illegally shipped to him by his family back in Korea. The title screen of every game was completely in Korean or Japanese, with the only English being THIS UNIT IS FOR USE IN SOUTHEAST ASIA ONLY. Among his many eccentricities were washing and ironing his money (literally, in his sink and on an ironing board which was just for money; his clothes were ironed on a separate board), and burying jars of kimchee in the front yard. Each bottle's burial place was marked with a chopstick that had a tiny flag of white surgical tape attached. On the flag he would write, in Sharpie, the interrment date of that batch of kimchee. His front yard looked like Arlington cemetery. Anytime we would visit him, he would dig up a jar of kimchee for us as a parting gift. He explained, in his halting Spanish, the difference between the various vintages: More old mean less spicy, more sour. Great, crazy dude.

Anyway, your chutney made me think of him and his buried trove of cabbage.