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Originally Posted by statij View Post
Can someone convince me to read these books? I'm kinda fascinated. Like most people, I read (twice) Lord of the Rings and loved it, I don't read any fantasy but like science fiction some, love historical fiction and LOVE long books. So, yeah, I'm very intrigued. It's obviously not a small undertaking if I start so I want to know if I should. Anyone?
I wouldn't, actually, considering that it is unlikely to finish.

However, they are pretty good fantasy books, with a very limited amount of fantasy. What I mean is that there is not a ton of magic and dragons and so forth, though things do exist like this.

What's cool is that it contains multiple story lines going on and each chapter follows a different characters, so you get to know a bunch of people. I found myself looking forward to various character chapters a lot and dreading others. Maybe not dreading, but certainly not getting excited.

Anyway, if you are OK that it does not have an ending and may never have one, go for it.

Oh, and it is unpredictable. Main characters sometimes die.