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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
As to how this came out now, my guess is that someone said to a friend, "Hey, I went to school with the Governor. Here, let me show you my yearbook... wait, what the hell!?". This person, whoever it was, never noticed the picture before because usually, when you get your yearbook, you check all of the pages that have you on them, you maybe check the pages for your friends, and then you flip through a few other pages at random and put it on a shelf to gather dust. Some other folks might have noticed the picture before, but, well, we already know that there's at least one other person in his circle of friends who's cool with this sort of costuming. In other words, it wasn't any particular reason for it coming out now; it just happened to be now.

But as for that... The one page in the yearbook that everyone does turn to is their own. In the schools I've been at, they even give all of the buyers a little slip of paper saying what pages they're on. If that's not him in the picture, why didn't he raise holy Hell as soon as he saw it?
I have no idea, but how popular are college year books? I have friends who went to and graduated college, and none of them have a yearbook. Maybe med school is different, and the students are more interested in them.

Complete speculation, but I would not be surprised if he has never owned or even opened a copy of his 1985 medical college year book.