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Also working in the UK, the reasons I've had for an increase in annual leave have been

1. Long service bonus - here, you get an extra day per year once you've worked here 5 years
2. An improvement in the holiday benefit across the company, as a reworking of company benefits by the HR team. This sometimes happens if the company feels their benefits package isn't as good as some of their competitors and they need to up their game.
3. A readjustment if the company is not complying with holiday legislation.

It would be useful to know your current allowance to see if it could be 2 or 3, but I'm guessing it's number 2 - but I'd agree with others to check your contract to see if they've tweaked anything else.

I can't see why they'd do it in advance of a merger/acquisition - what would be the point? I could understand afterwards, in order to align benefits across the new company.

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