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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
(bolding mine)

Actually, the doctor I met with has not, IMHO, abandoned her due diligence. If anything, she believes that some people are helped by non-mainstream medical care. She is a passionate supporter of patient rights. If you (CarnalK) want to be upset with someone, send your negative feelings to those, like me, who are maybe gaming the system to a small degree.

We good?
We're good but I've got to stand by my position. I don't entirely blame you for gaming the system, though since you have ample access iirc I don't know why you bother. But a doctor is put in a position of responsibility and authority, she is abdicating that by just going by her patients wants/feelings.

Before pot got recreational legal here, I just bought from my buddy like I always did. I didn't find a "pot friendly doctor" because I would rather give all my money to a pot dealer over some weak willed airy-fairy doctor.