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Originally Posted by Eleanor of Aquitaine View Post
They're both good, but obviously I'm partial to the books about Henry & Eleanor. Devil's Brood is the third book in the trilogy, so I wouldn't read that one without having read the previous two books: When Christ and His Saints Slept (which begins with the sinking of the White Ship and covers the resulting civil war between Stephen and Maud) and Time and Chance.

The Sunne in Splendour is a standalone book, Penman's first novel. Penman is firmly in the camp that believes Richard III to be innocent of the murders of his nephews.
I always thought that position was a trifle odd - after all, removing rivals to the throne when they are in your power is hardly an unusual thing for a medieval king to do. There are many historical precidents, not least of which being King John and Arthur, which is sort of similar - Arthur is in John's power, conveniently disappears - and Penman has no probs attributing the murder of Arthur to John.

I think I'll try the trilogy first - after all, three books is better than one ...