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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
Yes, but by the speeding analogy, the reason for speed limits is to keep people safe. If a government raises the 55 mph speed limit to 80 mph and then says, "By doing so, we reduced speed-limit violations by 90%," then technically, they've reduced crime, but the roads aren't safer at all - indeed, they're probably all the more dangerous now.

Same goes for those who advocate against illegal-immigration on the basis of "They take our jobs" or "We need fewer brown people in America" or "They're criminals." Now, most of those arguments are racist, BS, ill-founded or some combination of all three. But, if someone opposes Hispanics crossing the border into the United States, full stop, then the argument of "We got rid of illegal immigration by making illegal immigration legal!" holds zero water at all. To them, 10 million Hispanics crossing legally or illegally into America is the same - either way, it's 10 million Hispanics crossing over.
So what's your point? Racist idiots aren't susceptible to rational arguments?