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Let's build a wall through your hometown, stretch it a thousand miles to the sea in either direction, send some "jackbooted thugs" in to patrol it, insist loudly that we're doing it to protect other Americans hundreds or thousands of miles away, claim that your neighbors & customers are rapists and murderers, and see how enthusiastic you are.

And let's be clear, before Donald Trump started bellowing this, the Clinton Democrats, including Obama, were happy to say all that stuff about Mexicans & do all that stuff to border towns. They just happily assumed white America is a bunch of racist fools, just like DJT does. It's really irritating, to those of us who care about successfully integrating immigrants into society & treating them like normal persons, to have these fake-smart blowhards ratifying xenophobic stereotypes on the advice of campaign advisors exactly like confirmed racist criminal Roger Stone.

Yes, it is morally dubious, because it has bad consequences. Migrants dying in the desert is bad. But the bad is bigger than the wall. All of the anti-immigrant law that came in since 1994 is bad.

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