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Several good reasons were pointed out:
(1) The Wall would cost far more than $6 billion; that's just an installment payment.
(2) Most illegal immigration isn't by cross-border stealth anyway; it's visa overstays, or tourists working illegally (cf. Melania Krauss)
(3) Effective border security involves a variety of measures. Focus on The Wall shows kindergartenerish mentality.

To these should be added
(4) The Wall would be a horrid eye-sore, do environmental and ecological damage, and rob border residents of their property or livelihood. Thus it would be worse than a waste of money. It might be smarter to spend some of the $70 billion breaking windows or digging holes and then filling them back up.
(5) The Trump didn't even want a wall — he thought it was a stupid idea. But his speech handlers tried the idea as a way to keep this attention-deficited man focused on simple memes and Trump warmed to The Wall when he saw how enthusiastically his low-IQ deplorable supporters cheered it.

It is not Opposition to, but Support for The Wall that has become a litmus test for ignorance and hypocrisy.

ETA: No, I didn't vote in the ill-designed poll. I might have checked 1&2&3 if multiple answers were permitted.

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