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There has been a lot of flooding in western Québec recently. One casualty has been the Kipawa River's Broken Bridge (Vive la Kipawa Libre), which has gone missing.

If you happen to have it, please return it – no questions asked, for the national park wants it back and has closed the river until it is found.

150 cubic metres per second is atypical spring runoff level, and the highest that I have ever run much of the Kipawa was 357. Well, now the gage is 485, so it’s booming. The national park folks would prefer not to have to deal with paddlers being pinned on Broken Bridge, wherever it might be.

The Kipawa River was voted as one of the Seven Jewels of Québec in the CBC poll, so if you get the chance, spend some time paddling there – just not until Broken Bridge is found.

Here’s an overview of the river
and here’s a vid I came across on the web of the white water in a typical spring
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