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Originally Posted by Half Man Half Wit View Post
Ok, so is my post above where I gave an example of how computation is subject to interpretation, how there's no sense to claiming 'system x computes function y' in an objective sense, just invisible to everybody?
One thought is that the same mental state/conscious state maps to many sets of input (sensory+previous state).

First, let's make sure I understood your post:
It's possible to imagine a brain in the exact same physical state but due to an entirely different set of external conditions. There could be an alien on planet X where everything is purple and the wind is always blowing, but the internal brain state that maps to his current sensory inputs (and previous mental state) just so happens to be the exact same state as my brain as I type this message.

You conclude that conscious states can't be due to the computation (state) because my typing this message must feel different than the alien on purple planet X where the wind is blowing, but are we sure they must feel different?

If a creature from just one of those environments compared how it felt t be in the two different environments, they would detect differences, but if we compared the internal state of each relative to their respective environments, it could possibly result in the same absolute state, but different relative state.