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Originally Posted by Stratocaster View Post
It's a little more nuanced than that, right? They were responding to a complaint about someone scaring the crap out of everyone waving a gun around, and (if their account is accurate), they ordered him to show his hands and instead he went for the gun.
OK, but just like when that guy was killed by the cops in that Wal-Mart, the cops have no business assuming the truth of a complaint.

They investigate the complaint. They can't just take the word of someone over the phone that a situation is dangerous. Such a claim means they need to be ready in case it is, but they still have to come in with their eyes open and make their own judgment.

Otherwise, the cops become a lethal weapon available to be wielded by the random 911 caller.

I mean, I watched all seven minutes of that video. There's a fair amount of that park in view, and there are only two instances where anyone else even appears in it. Most of the time, the place is deserted. Including right before the cops pull up.

If they'd cruised on by, parked their car on the street, and watched for a minute, they'd have seen what we saw in the video: a bored kid playing with something in an essentially deserted park.

Instead, they blaze in, screech to a stop right next to him on the grass, and in seconds, shoot him dead.

The cops put themselves in the zone of split-second decisions by coming at the kid like a SWAT team with no need for doing so.