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Originally Posted by Jules Andre View Post
You were picking in the 4th round, but that pick has to go to Dale to balance out the trade's roster slots. But, you're correct otherwise, and thanks for the catch.

Edit: Another really important note about your Gurley trade: Future trades are a locked-in commitment. So, you're moving two picks next season (1st and 3rd), which means you are now absolutely required to cut at least 3 players next season (more if you end the season with someone on I.R. and have more than 25 players). There's always been a sort of verbal understanding that if you trade a future pick, and don't end up having that pick, the other team gets the next best pick. Just something to remember going into next season.
So the first part of this says Dale gets an extra pick this year because he's one slot light after the trade. I get that.

I don't really think I understand the second part of this though...why would I "[not] end up having that pick"?