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What I would want to know about the victim:

1. At what age did he start writing these cryptic notes to himself? In all likelihood he used the same system throughout his life, with some refinements as he got older. The older he was when he started the code, the more complex it might have been at the start.

2. What sorts of things was he interested at the time he started writing in this code? Did he start studying a new language at school...for that matter, did he ever? Then the code might be more linguistically based. Was he interested in spy capers and the like? Then a cryptographic code might be expected.

3. What did he use these notes for? Did he expect others to find them, or did he use them as a kind of shorthand?

My best guess, looking at the notes and reading the meager details about the case, is that the victim was a somewhat paranoid guy who created secret worlds for himself. When I first saw the notes yesterday I thought the code might be linguistically based, because there were letter pairs (especially SE, TE, and RE) that appeared in a way that seemed to indicate tense or other grammar. But now that I've read a little bit more about the victim, I think those letter pairs might be a sort of filler text to throw off somebody who found the note.

Not that this means the note means anything...actually I don't think it does. I have a hunch the note is more like a mental checklist than a "meet the killer here" letter.