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Originally Posted by Biotop View Post
Seems like if it was shorthand, even somewhat obscure would have been solved by the FBI. And wouldn't family and friends be aware of this shorthand technique if that's all it is? If he used such an addled shorthand, you'd think there'd be samples abound.
But on the other hand, if it's a code, where's the key to it? The very fact that the guy was carrying around the notes suggests that the key was in the guy's head. One would have thought that his residence would have been searched after his death, and one assumes no key was found. I can't see how even an intelligent person could remember a code so complex that the FBI couldn't figure it out.

Of course he might have been under the influence of some drugs, and it really all is just jibberish.
Or the head injury he suffered before death could have goofed him. But if he had a history of writing this stuff, I would think that explanation is unlikely.