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Originally Posted by Quimby View Post
The setting of Brave New World was also one of my favorites. A Dystopia that is insidious because plenty of people wouldn't even agree it was a Dystopia.
There was a 1998 made-for-TV movie version of the book which I thought was pretty good, I even liked the changes they made to make it more cinematic.

As for awesomely creative I'm not sure if The Culture by Iain M Banks would merit that description in an overall sense (its actually fairly standard aliens and spaceships at its core) but as he openly admitted himself he was all about the 'gee-whiz, that's neat!' details and at that he excelled.

In the latest (and last) Culture novel he depicted a heavily fortified moon that had been gradually lowered until it was orbiting in a massive channel below the surface level of the planet.

I thought that was pretty neat.

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